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Creating Resilient, Agile, Responsive High Performance Teams and REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACES that Thrive in VUCA tough Times

The problem trying to implement high-performance principles is it requires intelligent and effective leadership and management to have credibility, competence, and commitment for the greater good of the organisation and its people.

The reality that we see in business today is that so many leaders and senior managers are worried about their financial packages as opposed to looking after their most important assets, that being their staff.

It seems that the only important number and business pertain to profit or loss. But what about the human element aspect of the business? Because I see so many unhappy, unhealthy, under performing individuals and teams all around.

The high-performance organisation information below provides wisdom that leaders can implement in their organisation directly impact the bottom line. This impact should be a symptom of a thriving and flourishing machine running optimally and sustainably.

For this framework to be implemented leaders need to truly care about people and profits.
Because exponential results are delivered by people with growth-oriented mindsets, that makeup high-performance teams, in a positive organisational culture, supported by limitless leadership.

REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High-Performance Company Framework

For the most effective application of the HPO framework, all five areas must be addressed concurrently. For many managers and young leaders, this is a big challenge to manage.

An incrementally phased approach is required to be able to fully apply the high-performance teamwork model to create sustainable results

In a business context and culture have a huge impact and direct influence on the behaviors and performance of individuals and teams.

Thus, the culture of the company is a vital foundation to support proper implementation of a high-performance workplace system and philosophy..

But the HPO framework also provides clear indications and suggestions for organizations, in terms of the issues and processes needed to be addressed, so as to achieve High-Performance Teams and HPO status.

In this way, the REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance CLEARx framework adds focus to leadership/executive agenda’s and improvement efforts.

High Performance Team Building step1

Quality of Management & Leadership

HPO Factor 1:  HPO Management quality

…is the no#1 foundation for creating a High-Performance Organisational Culture built on a sustainable and viable base.

Decision-making is defined as ‘the process of deciding, in which a conclusion or resolution is reached.’ Research has found managers basically use four decision-making styles:

  • Decisive: a manager values action, speed, efficiency and consistency in decision making and once a decision has been made he or she sticks to it and moves on to the next decision.
  • Flexible: a manager values speed and adaptability, getting just enough information to choose a certain action and changing that decision when deviant information becomes available.
  • Hierarchical: a manager values getting much information and first extensively analyzing that before making a decision that will be adhered to for a long time.
  • Integrative: a manager values options and, therefore, taking broad decisions which leave many courses of action open.
High Performance Team Building step2

Quality of Staff

HPO Factor 2:  Staff Quality – Mindset, attitude, competencies, strengths

The no#2 foundation for creating a High-Performance Organisational and Culture that is built on a sustainable, strong and viable base for achieving exponential impacts and results.


  1. An HPO assembles and recruits a diverse and complementary management team and workforce with maximum work flexibility.
  2. The workforce is trained to be resilient and flexible.
  3. They are encouraged to develop their skills to accomplish extraordinary results and are held responsible for their performance.
  4. The result is that creativity is increased, leading to higher levels of effectiveness.
High Performance Team Building step3

Action Orientation & Openness

HPO Factor 3:  Openness Coupled with Action Orientation

  1. HPOs foster an open culture, meaning that management values the opinions of employees and involves them in important organizational processes.
  2. Making mistakes is allowed and regarded as an opportunity to learn.
  3. Employees spend a lot of time on dialogue, knowledge exchange, and learning, to develop new ideas aimed at increasing their performance and ensuring the organization is performance-driven.
  4. Managers are personally involved in experimenting, thereby fostering an environment of change in the organization.
High Performance Team Building step4

Long-Term Focus & Commitment

HPO Factor 4.  Long-Term Commitment.

A HPO grows through partnerships with suppliers and customers, extending long-term commitment and value to all stakeholders.

  1. Vacancies are filled by high-potential internal candidates, and people are encouraged to become leaders.
  2. The HPO creates a psychologically safe and secure workplace (both physical, emotional, and mental),
  3. Only lays off people as a last resort.

High-Performance Organisation

HPO Factor 5.  Constant Innovation & Strategic Creativity.

An HPO compensates for dying strategies by renewing them and making them unique.

The organization continuously improves, simplifies and aligns its processes, innovating its products and services and creating new sources of competitive advantage to respond to market changes.

The HPO manages its core competences efficiently, and sources out non-core competences.