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Close the GAP in Your People & Team Performance

Go Beyond Company/Executive Team Building Events in Gauteng, to… People Performance Enablement.

Build high performance workplace teams, with increased #AdaptAgility & mental / emotional resilience.

Boost People Performance Engagement & Potentials..  Unlock Fullest Team Performance. Enable Exponential Results.
Build Resilience, AdaptAgility, Trust, Connection, Care & REAL Teamworking.

Do high performance team buildings in Gauteng that develop your people, teams, and leadership, on ALL levels, based on better connection, communication, collaboration, trust, psychological safety, empathy, and inclusion.

Our HPO experts help you to develop better attitudes & teamworking, with a proven path that enhances purpose, passion, professionalism, potential, AND business results/profits.

Watch to Ensure People & Team Success: 5Mins

advid2 High Performance Teams building

Optimise Team Effectiveness, Trust & Performance

Develop a REVOLUTIONARY, happy, healthy, high performance, workplace, with resilient hope-full, adaptable, agile (AdaptAgility), & Growth-Optimised mindsets, that thrive in tough times, and execute with excellence.


Transform Conflicts, Grumpy and Frumpy to…
Happy, Healthy, High Performance, Heroes.

Resilience & #AdaptAgility

Transform Negative Mindset into
Growth-Optimised Mindsets,
Self Mastery, Meaning and
Making Magic

Proven HPO Process

The REAL People/Team Performance Enablement Problem is…
Symptom=Covid Induced Stress Dis-order.  Cause=Leaders
CISD is prevalent BUT most leaders just don’t understand it!

 84% of CFOs believe their company is successfully addressing staff’s mental health & well-being. 
BUT…only 31% of staff agree!  Time to truly ENABLE your staff to be AdaptAgile & #FutureFitNow!  

1. Fun Team Activities -Lots of laughter and fun interaction.

venture 05 High Performance Teams building

2. Festive & Fun Team Building Activities – semi-structured + Fun

team building activities lip sync2 lipsingK High Performance Teams building

3. REAL High Performance Team Building Sessions Activities.

Team Building Exercises rovingtmp60k High Performance Teams building

What If There’s a Simple Solution to Your Most Painful People & Team Problems?

Answer these questions and discover the #1 secret to creating your High Performance workplace.


You NEED a Team Building & People Performance Enablement Partner!

Are your people, apathetic, blaming, conflicted, demotivated, dis-engaged, distrusting, demoralised, frazzled, frustrated, burntout, and distracted?    Today, effective and regular, team buildings are VITAL for ensuring your SUCCESS.

Go BEYOND simple Fun TeamBuilding activities…
Do something thats fun and adds real value and benefits.   

ENSURE happier, healthier, more resilient people, with better connection, communication, collaboration, trust, and better business results.

We have FUN, but we also do amazing activities to grow & flow.

Do Something MEANINGFUL…for your company team building sessions.
Start Unleashing, Adapting, Amplifying, and Aligning, your People, Teams. Leadership, and Culture’s, Potential, Passion, AND Performance.

Find out more about our Revolutionary Workplace High Performance Team Building sessions packages

clicknow High Performance Teams building

55% of the FTSE 350 companies saw an increase in operating profits driven by their Workplace CULTURE Optimisation investment.

92% of the Board Members of these companies said that the focus on optimising CULTURE had improved their financial performance. E&Y

82% of Leaders believe Culture is one of the most important competitive advantages.

Leaders recognize that culture drives people’s behaviour, innovation, and customer service levels- Deloitte

60% say Culture is MORE IMPORTANT than their Strategy or their Operating Model

84% of leaders believe that culture is critical to their organisation’s success -PWC

The Culture of an Organization is a Reflection of the Leadership Consciousness

The new frontier of LIMITLESS Leadership and Exponential impacts, in Tough Times, begins with Personal Consciousness and greater #ADAPTAGILITY.

Employees who love the culture and feel engaged at work are 87% less likely to leave.

