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It depends. Is your team event intended as a COST,or a SMART INVESTMENT, into better People Performance?

How Much Do Corporate Team Building Events Packages COST?

or… What do company Team Building workshops sessions cost for
a 1 Day or 2 Day Team Building events experience?

Professional Full Day Team Building Events typically range from around
R495 to around R2,995 per person…depending upon a few important things.

NB#1: Are you ok playing kiddies games or just some short-lived entertainment…OR

NB#2: Do you want something meaningful, valuable, FUN, and beneficial, that builds a Higher Performance connected collaborative, conflict-reduced, TEAM?

So, the question is WRONG.  A better question could be…”How can I BEST INVEST in my people with a truly effective Team Building event that is meaningful, beneficial, good ROI, and valuable.”

If you are serious about effective, lasting, meaningful, team building packages, best VALUE, and a fun company team building day, you must start with…a smarter approach to VALUE. 

Is this team building a cost, or am I willing to make this a smart investment into my team, and for us as a company?

The Cost of team building events DEPENDS upon… your choice between “kiddies games” (Cost) or real high performance team building process: (Investment) business relevant, fun, and more meaningful, and valuable, to your staff, the team, and the organisation.

“Your Return/ROI is so high that it basically pays for itself”

Almost Free:  SMART people choosing our REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE team process, basically get a full day team building and fun experience, that essentially could work out to be ALMOST FREE!*, because of the outstanding ROI, improvements, impacts, value, and sustainability.  

Team-Flow-Grow: If you use our Revolutionary Workplace process and Team-Flow-Grow experiences to facilitate your company team event with the proven High Performance People and Teams AdaptAgility process… Your Return on Investment is outstanding.

Unbeatable Value: Your Return is so high that it basically pays for itself with the unbeatable VALUE the people receive.

Remember: Price is what you Pay. Value is what you GET!

The average cost of Corporate Team Building Events Packages ranges widely, based upon:  Fun or formal, team activities, and outcomes.

It all depends upon the level of impact, quality, sustainability, meaningfulness, engagement, and value that you are looking for,

Investment or COST: So, the COST of team building workshops actually depends on a few CRITICALLY IMPORTANT FACTORS.

Are you serious?: Do you want to really just want light fun, play kiddies games, and have no sustainable value, nor longer term impact…. Like “Motivational Speakers?

REAL VALUE: Or do you want to actually develop a potent, high performance, resilient, positive, cohesive, and connected team and culture?

Build a Real Team: A team session where your people learn, grow, thrive, connect, trust, communicate, collaborate, commit and create exponential impacts and results…. AND HAVE FUN in the process?

Smart Managers always ENABLE better people and team performance 

We suggest smart people choose our POTENT, proven, growth-optimised mindset rewiring, high-performance team building experience.

FULLY CUSTOMISED SESSIONS: The people and team development sessions are customised, specifically for you. 

ACTION LEARNING: We facilitate team sessions from 2 hours to 5 days, to 12 months  …immersive, team dynamics development PROCESS, and engaging action-learning experience.

Because typical staff team building events games, and fun entertainment activities… are just fun.  They are a direct COST, no matter how cheap! Impacts are usually very short-lived.

OUTSTANDING RESULTS: But, IF, you are sharp…your smart investment into a high-performance team building  experience… will deliver outstanding results for the individuals, the team, AND the organisation.

OUR clinets make more money: Actually the right company team building experience can MAKE YOU MONEY.

The Cost of your next Team Building packages all depends on how smart you are… Why?

Because, it can provide maximum value and long-term impacts, for your people, teams, clients, prospects, families, and your business.

BUILD RESILIENCE & ADAPTAGILITY: During the Corona Virus COVID-19 recovery time, choose an effective approach that builds greater Resilience and #AdaptAgility into your people, teams, leadership and culture. 

GET REAL ABOUT RESULTS: Avoid the “silly group games”, and build more well-being, wellness, cohesion, connection, and winning potential into everyone. 

So, whats the REAL cost of team building events in Gauteng?

It depends upon your intentions. ARE YOU SMART enough to choose a valuable business/ team/people INVESTMENT, instead of short-lived, fun, group entertainment, and embarrasing kiddies games?

Fun Silly Team games = Limited Value. Build Relevant REAL Workplace Experiences

Fun focused, team sessions can be a total waste of time and money… even counter-productive if the wrong fun team activities are used like paintball, or a competitive win-lose activities.

AVOID EMBARRASING GAMES: The trouble with fun office Team Building activities is… they seldom deliver any real lasting impacts or value! Research shows that 60%+ feel the games are embarrasing, unless you have a group of kids.

USE A PROVEN POTENT PROCCESS: So What Can YOU Do About It?  Optimise your People, Teams, Leadership, and Culture, to thrive in uncertain times, with a truly potent team build process.

