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Staff Engagement

Discovering the Power of The Emotional Economy and Happy Staff

Optimising Staff and Team Performance in South Africa

In order for you to maximise your staff’s performance potential a few issues need to be resolved.  No longer can we expect out most important assets to perform and deliver at their peak, in a sustainable manner without providing them with the required tools, resources, feedback, support, coaching and “pit stop” points for renewal, rejuvenation and re-fuelling.

LifeMasters provides a full bi-directional Employee support service for your team in South Africa. This includes :

Multi Directional Communication

  • Outbound Electronic Newsletter (Staff and/or Clients)
  • Inbound staff Suggestion process & feed forward to management
  • Inbound client suggestion and Engagement process
  • Customer Interaction and Engagement Research
  • Confidential Telephone hot-line
  • Intranet/Website

Coaching and Support

  • Confidential counseling and support via telephone, email or face-2-face.
  • Just-in-time coaching ; marketing, sales, service & management
  • Adversity Intelligence / Resilience profiles and upgrade coaching
  • Emotional Intelligence profiles and upgrade coaching
  • Leadership (Manager and Self) profile and upgrade coaching
  • Energy Management – phobias, fears, addictions, trauma, divorce etc.

Confidential Referral service

Should any of your staff require specialist services, we have a group who understand the workplace issues and challenges.   To discover more about how we can assist and support your staff in becoming engaged, inspired and pro-active give us a call now on 011 467-1763 /  083-447-6300


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