The new frontier of LIMITLESS Leadership and Exponential results, in Tough Times, begins with Personal Consciousness.

Business 4.0 Limitless Leadership Commitment

“The purpose of a corporation,” invest in their STAKEHOLDERS: employees, protect the environment and deal fairly and ethically with their suppliers.

“While companies serve their own corporate purpose, the Conscious Leaders share a fundamental commitment to all stakeholders,”

Business 4.0 Commitment:  We commit to deliver value to all STAKEHOLDERS, for the future success of our companies, our staff, Our communities our country, and the planet.”

#FutureProof Your Entire Organisation!

What if… the next pandemic is a mental/emotional health pandemic?

Well, that crisis, and challenge, are here…right now!

People Performance Enablement is the Problem.


We have the Resilience & AdaptAgility Solution to resolve the imnpacts of the (CISD) Covid Induced Stress Disorder

More than 45%-60% of people have shown signs of anxiety, depression, burnout, loneliness, and overwhelm.  
Suffering levels have risen significantly.  This Mindset /mental health pandemic is evident everywhere like PTSD.

We all face health and social crises, and economic uncertainty.
improving well-being in our workplace is NOW more critical than ever.  

Conscious leaders, ENSURE developing greater well-being, and cultivate resilience and AdaptAgility
in their people, and teams, to enable increased engagement and optimal performance.

High Performance Workplace Teams Coaching & Customised Virtual MS Teams & Zoom Events

– Performance Optimisation Experts: You get 35+ Years of HPO R&D, Wisdom & Experience

– Executive Coaching & Retreats: We come to you…anywhere for exponential Impacts & Valuable Results

– Corporate TeamBuilding (Gauteng/ZA) Workshops:– Groups from 6 to 600+ 

– Workplace Team Events: Duration From 1 Hour to 5 Full Days Workshops

– Business Consulting: 1 week to 12 Months High Performance Teams Development

– Holistic Approach: Executives, management, office staff, Appreciative Inquiry workshops

– Full Potential Results: Fiercely Focused, Formal & Fun office breakaway events in Johannesburg & SA

– Adaptability & Resilience People Process: Proven system, HPO Framework & #AdaptAgility

adaptagilitymanualcover 2020.10.8a High Performance Teams building

Diagnostics and ASSESSMENTS: 360's, Ai Interviews

Using proven HPO frameworks, climate and engagement assessments, we uncover REAL issues impacting staff engagement, motivation, performance, collaboration and commitment. Data-Driven INsights.

Workplace Climate assessments reveal Leadership & team effectiveness, blockages and constraints to holistically creating a happier, higher performance workplace.

PEOPLE: Develop Psychological Capital+ ADAPT-AGILITY

WHY: Because strategy execution capacity is 90% dependent upon your people: thinking, feeling, mastery, meaning, mindset, communication, trust & commitment.

ADAPTAGILITY: Self-Awareness, Adaptability, Agility, Psychological Capital, Resilience, & Curiosity, are vital for optimising your people’s passion, potential & productivity.

TEAM Building: Local & Virtual events Performance, Trust & Collaboration

Build Trust, Truth, Connection, Collaboration, Tolerance, Care, Communication, TeamSpirit, and Commitment to clear priorities and meaningful, inspiring, goals.

Effective Teamwork is vital in tough VUCA times and Fourth Industrial Revolution.  Unleash  Team’s fullest potentials. Go beyond Surviving, to thriving, and flourishing in these tough times. Do High Performance Team Buildings often.


LEADERSHIP: Limitless Leadership Consciousness

Leadership impacts 40%-60% of  results.

Optimise employee engagement, clear workplace climates, increase energy, activate alignment, add meaning, and grow self-awareness, Consciousness, leadership.

LIMITLESS Leadership builds and unleashes potential, and boosts Morale, Momentum, meaning, and results.