EVERYONE WINS: Choose a proven, potent, REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High-Performance team-building process, that delivers outstanding value to the individuals personally, the team, AND the organisation.”  

Comparison Assumptions: Lets get clear on assumptions to compare apples with apples.  Lets assume a team of 20 people for a full day session 7-8 Hours of service, facilitation, motivation, and team building process. Exclude Venue costs which are typicall R650 per pewrson for a day. Then compare:

1. Motivational Speaker.

Expensive & Low Value
COST: 25k-35k /Hour

1. Motivational Speaker
 – 60 Minutes COST

  • Value: Entertainment & Fun
  • Nothing Really Sustainable
  • ROI – Very low medium/no long-term
  • Motivation may last a day or two- Maybe!

2. Conference: Sit & listen. Expensive & Low Value/ retention
R3,500-4,500 /Person/day

2. Conference / lectures
Value: Fair to medium

  • Value: Consider we forget 90% within 30 days. Just sitting and listening.
  • ROI: Nothing to shout home about
  • Nice Day away from the office & Lunch 🙂

3. Real Team Building:
Outstanding ROI!

3. REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Teams Process
Full Day 7 to 8 Hours – Around R25k-R35k
Value: Life-Shifting and Life-Giving.

  • Unbeatable Value; personal, team & biz!
  • Many medium and long term benefits
  • Some clients almost 4x annual revenue!
  • ROI’s of between 30x to 100x!
  • Optimise people, team, leader & culture! 

*Without a Doubt the REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Teams Development System offers UNBEATABLE Value, Results, and ROI’s

Most smart companies understand that high performance teamwork, executive team buildings, or company team building days, and resilient, agile positive, happy mindsets, are vital for their ongoing success.

They also understand that:

  • happy people with the right Growth-O[tomised mindsets and #Adaptagility matter;
  • leadership and culture have huge impacts in workplace performance, productivity, and profitability
  • that corporate team building workshops costs are an investment.

Success for any company comes down to how well the team performs together. Formal Team building is important to build a connected, creative, collaborative, cohesive, functional, motivated, and happy… high performance workplace team that thrives in tough times and delivers outstanding results. 

Staff team building events, and activities, costs vary dependent on a number of factors. These include the type of team development program, group size, duration, depth of facilitation, facilitation expertise, and quality of venue. 

So what is the cost of team building training…how much does corporate team building cost on average, or per person? 

It depends on how serious you are, and whether you truly value your people enough to get and give them the BEST avaiulable.   

After all you don’t eat the cheapest, food, wear cheapest clothes, drive the cheapest car? 


The prices for corporate office team building or team bonding days can range anywhere from R6000 to R60,000.  It could workout to be almost FREE!*

Company HPO Team Building Packages could almost be free*  How? 

Yip – you turn your team building workshops into an INVESTMENT by fully developing your People, Teams, Leadership, and Culture, with our potent, proven, High Performance Org optimisation process. ONce they become part of your High Performance Tribe, you win more often.

How about the possibility that your management team building events’ impacts and results are so good that your Return on Investment is more than 20x to 100x the event cost? 

Eg One client invested approx R85k for a full High Performance teams weekend PROCESS, and boosted their annual business from R200 Million to almost R800 Million revenue! A Good deal? You bet!

It all depends upon a variety of important factors – like Fun or Formal. Frivolous or Focused. High Performance or Happy Hopefulls.

Essentially the higher your budget the more choices you have, and the better the quality and results of the facilitation, experience, and debriefing process. This helps you build a better TRIBE!

The number of people in your group also impacts costs. The cheaper group events are more fun oriented, with lower value, minimal impact and limited impact sustainability.

You will find that the benefits and outcomes of investing in a Consciously Constructive high performance workplace program will far exceed the financial cost of delivery.

Fooseball & Paintball are NOT REAL TEAM BUILDING Activities!

Fun Team Building companies offer paintball, fooseball, boere sports, firewalking (Dangerous!!), or Go-Karting as “teambuilding”.

But that turns out to be light team entertainment, with limited team bonding, and not a true corporate TEAM Building event.

Definitely not a sustainable, long-term, high performance company team development process.

So what is the cost of team building training?…how much does corporate team building cost on average, or per person?

Those fun team activity days can be cheap team buildinbg events…BUT

…you need to have someone expertly skilled to facilitate your front-loading, facilitation, and debriefing, since you risk increasing conflicts and competition contamination mindsets.   

I have seen many a team completely break down due to the “Legal and FUN” intentional hurting, of some people in a paint ball war, highly competitive foosball game, or some other highly competitive games!

