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MTP Massively Transformative Purpose:

Transforming the World by increasing #AdaptAgility; Consciousness, Care, Compassion, Connection, Communication, Collaboration and LOVE, to create a brighter, bolder, better, future for ALL!


Become the worlds leading People Performance Enablement, Transformation, and High Performance, facilitation and coaching eco-system. Unleash greater People & Team Performance & Results

Mission: People Performance Enablement

Facilitate, Train, Coach, and Enable Purpose driven Consciousness. Enable individuals & Teams to develop Highly Conscious connection and collaboration in People, Teams, Leadership and Cultures, to enable organisations to thrive in VUCA Times.

Life Masters Company Profile

Consciously Constructive People Development, Team Buildings, Leadership & Organisational Culture Transformation with Effective Appreciative Inquiry and Revolutionary Workplace High Performance Events.

If you want to produce exceptional and sustainable results… stop silly staff team building games and do consciously constructive staff development, and REAL corporate Teambuilding events, with the Proven CLEARx High Performance Culture Optimisation and Development System.


We Understand Your REAL business performance optimisation Needs… If People Performance & Results MATTER – Call us!Tony Dovale Team Building Facilitator Experts Gauteng

Life Masters provides a full spectrum of Executive Business Coaching, Appreciative Inquiry teamworking and #AdaptAgility development, workshop facilitation, culture change interventions, and staff performance optimisation services to achieve exponential impacts and results in:

  • CLEARx – High Performance Organisational Culture and High Performance TeamsClear Profit System And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng
  • CultureShift and Trust-building – Emotionetics
  • REAL Team Building – EQ, Resilience/AQ
  • Speaking and Presentation Skills – NLP
  • Sales & Marketing – NLP & Web SEO
  • Customer CX / Staff engagement strategies
  • Staff engagement and diversity development
  • REAL Personal and Business Transformation
  • LeaderShift – CASTLE / Tribal / Neuro Science
  • ADKAR, Appreciative Inquiry(+) – change mgmt
  • Blue Ocean Innovation & Strategies
  • HPT – Human Performance Technologies
  • Science of Happiness Performance System
  • AdaptAgility development Process & System


In our highly consultative, and participatory, action-learning experiences and Corporate Team Building Workshops/retreats we foster self /group-reflection, positive conversations, increased tolerance, and trust-building, to engender the desired cooperation, collaboration and Trust.

We focus on:

…to enhance performance & results.  We are experts at ACTIVATING Potential and Aligning positive action.

Tactical execution excellence and implementation are critical, to ensure optimal results and long-term effectiveness of your change management, Leadership and Team Building initiatives. We care for your people and results.


At Lifemasters we have a simple commitment:  To collaborate with our clients, with flexibility, integrity, innovation, inspiration, commitment and dedication, to optimally grow their people to deliver peak performance and greater profitability.


In an increasingly changing world, we’re passionate about consistently providing leading-edge solutions that optimise the effectiveness of the human-element; strengthens relationships; shifts focus from problems to challenges, appreciative opportunities and strengths.


Guiding Business Principles


Our philosophy and character – “how we work” – are as important as our capabilities. Our activities are conducted within the framework of our business principles, a few long-standing fundamental beliefs:

  • Service excellence – Our commitment and effectiveness through exceptional service and lasting transformative value, grows our clients staff’s Psychological Capital, Resilience and Happiness.
  • Win–win collaboration and teamwork – Our team approach provides clients with optimum benefits. We know that together, e create more effectively.
  • Creativity and innovation – We realise that the traditional way of doing things may not be the best way. We are constantly striving to improve by encouraging innovation, creativity, fun, individual transformation, self-reflection and expression.
  • Fairness and integrity – We function with the belief that our reputation for fair-dealings and excellent-value delivery is one of our greatest assets.  Our value delivered is far above the cost.
  • The Human Element – We distinguish the human-element as the key area of focus and opportunity for sustainable leverage. We know people are our and your most valuable resource.


We pride ourselves in being a group who are able to join with our clients in contributing to a truly prosperous and transformative future that values people above all else.

Without focus and action, towards building sustainable, resilient, prosperous, honest, happy and engaged people, the function of business or leadership is relegated to the lowest ranks of profiteers, greeders, thieves and thugs.

Business Development & Team /Organisational performance Optimisation

The Life Masters team will assist and support you with the planning, development and execution of your strategic projects and business opportunities and change initiatives. We have provided consulting, coaching and outcomes-based team transformation interventions for numerous organisations.

See abbreviated client list below: 

  • Eskom Conference Services
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Statistics
  • Sasol Technologies (HR Department)
  • Impala Platinum Rustenberg x3
  • NERSA (Nat Energy Regulator)
  • Siemens Electrical
  • Eskom IT Department, & Eskom Projects
  • Auditor General SA
  • NECSA & Sentech
  • Department Water Affairs
  • Office of Public Protector
  • Coca Cola SA World Soccer Management team
  • Department of Home affairs


  • “Awesome!! … improved my self-confidence and my commitment to clear goals” Helen
  • “Life changing. This really was mind & life changing” – Bosman
  • “My expectations were totally surpassed”- Jenny
  •  blown away! It could not improve. Thank you!”  Carol
  • “Helped me focus on today,&  trust myself” Rene
  • “Was life changing for us and life-giving for our company” – ZaneOPP
  • “In every possible way it touched every point in my life. 10 out of 10. Workshop leader was awesome.” Zelda
  • “I never expected to get out what I did. EVERYBODY in business should do this course. I call it Lifeline!!! Tony is amazing. I wouldn’t trade a thing for what he taught me” Thuli
  • “Helped me get rid of my limits & boundaries. 10 / 10!” Naseem
  • I could not have asked for anything better – It was Awesome. Thank you for making the difference in the OPP and a difference in my own life/ Heart – Elizabeth Taylor Senior Admin Officer OPP

Life Master’s Success Activation for High Performance Team Development

We are dedicated to delivering powerful personal and corporate transformation programmes that cover all aspects of thinking, feeling and doing – Serving in the best way possible.

