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Growth-Optimised* Mindsets & AdaptAgility Team Building Workshops



Use REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Team Building and tribe dynamics principles to transform teamwork, trust building, ADAPTAGILITY, and Limitless leadership effectiveness.

1. Team-Flow-Grow Staff Team Building Workshops  deliver 10xponential Results

By using the High Performance Team-Flow-Grow and Team-Flow-Tainment activities and mindset process develops Growth-Optimised Mindsets (Carol Dweck).

For most effective Leadership of high-performance organisational cultures and high performance teamworking, is about awareness, influence, culture, action, connection. collaboration, and meaningful results.

Personal effectiveness and effective team work is about the right mindsets, trust, alignment, focus, capacity, connection, competence, communications & collaboration.Growth Mindset Corporate Team Building Service Providers Tony Dovale Swift Success Mindsets

The newest Social Neuro Science research below reveals the primary areas that team members, managers, and business leaders, must focus on, to ensure optimum influence, empowerment and peak performance for staff and workplace teams.…the human MIND AUTOMATICALLY REACTS to situations based upon its inherent focus and operations of the Reticular Activation System.

2. Your Mindset Controls Your Focus, Reactions, and Teams Success

These are the most basic reactions in the human brain to any condition. It basically comes down to 2 perspectives…

Is this a threat or is it a reward? The unconscious, and usually uncontrollable aspect of this assessment is vital to understand  if you are to gain optimum operating impact and effectiveness on an organisational and management/ leadership situation.

3. Your brain, specifically the Amygdala, Automatically Sorts for “Danger” or “Safe”!

It’s just the same for building your high performance Teams

The right Resilient Growth-Oriented Courageous Mindset is the foundation of all personal and team building success.

It enables REAL Team Building results, happy and productive staff development. So the RIGHT mindset matters most in developing, and building, high-performance teams and a High-Performance positive company culture.  

Few teams are CONSCIOUSLY CONSTRUCTIVE and have effective mindset mastery / self development training to support their intended higher performance focus. This goes for leadership effectiveness as well

Whenever we are presented with an experience, your “mind” automatically reacts and decides whether it is a threat or a reward.

Eat or be eaten!  More conscious management of your thinking and reactions helps staff and executives to minimize the automatic “THREAT” reaction, and activate the REWARD response. 

Mental/ emotional state is a fundamental foundation of high performance and behavioral optimisation in the workplace.

4. Much research has been done on how your brain and mindsets impact how people think, feel, operate and react.

Confidence & Independence

Confidence controls whether people use their talents and skills. It impacts our perceptions on how much freedom or control we have to adjust or control a situation, and/or the reactions to situations.

When we can confidently make our own choices, the feelings of independence and self-confidence increases, stress is reduced, and our Resilience /Psychological Capital increases.

Our perceptions of independence are enhanced.


Connection and Standing – Belonging

Lack of Connection and good standing in a workplace creates the Fear, perceptions of loss, and RESISTANCE to change and positive team building. To build high levels of teamwork, connection, requires REAL Team Building sessions that develop a positive and sustainable foundation, where people feel respected, valued, safe, and appreciated, and are connected to a common meaningful positive cause.

When people feel they belong, they connect and collaborate far better.


Justice and a Perception of Fairness or Balance

Perception is reality to the viewer. So any perceptions of lack of justice or UNJUSTNESS, activates deep reactions in our psyche.

This includes reactions of anger, and reduces trust levels and co-operation potential. From my research over 40 years,

I have observed this to cause people to form “safe space tribes”.

The lack of perceptions of equality in an environment reduces connection, communications, and prevents collaboration, trust.

Successful leadership, and effective team working, must understand and manage the reactions people go through to be able to effectively build a Revolutionary Workplace with happy, healthy, harmonious staff relationships, positive and balanced management, and a Peak Performance positive culture.

A positive organisational Culture is vital for any strategic or tactical execution to be optimally successful.

The Revolutionary Workplace CLEARx High-Performance Framework is critically important to the success of business, especially during change management/growth, because before staff can accept and action rational plans, the workplace context must support a new mindset, which is highly emotional.

Be smart by building bullet-proof mindsets, resilient, and high performance teams who can deliver exponential impacts and result by using the proven Revolutionary Workplace CLEARx High-Performance framework to keep yourself and your teamwork in a Peak-performance state.

This creates a positive high-performance Culture that delivers exponential results.

for Appreciative Team Building workshops/ retreats,  and Growth, Grit and Gutsy Mindset development contact Tony Dovale on 083-447-6300   www.lifemasters.co.za… create high-performance teamwork in 1-3 days.


*Growth-Oriented mindsets from Carol Dwecks Research.  Resilience/AQ from Professor Stoltz.