CULTURE: HPO & Change Management

Consciousness, Culture and Climate are constraints,or contributors, of higher performance workplaces.  Reduce racism, fear; clear conflicts, presenteeism, dis-engagement, negativity & division. Optimise Growth Mindsets with #ADAPTAGILITY & resilience.

Boost Engagement with a positive potent  Psychologically Safe culture where people thrive, and business grows exponentially, even in tough times, and mega waves of change and challenge.

WHAT WE DO: Build Resilience & Effective Teamworking. Here’s how…

– COACHING:   Team, Leadership, Executive, Business, Perpetual Reinvention
– FACILITATION:   Team Buildings, Strategy,  Leadership, Collaboration, Innovation, Culture-Change, Conflict. Virtual/Remote Team Building as well as face to face team effectiveness sessions.
– TRAINING:  Limitless Leadership, Blue Ocean Strategy, Appreciative Inquiry, Resilience
– SPEAKERS: High Performance #ADAPTAGILITY Mindsets, Teams, & Leadership, in VUCA Times.
ASSESSMENTS/ PROFILES:  HPO, Resilience, Leadership, GO Mindsets, Stress, Conflict, Strategy, Engagement, Sales Enablement, People Performance Enablement.

Go beyond Corporate TeamBuilder Events in Johannesburg/jhb or ineffective fun group games or activities.  UNLEASH Your staff’s FULLEST Potential… and GO Exponential in a VUCA Industry 4.0 world!

Our Corporate Team Effectiveness Building, Retreats & Sessions… We ENSURE YOUR TEAMS WIN… BIG!

Together we develop #ADAPTAGILITY to optimise. Aware, Adapt, Amplify, and Align your:

1. People  

Mindsets, attitudes, resilience, perspectives, passion, values, Psychological Capital

2. Teams  

As High Performance Team Coaches, we boost collaboration, trust, tolerance, connection, communication, and commitment.

3. Leadership  

As High Performance Coaches, we optimise leadership credibility, competence, communications, Awareness, and Consciousness.

4. Culture  

We help to create a Culture, Context, and Climate, where highly resilient and inspired people can create teams, perform and collaborate at their fullest potential, in a sustainable, meaningful, and purposeful, manner. 

Local or Virtual / Remote Team building in Johannesburg/pretoria is a common approach to improving connection, performance, ADAPTAGILITY, communication, trust, collaboration, and business results.

Fix your workplace challenges:

  • Low Trust
  • Credibility issues
  • Capacity constraint
  • Blame culture
  • Low Morale
  • Disengagement
  • High overwhelm
  • High Stress
  • Increase in disputes
  • Increase in Grievances
  • Lack of Creativity
  • High Fear Levels
  • Lack of Innovation
  • Lack of execution
  • CYA Mindset
  • Poor Communications
  • Low Learning Levels
  • Reduced Productivity
  • Talent Loss / drain
  • Overworked
  • Time poor
  • Ineffective Effort Focus 

How Do You Build a Cohesive Team and Higher Productivity Workplace that Thrives in Tough Times /VUCA?

Want LIMITLESS Leadership Results in 5 Steps?

1. Get RIGHT people, with right Mindsets on the High-Impact team
2. Collaborate, Fiercely Focusing on an Inspiring PURPOSE and outcome…
3. With a Vision & Goals, that inspire, grow, & challenges them, and a…
4. Values-based context & culture, that drives the requisite behaviors…
5. with managers skilled at developing Psychological Safety, Good Coaching skills; right GO MINDSETS that are Resilient, Agile and Adaptable, and develop greater Well-being & Winning.

What can you do to make sure your company is a strong, and High Performance, team that thrives through Corona Chaos?

  • Coach: Focus on growing Trust & collaboration.
  • Relationships: Know & like each other better.
  • Leadership: Clarify Roles and Responsibilities.
  • Management: Set meaningful Goals and Clear Timelines.
  • Leadership: Communicate often, succinctly and transparently.
  • Cohesion: Create CLEAR Collaboration process.
  • Manage: Measure, track, & share progress regularly.
  • Coach: Celebrate success AND failures frequently.
  • Coach: Learn from failures – share the Wisdom.
  • Coach: Embed curiosity, creativity and innovative mindsets
  • Coach: Reward Results, give recognition.
  • Coach: enable people to become creative & Innovative
  • Coach: Adaptagility Mindsets

Testimonial: Outstanding!! Best event in all my business years and executive positions!