Through the use of best practices and leading-edge tools and technologies, a holistic approach is achieved where individuals and teams are developed on all aspects that engages and empowers them to fully perform; happily, healthily and sustainably.

If we’re to succeed in transforming our society into a vibrant, pro-active, empowered cohesive whole, we need to re-develop aspects of our current cultures like… trust, respect, care, integrity, honesty, tolerance, resilience, innovation, responsibility, leadership and spirituality.

“Only through the leveraging of our diversity can we harness the power of our synergy”.

 Our experienced Activators!, coaches and associates are professional, innovative and committed to create win-win solutions, all geared to a common goal: the prosperity, happiness, wellness and success of each of our valued clients and their individual team members.

At LMI we make an unusual effort to work with the best team for every challenge. The dedication of our associates and the intense passion, expertise and skills they bring are our most valuable assets.

We are inspired by our shared purpose and values – to challenge ourselves to develop to our full potential. We know that without the best, inspired and proactive people, we cannot be the ideal organisation or deliver quality services. 

We also make a determined effort to involve high-quality, appropriate, PDI’s into our apprenticeships.

We have a simple philosophy: Our clients come first… By serving you best, we too, will succeed.

 WHY CHOOSE Life Masters to Transform and Shift your Mindsets and Team Building results?

We research and deliver effective, powerful business and personal mastery programmes, and design custom interventions specifically tailored to client’s needs.

We have extensive “hands-on” experience in strategic business development, human performance technologies, Appreciative Inquiry. and sustainable results-based Leadership development strategies.

Our research indicates that effectiveness of our interventions is long-lasting.  Where typical competitive group entertainment events last 2 – 4 months at most, we have proven results lasting far longer.

Hence, we are ideally suited to partner with you in effecting your Vision and growing your staff and performance in an effective, caring and sustainable, conscious, appreciative strengths-based approach.


Tony Dovale – CEO & founder

Tony Dovale, Chief Energy Officer, has been involved in personal and team transformation & effectiveness with extensive study, research, facilitation for over 35+ years. 

Tony realised the need for a resource and services that takes advantage of leading-edge research and perspectives in the critical domains of human element, team-building, org culture, leadership, Happiness@Work, engagement, hi-performance & positive psychology. 

As a radio talk-show presenter, author, public speaker, expert workshop facilitator, researcher, and coach, Tony is a natural entrepreneur, leader and catalyst.

He’s committed 35+ years of his life to exploring, discovering and developing powerful human potential development tools and business optimisation technologies.

These include Limitless Leadership, Appreciative Inquiry team building, Resilience, ADKAR Change-Management, Blue Ocean Strategy, Conflict Adaption, HPT (Human Performance Technologies), Diversity management, entrepreneurial development, AQ/EQ coaching, CultureShift, Neuro Leadership,  Happiness @Work and HPO – High Performance Orgs and Winners Mindsets.

As a past member of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) Tony brings a unique blend of tools, technologies, strategies and perspectives to enhance and inspire staff’s passion, performance, engagement, happiness and productivity.

Tony is a passionate proponent of truly developing Psychological Capital and Higher Performance  organisational culture as the ultimate, sustainable, competitive advantage. And to this end, brings extensive information, experience, insights and research to the business field.

This includes:

  • Leadership/Team Consciousness Ladder
  • Ontological & Appreciative Behavioral Coaching
  • Personal Mastery – Phoenix, Dragon Slayers, Alchemist.
  • Team development  phases; REAL, FEARLESS, BULLET-Proof, SOUL, SPIRIT.
  • High Performance Organisation Framework (HPO)

“For your people it will be life-changing,
and for your business it will be life-giving.”

Pioneering companies get ahead by making use of leading-edge tools, resources and services. LMI will partner with you to deliver the results you desire in the domains of the Human Element in a manner that engages, uplifts, energises and transforms everyone – sustainably.


Our Strengths

We deliver Life-Shifting & outstanding and exponential results on an individual, team and business level because we guide and support each individual through their own transformation and self-mastery process first… as the foundation to exceptional team working and leadership.

We incorporate Positive Psychology / Science of Happiness at Work, SELF MASTERY and Conscious Leadership levels into our foundation.

Should you be considering a new approach to the old problem? Mindset Matter MOST!!

We provide the platform that truly transforms your people and your workplace… into a happy, healthy, and effective place people love to work, with astute and effective leadership to lead the way forward to a brighter future.

We transform Mindsets, Meaning, Teamworking, Trust, & Leadership – on a Head, Heart and SOUL level.

Contact Tony Dovale for Expert High Performance Team Building Workshops & People Performance Enablement Process 

Tony Dovale

Life Masters High Performance Team Building Events

46 Robin Drive Fourways. Sandton. Gauteng, 2055. South Africa
Mobile ++27 (0) 83-447-6300

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