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Wealldiebraveheart1 And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng

Level 2 Package - BraveHeart Team Building Events

Activate and Unlock MORE of Your Human Potential for Peak Performance, Greater Trust, Connection & Happiness@work.

The FEARLESS Teams, Consciously Constructive Team Development process improves Authenticity, Courage, Cohesion, morale, trust, teamworking, people excellence & performance possibility. 

We have fun, AND we’re EXPERTS in facilitating valuable High-Performance Results, and new Agile MINDSETS, that matter.

Braveheart Fearless Mindsets Expert Team Building Facilitation

We help activate, improve, align and optimise; people, teams, leadership and culture… potential, to create resilient, responsive, agile Revolutionary High Performance Workplaces.

Consciously Constructive Appreciative company team building events in Gauteng jhb South Africa for truly transforming your people, teams, leadership and culture….on many levels.  best indoor team building activities Johannesburg.

Choose High Performance Workplace Affordable Team Building Retreat Tools.

The BraveHeart Team Building Activities and high performance team development process, incorporates PROFOUNDLY powerful experiences using Appreciative Inquiry, Blue Ocean Innovation, AdaptAgility, and Consciously Constructive Team Building Activities.

During the BraveHeart Team Building Activities and HPO Process, teams explore ways of creating FEARLESS personal lives,  and High trust, effective, resilient, conscious FEARLESS and High Trust TEAMS.

The BraveHeart team event focus is on bringing a greater levels of trust, truth, energy and staff engagement to the workplace or team.

It’s about building a Consciously Constructive Revolutionary Workplace, where people can grow, and activate their fullest potential without fear, intimidation, or destructive conflict.

A place where the perception of the workplace is “FAIR”, supportive, and people are resilient, robust, responsive, agile, resourceful and ready for the VUCA future…They become #FutureFit.

The BraveHeart Fearless TEAM BUILDING Activities and Team Event process includes…

  • Full Throttle actions
  • Engagement attitudes
  • Appreciative Inquiry Action
  • Reality Handling mindsets
  • Limitless Leadership Principles & Process
  • Energy…physical, mental, emotional
  • Synergy.. collaboration, connection and exponential
  • Strategy…to execution excellence


People-first mindsets and technologies are driving our ever-more connected and interdependent human economy.  

Leaders need a new framework, system and approach to optimise potential and build a high performance culture and leadership respect  to enable effective execution of your business strategy.

Your #FutureFit leaders must have have the mindset, mental potential and capacity to navigate and remain agile in rapidly shifting and VUCA environments.

This requires energy, agility, responsiveness, mindfulness, flexibility and resilience– to optimite emerging opportunities?

Through the BraveHeart FEARLESS Staff TEAM BUILDING activities events we guide teams and participants through a process of confronting the REAL issues that affect and infect enhancing workplace TEAM performance and block the creation of a high-performance organisation with effective teamwork development.

We do HPO Team Building in Johannesburg Sandton, Pretoria, Midrand, South Africa. We travel anywhere with our best corporate team building activities, event, retreats, and Team Coaching

Formal and Structured Team Building Day Events

Life Masters Team / group event entertainment days away provides proven, interactive, structured team building activities and events.

Process activities are designed to ensure an outstanding  and positive experience, that improves team spirit, staff morale, employee engagement, and the effectiveness of your workplace teams.

We focus on the following components for creating High Performance BraveHeart teams:

  • Authenticity
  • Integrity & Honesty
  • team resilience
  • Trust Building
  • Collaboration
  • Positive Expectations
  • #FutureFit Mindset
  • Respect
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Understanding each other
  • Dependability
  • Certainty

Our team building activities are fun and potent, at the same time, emphasis is placed on different learning areas helping management or facilitators understand group and individual dynamics.

If you are ready for corporate team building activities in Pretoria or jhb area, look for team building companies service providers with facilitators who are experts at designing company team building retreats, or days out ideas for team building  that transform, energise and elevate meaning, performance and energy.

BraveHeart FEARLESS ANTI-Fragile Team Dynamics development process is the research, development and facilitation works of Tony Dovale over 35+ years.

The Core Goal of the Consciously Constructive Braveheart team building development process is to rewire, re-enegineer, and rewire, the deep values, identities, conflicts and constraints, to creating a better world where all people connect, communicate, collaborate and commit to making a better world for all, that supports People, Planet and Profits.

We co-create a world of more… More Freedom, Love, Abundance, Meaning, Peace and Joy.

Company Culture is the foundation of all organisational High Performance Development…

“the way things are expected to be done around here” …is the operating system that translates your organisation’s vision, mission, values, and resources, into meaning, mindsets, behaviours, and business results.

Revwork Staff Teambuildng Package 2018V2S And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng

Frequently Asked Questions

BraveHeart Teams is the most potent team development approach to creating deep  and lasting shifts, optimsations and changes for the highest good of the people, planet and profits.

Its time to stop silly staff team building games that offer no value or sustainable impacts, and engage in creating Consciously Constructive Revolutionary High Performance Workplaces, that are positive role models for a cohesice, connected, collaborative and committed workkplaces with diverserse cultures, values.

What kind of clients do you work with?
We work with small to medium teams who are ready to totally transform their relationships, workplace dynamics, organisational culture and results.  We deeply impact People, Teams/trust, Leadership and The Organisational Culture
What is your turn around time?

We custom design the 1-5 day action-learning experience to be 100% relevant to participants, workplace contexts, and business relevant needs. Prep and facilitation time lines depend upon the client choices of pre event profiless, assessments, interviews and preperations.

Do you have an affiliate or Approved Associates program?

We are in the process of creating a Consciously Constructive Revolutionary Workplace consultants network globally.  Selected Team Building companies and expert consultants and high performance Coaches will be evaluated for culture fit, experience, expertise, values, capacity, and commitment

I thank you for re-igniting the fire in me and for reminding that the power lies in my mind and that my mind is a powerful tool that I have…!”

Lorato Moroeng

“After Tony facilitated a team session with us we almost quadrupled our business to around R800 Million …Our last session was truly amazing”.
Deon. Financial Manager IDT

“I expected good…but you delivered WAY more than I expected. Awesome results!!
Lucky – Makro Div HR

Get serious about SUCCESS and Higher Performance Teamwork

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