This Revolutionary Workplace experience, is by FAR, the BEST leadership, and people/ cohesive team development process, I have ever participated in!

We got such incredible value and results with my EXCO!

Exco / CEO Head

Principle Officer, South Africa's 4th largest Medical Aid

Testimonial: Wow! You achieved miracles!

We never believed it possible for our Teamwork and TRUST levels to be so transformed in such a short process.

You have really helped us to build an amazing foundation, trust & culture. Best teambuilding experience, and event, in my life!

Sue - COO

SAHSRC, South African Human Sciences Research Council

 Team Coaching Testimonial:

I am so impressed with the power… and effectiveness of your HPO process. I’ve done many events. Never experienced something like this where we get to the real HEART of the people, and what really matters. 

Other group games are just “feel-good-for-a-moment”, leaving you nothing. Tony’s process was amazing, and so valuable, for all of us!

Mr Ayanda Wakaba (Wakes)

Executive Head, Independent Development Trust

STOP Covid Stress!

You typically lose about 10%-12% of your salary bill/productivity,
just due to disengagement,
conflicts, & demotivation!
But Today it’s > 20%-30%+!


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Leadership Priority #1 ADAPTAGILITY: Help their organisation to adapt and change faster!

…Their people, teams & leadership must rewire individual and team, “learned-helplessness” Mindsets, to become more agile, and adaptive, resilient, resourceful, enabling them to embrace change swifter!

Leader Priority #2: Re-invent core high performance characteristics

…that make your company great, so that your people and teams can work effectively, and efficiently, within the new corona constraints, and the new normal Business 4.0, environment.

Leader Priority #3 PsyCap: Build Mental, and Emotional Resilience/AQ, Belief & Hope

high resilience people and teams thrive because they ensure high levels of FIERCE FOCUS and CLARITY of agreements, expectations, goals, needs, and objectives.

Leader Priority #4 ADAPTAGILITY: Build HPO Cultures to enable ADAPTAGILITY

…because the culture is the base operating system that drives the mindsets and management approach, which controls how things get done around here.

Leadership Priority #5 SELF: Self-Awareness, adaptability & Self Belief

Our experience reveals that Awareness, Responsibility, Adaptability, and Resilience are the main Psychological Capital components required for high performance Growth -Optimised Mindsets

Leadership Priority #6 CONNECT: Establish Communication & Clear feedback methods

Every manager needs to establish methods where they keep in regular contact with the evolving challenges, needs & statuses, of their people. Just because your people are smiling, doesn’t mean they’re happy or healthy!

Leadership Priority #7 CLARITY: Use the most constructive language in communications

Words create pictures. Pictures create feelings. feelings predispose your people to SWIFT action or inaction. Stop talking about going BACK or the past…. Focus Fiercely FORWARD.

Leadership Priority #8: OPTIMISE: Ensure Aligning behaviors with organizational objectives

Many old behaviors, habits & routines need to be adjusted as we work through the pandemic constraints, and emerge into the new Business 4.0 context? Aligning individual and team behaviors with priority Objectives takes cogent conscious leadership.

Turn your people into resilient, responsive, agile, trusting, Turbo-charged, #FutureFit, Winning Workplace, with Data-driven INsights, that deliver maximum impacts.

You Get the BEST People & Virtual TeamBuilder Process, and effective workplace diagnostics – Assessments.

Improve your management team performance with #FutureFit Mindsets, greater connection, collaboration, and compassion. Increase teamwork/ trust, leadership, and create a Consciously Constrictive, coaching culture.

