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Better Team Building & Growth Optimised Mindsets with CLEARx and AdaptAgility

GO Mindset Matters Much More than Skill sets in this new world of work, winning and team performance.

Tony Dovale of Johannesburg is offering a free download of his upcoming book SWIFT Success –

The Revolutionary way to go from whining to WINNING…fast! for his corporate team building sessions and leadership workshop clients.

Clients who book staff team building workshop sessions or leadership retreats get exceptional value for money and new GO mindsets in their teamworking.

Research reveals that there are 20 top, mindset qualities, in a specific priority order, that go into making a Growth and Resilient mindset that makes staff 7x more valuable in the workplace.


To see how you can transform your organisational Culture with a High Performance Mindset facilitation event, contact Tony Dovale on 083-447-6300 or