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Tough Times need Tough Mindsets

Effective Teamworking Matters in VUCA Times.

Effective teamworking matters in the prevailing business space. In today’s highly competitive times, the right, resilient, growth-oriented mindsets, high performance teamwork, and great leadership/ organisational culture, beat most other businesses, who only rely on talent or leadership charisma.

If your company offers a place for people and teams to flourish and thrive, it’s a good start. But effective cohesive happy, high performance team working is the next level required to retain and optimise top talent’s performance and positive impacts.High Performance Corporate Team Building workshops & Retreats Facilitators

As an aspiring Limitless Leader, these 1 Minute Wisdoms for SWIFT Leadership and building high performance teams, may assist you in improving your company culture, credibility and performance in general…They can also help ensure that your staff are happy, resilient, engaged and more successful.

They can also help ensure that your staff are happy, resilient, engaged and more successful.

1 Minute Wisdom #1:

Set the bar and hire right… first time.

Start creating a culture that won’t accept Mediocre performance. It’s not fun, nor easy to fire non-performers. Make sure you hire right: culture and mindset fit. If you have low performers, call them out and support them in improving mindset, skill set and behavioral effectiveness. If they are unable to perform at your “a” level. It’s time to make hard decisions.

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1 Minute Wisdom #2:

Be a Mindset Mastery Consciously Constructive Leader

Acquiring and retaining top talent is a challenge when building an exponential or high performance organisation (HPO). If your company has the reputation and a supporting culture for growing and supporting people to flourish and thrive in a High Performance (HPO) Teams environment, you will attract higher performers, and dissuade the non-performers.

Position yourself, the organisation, as an authority in your industry, and more top talent will be naturally attracted to your company and its vision. Be visible and contribute materials highlighting expertise, impacts and innovations to industry publications each month. Create a visible and meaningful persona for your organisations Brand. Make sure that your team highlights its mission goes beyond just making money, to something more meaningful.

1 Minute Wisdom #3:

Trust is a MUST, or… BUST.

Trust is the lubricator and enabler of higher performance. It’s the glue of cohesion in high performance organisations and teamwork. If you or your team members can’t trust certain people, it is damaging your moral, culture, potential, relationships, communication, energy, and performance.

It’s time for a hard decision… Trust and integrity is a 100% must!

Regular Team Coaching and team tune-ups can uncover and resolve hidden trust issues and clear the static and re balance the team dynamic. without good levels of trust, back biting, back-stabbing, blaming and other dysfunctions will prevent your people from fully participating in creating a high performance, efficient and effective team.

Lack of trust is a performance tax that pervades many organisations today.

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1 Minute Wisdom #4:

Meaning and Purpose …Trumps Money

If you hire right, meaning, impact, purpose, and growth trump the financial aspects of the employment deal most of the time. Hire for attitude, industry passion and train for skill set and workplace fit.

Whilst the financial aspect of the workplace is important, and needs to competitive in the market, it shouldn’t be your only attractor.This money mindset cause havoc in many areas of team working, trust, honesty, culture etc.. Money is NOT A MOTIVATOR! it’s a hygiene factor.

1 Minute Wisdom #5:

Work Life Balance Matters even More for Millennials

Ensure your culture is a work-and-PLAY hard environment. Avoid imbalances in home life vs work life. If you are smart you will ENSURE your team members have positive and balanced personal lives. Celebrate special events; birthdays, weddings, and significant moments in team members’ lives.You can build loyalty by supporting team members outside of work. And as an inspiring process request that they “pay it forward” with other staff.
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1 Minute Wisdom #6:

Create AGILE and OPTIMISED Systems & Processes

Record best practices.

Distill success wisdom into simple tools, frameworks, checklists and process that are replicable. Share wisdom and tips to keep improving regularly.

Create a CANI mindset – Constant and Never-Ending Improvement culture.

1 Minute Wisdom #7:

Embrace Diversity to enhance Innovation

As a foundation for success beyond just money, build a diverse and inclusive culture that supports people and profits. To ensure greater diversity success, make sure that staff go through Mindset Mastery training that properly neutralizes their Automated Brain Generalisation Process.

If you don’t do this you will always struggle with racial divides and generational friction.Make sure your diversity includes smart, wise and diverse thinkers. By incorporating a wide variety of race, age, and gender, will ensure a range of view-points, mindsets, value systems and paradigms.

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1 Minute Wisdom #8:

Relationships, Compassion, Care and Empathy Matter

Most of us spend more time with our co-workers than we do with our loved-ones! Create a friendly and supportive atmosphere and culture within the high performance workplace culture. Getting along together, and supporting each other, increases performance, increase mental and physical health. It also builds positive energy, workplace happiness and long-term sustainability.

As a core fundamental of the high performance workplace, ensure you still maintain a strong focus and accountability for performance and results, whilst keeping care, compassion and empathy levels high. Make sure you don’t end up with a team full of “Friends” that you can’t manage, lead or fire. You might eventually have to make a hard decision with non performance.

1 Minute Wisdom #9:

Strengthen Strengths – Develop People

Get all staff to do a strengths-finder assessment (Free here) and highlight everybody’s strengths. Support weakness neutralization, but always keep a stronger focus on leveraging strengths and talents. Ensure the right mindsets, skillset and strengths are in the best roles and function in the company. Avoid square pegs in round holes.
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1 Minute Wisdom #11:

Recognition Rocks and Builds Team Spirit!

Get all staff to do a strengths-finder assessment (Free here) and highlight everybody’s strengths. Support weakness neutralization, but always keep a stronger focus on leveraging strengths and talents. Ensure the right mindsets, skillset and strengths are in the best roles and function in the company. Avoid square pegs in round holes.
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1 Minute Wisdom #10:

Courageous-Growth-Mindsets Matters

Leaders are readers is a great saying. Create a library, audio, video, print for staff to use and share insights, learnings and wisdom. Create a LEARNING culture. regularly share information, articles, etc . Build a High Performance Team Mindset and Culture that has interest, commitment and action that keeps you on top of trends, happenings and new possibilities.

Stimulate intelligent, innovative and strategic thinking, supported with massive, fiercely focused SWIFT Actions. (See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mindset)

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