Our proven workplace Zoom TeamBuilding agency/consultants, and strategic culture optimisation experts, facilitate you through the new Revolutionary Workplace optimisation process.

Transform your staff events, into a High Performance teams/Organization; (HPO) optimisation, PROCESS with analytics and Data-driven Insights

We facilitate High Performance teamwork development in Midrand, Pretoria, Jhb, Randburg Sandton, Gauteng, across South Africa, and internationally.

Bring out the best in your staffs’ mindsets, passion, talents, and potential.  Improve workplace morale, and psychological safety, with a safe, strengths-focused, Appreciative Inquiry, team-based, problem-solving action-learning, experience, that delivers life-shifting results.

If you are looking for corporate team effectiveness building activities places in Gauteng, choose our REVOLUTIONARY Workplace Experts, to facilitate executive level leadership building activity ideas in johannesburg; We offer Venues, events, retreats, and real business development, with HPO Mindsets.

 Gallup Employee Engagement studies prove that companies with highest engagement gain:

  • 17% productivity increase
  • 20% greater sales
  • 21% higher profitability.
  • plus other positive metrics resulting from better energy, increased engagement, and elevated consciousness and happiness@work levels.

6 Steps to Building Effective High Performance Teams & People

Step 1: Establish leadership credibility, competence, integrity, compassion, and trust.

Step 2: Establish open and honest genuine relationships with each member.

Step 3: Build robust honest supportive relationships between your employees and management.

Step 4: Foster open candid communication, collaboration & trust.

Step 5: Set ground rules of engagement and conflict management.

Step 6: Use the REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE CLEARx Corporate Team Effectiveness System to build greater ADAPTAGILITY & Results.

Benefits of building a potent High Performance REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE

Workplace effectiveness and staff optimisation activities should have a clear purpose and objectives, underpinning the event planning and team build activities.

Some formal Team Effectiveness benefits we deliver:

-Improve productivity.
-Increase motivation.
-Reduce Conflicts.
-Boost Staff Engagement.
-Reduce Presenteeism.
-Increase collaboration.
-Encourage creativity.
-Increase Trust Levels.
-Improve Relationships.
-Positive Reinforcement.
-Improve Collaboration.
-Improve Communication.
-Inspire Higher Productivity.
-Activate Fullest Potentials.
– Create Agile GO Mindsets.
– Enable more Responsibility.
– Activate Creativity & Innovation.
– Become Consciously Constructive.
– Improve Psychological Capital.
– Activate & Expand Potential.
– Embed Empathy & Compassion.
– Activate Personal Accountability.


Thriving post Covid19 means a Industry 4.0 Leader Mindset

1. Be Financially Savvy: Ensure survival and sustainability of the organisation
2. Be Considerate: Ensure staff safety, health and well-being
3. Be Conscious: Business is the Force-For-Good, whilst doing good business
4. Be Smart: Create a great place to: work, learn, grow & add meaningful value
5. Be Sustainable: Supporting People, Planet AND Profits
6. Be Open: Fair, open, honest and transparent in all dealings
7. Be Good Citizen: Honor core character, ethics, morals, laws, and regulations
8. Be Optimal: Optimise and leverage resources to minimise redundancies
9. Be Trust-Worthy: Good Faith fair Dealings with clients, staff and stakeholders
10 Become more conscious, curious, collaborative and compassionate.
11. Become MORE AdaptAgile, Resilience, Responsive and Ready

This is a life-long marathon, not some childish sprint.

Rethink Business 4.0 as we Rebound Back up to Speed.

1. Covid has redefined our reality and business context & constraints
2. We require a fundamental mindset shift to focus on the new future
3. Stop Looking Back – Stop mourning the past
4. A personal audit of our own capabilities, strengths, and limitations to deal with these challenges is vital
5. Most of your people, are not able to adapt quickly enough to the new reality and challenges
6. Mental Grit and Emotional Resilience must be boosted to buffer stress & uncertainty
7. Self reflection & personal integration is vital as we’re unique beings.