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Science of Happiness @Work ™ Research

Researchers, Iopener UK,  for the Science of Happiness @ Work(tm) have spent more than 6 years building a body of evidence through theoretical and empirical research on happiness in the workplace and its benefits,

The combination of world-class research from IOpener Institute and our and award-winning consulting make us the best place to go for:

  • Practical and measurable solutions to complex issues affecting performance in the workplace
  • Research-based products which bring about and support lasting change
  • Access to knowledge and expertise in contemporary workplace issues


H@W is a proven concept that supports and empower companies in optimally driving their strategic aqctions, goals and growth, with productive, high-performing and inspired staff. Happiness@work is about instilling and optimising mindsets to a level that enables staff  to optimise their performance and achieve their maximum potentials.

The iOppener world-class in-house research team has found innovative ways of assessing what enables people to consistently deliver measurable and sustainable results for themselves and their organizations.

Working to the highest academic standards, they create knowledge and translate that into practical audit and assessment tools that you can use to drive change and shift culture.Learn more about research into the Science of Happiness at Work(tm).

Measure how happy you are at work using the flagship questionnaire,

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Happiness at WORK – Benefits


  • Create greater values alignment, meaning and purpose
  • improve feelings of being valued, appreciated and recognised
  • leveraging natural talents and strengths
  • Sharing of information, knowledge and wisdom,
  • create a supportive workplace for flourishing well-being
  • build trust, tolerance, and trustworthiness
  • increase innovation and accountability
  • Develop GRIT & GO mind-sets


  • energise high-performance team energy
  • Natural knock-on effect of customer satisfaction
  • Competent, committed, innovative and engaged team
  • Increase accountability & execution excellence
  • Reduction team dysfunctions
  • Unified, stable team dynamics
  • Improve team trust and morale
  • Open to learn and receive feedback
  • Increase resilience

COMPANY Benefits

  • Enhance competitive advantages
  • Increase all stakeholders’ value and well-being
  • increase business performance
  • Optimise bottom line results
  • increase workforce performance & resilience
  • Develop GRIT & GO mind-sets
  • Retain vital talent ; skills, experience, expertise
  • make staff potent company brand ambassadors
  • improve organisational Culture and workplace PH levels.

Do you ever ask these Questions or have these problems?

  • How do we create and optimise existing capacity?
  • How do we grow and retain our best people?
  • How do we optimise innovation and drive change?
  • How do we create, support and embed high-performance mindsets and actions?
  • How do we create and ensure long-term motivation and inspiration?
  • How do we get our people to be more collaborative across silos and innovative?
  • How can we unleash our inherent resources and talent to grow faster?
  • How do we support our LIMITLESS leaders to incrementally higher next levels?
  • How do we help our staff  handle increased levels of pressure, stress and challenges?
  • How do we develop thew optimal positive and supportive team and company cultures?


The complexity of people and business is increasing.

We offer bespoke services to companies who are truly serious about their people and their well-being and performance.

We apply proven concepts that assess, evaluate and optimally shift behaviour in a safe, positive and inclusive manner.

We build lasting change to ensure that your people are your most valuable and rewarding assets.

We offer a unique process with The Revolutionary Workplace High Performance System.  

We provide teams and leaders with simple, practical tools, that helps with improving vital key components of organisational Well-being.

Because we use large group processing, we achieve greatest buy-in, and roll-out, on all levels.

We assist individuals, teams, leaders and companies to improve at their core issue level. This builds greater levels of engagement, teamworking, trust, happiness and performance at work.

If your company or team is looking to perform exponentially better, in a positive and sustainable manner, then contact Tony Dovale for a free lifemasters.co.za consultation.

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