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Teamwork improving activities and ideas that deliver OUTSTANDING RESULTS in a FUN, enjoyable, intelligent, and effective team breakaway experience.

Want Something Different? Customised FUN REAL Team Building Events with Science of Happiness and The Revolutionary Workplace. Be Smart with something different …. Appreciative & Fun Team Mindset Shifting.

Learn how the Science of Happiness team building can transform your workplace for greater productivity and results- with our Revolutionary Workplace High Performance Process.

Choose more than just fun team buildings and events…Build better team spirit, trust, tolerance and get to know each other better?

  • Choose your outcomes -Fun, Fabulous or both
  • Choose Motivational, Inspirational, Transformational or Enlightening
  • Team Members Agree to a positive only focus
  • Real VISIBLE Results
  • Fun & Life Giving to the Team
  • Transferability of experiences to Life and Work
  • You receive best VALUE and have fun


Level 1: Awaken & Develop the person

Firstly, we enable individual personal development, growth and wellness.
Our self Mastery activities are designed to be insightful, engaging, powerful and transformative.

The experiential teamwork activities and coaching incorporates our unique
Emotionetics Transformation framework as well as the Science of Happiness @work.
We design them to provide a variety of new, powerful, more empowering…
perspectives, possibilities, behaviors and mind-sets. These include:

  • Increased Awareness / Consciousness
  • Increased behavioral flexibility
  • Increased Resilience / Confidence
  • Reduced “Mental Static” / Reduced “Baggage”
  • Positive /Appreciative and Happier Mind-set
  • More intentional choices; thinking, action and feelings.

Level 2: Team Spirit development

Secondly, we know that effective company team building is only truly accomplished when the team works on its existent business challenges and needs.

By supporting the team members to reflect on their individual and collective work-based experiences, they can better reckon their achievements, challenges and experiences, and then compare that to the desired outcomes.

In a safe and practical environment team members can observe, consider and appreciate how each person normally functions, and how they can collaborate to work together more effectively for lasting benefits to individual and business performance.

With greater awareness, consciousness, flexibility, comnpassion and understanding, company team members can now plainly pinpoint – in real-world terms – how they can work together to be an even more effective, efficient and resourceful team; And how they can enhance and developing team resilience and team cohesion.

Aspects that we include in our Corporate Team Building Events include:

  • Trust & Trustworthiness
  • Team working
  • Leadership
  • Decision Making
  • Conflict Management
  • Positive Mindsets
  • Diversity
  • Innovation
  • Influence
  • Culture

Life Masters provides optional pre-event research; personal profiles, confidential interviews to ensure that the Team Building process is designed to directly address existing challenges, needs and hot-spots for greatest leverage and results.

We can also provide post event follow up and coach to support application and evaluation.


LifeShifting & LifeGiving

Our results are LifeShifting for the individual and LifeGiving for the organization because they are;

  • related specifically to the required skill /competencies of individual team members and the team overall.
  • focused on the desired Behaviour Shifts required in the workplace.
  • Business context relevant
  • designed and delivered to meet specific business objectives and people’s developmental needs in a fun and engaging manner.


Be smart… choose REAL Appreciative workplace Team building ideas, activities and events in Gauteng and get real results …
Choose Life Masters for your best value and REAL teambuilding results.

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