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Create Revolutionary, Higher Performance, Workplaces and HPO Teams with #AdaptAgility & the proven REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE CLEARx Framework.

SWIFTLY develop greater ADAPTAGILITY: #FutureFit Mindsets, high performance teams, limitless leadership, and high performance cultures, who achieve 10xponential results.

Are you ready…to develop a REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE?

Higher Performance… People, Teams, Leadership and Culture, that can deliver exponential results, in these tough times and VUCA World.

Adaptable – Agile – Resilient – Conscious – Future Focused – Response-Able High Performance.

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High Performance Team Buildings

The Revolutionary Workplace…A Consciously Constructive Philosophy of People Development for High #ADAPTAGILITY

For Conscious Leadership, Peak Performance, and Exponential Results, in High Performance Teams & Workplaces

High Performance Team Building Workshops With Tony Dovale

“If we’re to regain our Soul Purpose…to sustainably succeed in the new world of work and business, we must rethink how we are leading, listening, learning, loving, living, laughing, and leaving a legacy.”

We must become far more CONSCIOUS, Compassionate, Caring and Capable.

We are in a new age, and possibly already past, a few VITAL tipping points, on a global level, that are critical factors to consider.

As we make our way in an ever-faster-changing world, impacted my MEGE-Waves of Change, challenge, chaos and uncertainty….we must shift our old mindsets… or suffer the loss of the opportunities that also abound!

Profits are being squeezed; Populations are ever growing, and struggling even more, especially across Africa, as greedership; corruption, waste, incompetence, and conflict, continues to cause havoc for the masses, and smaller business.

Times are getting tougher, tighter, and more challenging. Are your people and teams #FutureFit? Are your people Mentally agile, Adaptable, Resilience and ready for constant waves of change and uncertainty?  To survive we need ADAPTAGILITY!

Artificial intelligence (AI) is HERE and invading the workplace – daily!

Artificial Intelligence, digitization, internet, machine-learning, quantum computers, and robots, are replacing many jobs; from basic physical workers, to lawyers, doctors, marketers, and accountants.

Many other trades will be infiltrated by some kind of automation.

See the Tesla Car factory as an example.

This is creating greater unemployment, in a never-ending spiral, of limited opportunities for employment in those conditions..

Mindset & team dysfunction are the most mismanaged, and least understood, limiters of competitive advantage leading to company decline.

It’s a toxic source of needless stress, duress, conflict, and the antithesis of a high performance workplace with positive staff well-being.

The old way of doing business, abusing people and wasting natural resources, must be modified from greed and profits, for the few shareholders, to a new mindset where business iss a platform for growth, thriving, and well-being for ALL stakeholders; People, Planet AND Profits.

The Workplace, And Life, is Like Hell, for Many People!

  • Employee engagement is stagnant, and active disengagement is massive?
  • Conflict, Stress, Absenteeism and Presenteeism are mounting!
  • Trust is trashed, in evermore dysfunctional teams and groups.
  • Politics continues to trash any positive future, and abuse racism as the divisive device, to keep it’s hold on greedership, manipulation, and power mongering.
  • Vital finite resources, like water, are wasted!
  • Food Security is dwindling.
  • Happiness is all but gone!
  • Uncertainty abounds

    “A majority of people who work in groups or teams, and a negative team culture/ environment are ready to leave their job.  about 35% or more of staff have considered leaving their job because of a toxic team environment, or negative peer or manager relationship.”

If we are to thrive, and really succeed, we need a BIG RETHINK! We need ADAPTAGILITY as our foundations to ensure success.

We need to Revolutionise our MINDSETS, and approaches to business, the planet and each other…to find a viable and swifter way…TOGETHER!   It’s time to become a CONSCIOUSLY CONSTRUCTIVE organisation, that supports People, Planet and Profits.

The VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) World Is Here!  Are You AdaptAgile & #FutureFit?

Business is the power to create a new way of Life and Business…By becoming Consciously Constructive. This means, using business as a FORCE FOR GOOD.

Creating a sustainable platform, with greater goals and aspirations, than just “more profit”. 

Business must become the driver, and facilitator, for a better future for PEOPLE and PLANET too.

A Consciously Constructive company creates the context where the business grows and transforms ALL it’s people, to their fullest potential, and peak Performance, DAILY. 

This helps your company to transform, grow, and thrive.

It’s self-development, team development, and business development, side by side, EVERY DAY.

This is the workforce and workplace of the future! It takes courage, but it’s already begun… You may not have been CONSCIOUS enough, yet!

We must become more conscious, caring, compassionate, connected, and collaborative, to ensure greater well-being, thriving and flourishing for ALL.

All of these must be developed upon a personal foundation of high ADAPTAGILITY.

It’s about time…to CONSCIOUSLY develop ALL your People, Teams, Leadership, and Culture, by creating a REVOLUTIONARY NEW WORKPLACE, that supports all stakeholders, and respects the responsibility of fully developing your people, and leaving a living legacy, beyond exploitation.

Consciously Constructive Leadership creates greater success; smarter, more sustainable, sane and sensitive view…To be more HUMANITY POSITIVE.

As the mega-waves of uncertainty and change impact us on every level, it’s time to grow your CONSCIOUSNESS, engage your business HEART, and act as a force for GOOD;

People FIRST.

Activate their full potential, so teams can achieve EXPONENTIAL impacts, and positive results.

It’s time to go beyond hopeful creativity and innovation.to a mindset of rapid, responsive, constant, re-invention.

Stop waiting for the pressure of your market to abate or explode… become the REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE that re engineers the future… Today. 

Strategy has no value if tactical implementation lags behind the mega-waves impacting business.

If you have a HEART and a Conscious mind, Thriving and Well-Being For All, will matter most… beyond just greed.

Start creating a High Performance Workplace with our Revolutionary Workplace CLEARx High Performance Team building framework, and AdaptAgility building Process.

Contact Tony Dovale on 083-447-6300 for corporate High Performance team building events ideas, session, and leadership transforming experiences that delivers exponential results.