SOME EVENTS HARM TEAMS: These cheap and extreme competition group events often do more harm than truly building trust, connection, collaboration, communication, care, and commitment.

After all, you are spending money to generate some kind of positive value and improvement / positive change. And hopefully, if you are smart in choosing the team building packages, some measurable return on your time and money investment.

Your Most Costly Workplace & Team Building Problems

  • Workplace and Team Conflicts
  • Dis engaged Staff
  • De energised Employees
  • Unfocussed Team Members
  • Low Trust / No trust
  • Apathy and Presenteeism
  • Low productivity 
  • Silo’s and withholding of Information
  • Negative Organisational Culture
  • Incompetent Management/Leadership
  • Toxic Workplace Politics and tribes

What Are Your Team and Workplace Dysfunctions Costing You? At very least 10% to 15% of your monthly salary bill!

Think for a moment, what are these team and people dysfunctions actually costing the people, the team, the organisation?   If you calculate all the costs, you will come to a number in the tens of THOUSANDS or even Millions! 

Calculate roughly 10% to 12% of your monthly salary bill x 12… That is what you a typically losing from conflicts, disengagement and demotivation, annually, right now.

Staff Staying Rest Going1 And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng

The question is…How much will a HPO Team Building process save us or make for us?

Many companies try to skimp or “save” money to reduce team building prices, by using in-house resources – Big Team Building Mistakes. Here’s YOUR challenge –

1. If you use you internal staff, are they at the WORLD-CLASS level of performance, facilitation, expertise?

The hard reality is you get what you pay for… and seldom more.

With in-house staff you have, engagement challenges, personal challenges, workplace politics, conflicts, culture contamination, limited skills/ expertise, and passion/commitment, to ensure results is lower.

2. If they could have done it…ie fix the problems, it would already be fixed!

With a professional external team building service provider or expert team building coach, you have a much wider range of exposure, experience, and expertise.

An external provider is neutral within the politics, and tribes, of your organisation. 

And an external eye often sees stuff that internal people live with every day, and so overlook it.

An external team comes with higher levels of quality, focus, commitment, passion, experiences, expertise, and performance

So does company team building work? Do team building activities work and impacts last?

It depends upon whether you use a professional Team Building service provider or a cheaper fun inhouse team building services option.

Our Revolutionary Workplace CLEARx High Performance Team Development Process can make staff up to 7x more valuable to your organisation and departmentental team:(See the Green Zone right image)

  • Increase sales buy 10%-15% – we’ve had companies increase results by 400%.
  • Reduce costs and wastage.
  • Increase productive time on the job by 10%+. Our research shows increase of 10%-30%.
  • Reduce stress levels by 20%-50% – Excessive Stress is your NO#1 productivity killer.
  • Improve workplace engagement levels by 10%-20% – higher engagement = better.
  • Improve relationships and Teamwork – better relationships = better teamwork.
  • Increase trust levels dramatically – low trust is a HUGE tax on performance.
  • Increase energy, and motivation by 20%-30%.
  • Develop Courageous Growth-Optimised  Mindsets and better attitudes
  • a better me and a better you – make a Far better WE!
Gridemploylifetimevalue1 And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng

REAL High Performance Team Development is an INVESTMENT in your People Performance

If our corporate and company High Performance Team Building interventions and workshops deliver the above benefits…

It’s clear that the VALUE you gain from this process is in the tens to hundreds of thousands. So the small cost of team building that delivers real value, is a tiny price to pay. Actually is an INVESTMENT into your people.

This is only valid if you do REAL team development, and not just some fun group games, that deliver very little sustainable value.  Make your decisions around VALUE… not just the cost.

The behaviour and discussions and alignment and then the cost can be related to the expected ROI. Doing something that doesn’t change anything is a pure lost cost, no matter how low the cost!  

Cutting corners and choosing the cheapest team building package does not go unnoticed. Is cheap and uninspiring in line with your brand and desired outcomes?

Hiring the best – shows your staff they are Important, Appreciated, and Valuable!

Hiring the best performance optimisation facilitators and service provider that you can, sends many valuable signals and lessons to your people. Not least of which is…that they are worth it, and that the company also believes and values… quality… for internal customers, as well… It doesn’t just insist that they deliver quality for the company’s operations. 

So what’s the cost of Corporate Team building events activities? If you choose fun group games, your value gained is low, and the cost is medium. 

But choosing our REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Workplace Teams Intervention, your VALUE is HUGE, and the cost is actually an investment that delivers exceptional returns, on many levels, on a far longer basis. its a smart choice.

Get in contact with us for your free Revolutionary CLEARx High Performance Workplace Assessment, and a special high value, high impact, potent investment, REAL Team Dynamics development proposal / quote.

Tony Dovale – 083-447-6300
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