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Effective TEAM BUILDING EVENTS, ACTIVITIES, Workshop Events, and Executive Retreat Sessions, that achieve far more than just fun team entertainment.  We Develop REAL High Performance Teams!

Corporate Team Building Activities in johannesburg Gauteng with Appreciative Inquiry Principles and REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Teams Process, Delivers Exponential Results and Greater ADAPTAGILITY, to help your people and teams to thrive in VUCA times.


Our potent process gives you Effective Team Development, More Motivation / Increased Inspiration, enhanced Staff Engagement, Real TeamBonding. Grow Trust, and unleash passionate, positive & engaged people.

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Revolutionary Workplace Expert Team Building Options – Games or REAL Results?

Unlock Peak Performance: Real Team Building for Lasting Results, that goes BEYOND Team building 

Tired of team-building games that go nowhere?

We get it. We offer impactful experiences that go beyond the fluff.

We design strategic corporate team-building structured EVENTS activities and results-oriented change management interventions.


  • Boosting Trust & Communication: Build a foundation of trust and clear communication for a more cohesive and productive team.
  • Enhanced Teamwork & Adaptability: Foster collaboration and agility to tackle any challenge together. – #AdaptAgility
  • Increased Motivation & Inspiration: Ignite your team’s passion, Purpose and and drive for success.

Our Services:

  • Corporate/ Executive Team Building: Craft impactful activities specifically tailored for leadership teams.
  • Accelerated Trust-Building Exercises: Break down barriers and build trust fast.
  • Appreciative Inquiry Coaching: Unlock staff engagement and collaboration through a strengths-based approach.
  • REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Teams System, Framework, Philosophy and process.
  • HPO CultureShift Workshops: Cultivate a High-Performance Organization (HPO) culture that drives breakthrough results.

Why Choose Us as your High Performance Teams Partners?

We believe in the power of real… Developing your people and mindsets that contribute to real team building.

Our programs are designed to deliver tangible results you can see in your bottom line. Let us help you create a team that thrives in today’s dynamic business environment.

Ready to unlock your team’s full potential? Contact us today for a free consultation!

Appreciative Inquiry teamwork delivers exponential impacts and results and builds trust, teamworking, collaboration, and Inclusion

A big trend in REAL business teambuilding is the awareness of the need to have an Appreciative, Agile, Strengths-based, approach and business strategy. 

We approach High Performance workplace team transformation and culture shift as follows…

1. What are the present challenges?
2. Where are they performing now?
3. What’s the INTENTION of this group intervention?
4. Where do you have greatest LEVERAGE and strengths?
5. Prioritize the teambuilding outcomes for maximum impacts and sustainable results
6. Clarify Rules of Engagement and Accountability
7. Teamwork sustainability and culture enhancement based upon Appreciative Inquiry and REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Teams PROCESS.

Happy Face1 And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng

Customizable Team Building for Real Results

We go beyond motivational games. Our highly effective, custom corporate team-building activities address your specific needs and deliver lasting results.

Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Inspirational/Motivational with a Purpose: We incorporate engaging indoor team games and inspirational themes, but our focus is on real workplace teambuilding.
  • Phased Approach: Our programs are designed in phases, including:
    • Creating FEARLESS Teams: Fostering a culture of courage, trust, and psychological safety.
    • Appreciative Inquiry Trust Building: Building a strong foundation through a strengths-based approach.
    • Strategic Change Management: Equipping teams to navigate change effectively.
    • Group Problem-Solving: Developing collaborative skills to tackle any challenge together.
    • Insightful Innovation Games: Sparking creativity and generating breakthroughs.
    • Client Teamwork Events: Designing customized experiences tailored to your goals.

The Revolutionary Workplace Advantage:

We believe in creating a revolutionary High Performance Teams workplace.

Our programs focus on resilience, engagement, appreciative action, and leadership with heart.

This ensures your team thrives in today’s dynamic environment and experiences lasting results that go far beyond short-lived motivational events.

Testimonial:“Out of the online Team Building research I have done, your appreciative team building company is the only one that seems to be able to effectively and authentically apply the Appreciative Inquiry principles and High Performance Teams  techniques.

I am very happy to have discovered your organisation. We will be approaching you for assistance in the near future.  J-Dijkman – Facilitator – Cipro – Companies and Intellectual Property Reg Office

High Performance Team Building Workshops Assessments

Transform Your Team in Gauteng: Unforgettable Team Building & Staff Motivation

Go beyond traditional games. LMIs’ proven process delivers profound shifts in:

Positive Relationships & Trust: Build a foundation for effective communication, collaboration, and productivity.

Self-Awareness: Empower individuals to contribute their best.

Team Resilience: Cultivate a team that thrives under pressure.

The Life Masters Difference:

REAL Appreciative Inquiry (AI): Our unique approach fosters sustainable improvements.
Experiential Learning: Fun, engaging activities ensure meaningful learning.
Measurable ROI: Invest in a transformation process with lasting results.

Targeted Programs:

Executive Appreciative Inquiry: Develop strategic leaders.
Team-Based AI Training: Build high-performing teams.
Organizational Culture Transformation: Create a thriving workplace.

Benefits for Astute Businesses:

Increased Productivity: Unlock the potential of your team.
Improved Staff Engagement: Boost morale and motivation.
Measurable ROI: See a direct impact on your bottom line.
Ready to unlock your team’s potential? Contact LMIs today for a free consultation and discover how our revolutionary approach can transform your team and business in Gauteng.

High Performance Team Building Events Gauteng

“Motivation is based on “manipulation”. Inspiration is based on Respect, Engagement, Appreciation and Love” – Higher Ground Leadership. – L Secretan

  • Don’t Settle for silly Fun & Games: Build a High-Performing Team

    Traditional team-building activities often fall short. Invest in solutions that drive real results:

    • Build Trust & Accountability: Create a foundation for effective communication, collaboration, and productivity.
    • Boost Staff Engagement: Motivate and inspire your team with Appreciative Inquiry.
    • Strategic Change Management: Equip your team to navigate change effectively.
    • Custom Culture Transformation: Design a thriving, engaged workplace.

    We Offer:

    • Executive & Team Leadership Development
    • Experiential Workshops (including games!) to build trust, collaboration, and innovation.
    • Diversity & Inclusion Training
    • Motivational Speakers

    The Life Masters Difference:

    • Measurable ROI: See a direct impact on your bottom line.
    • Sustainable Results: Our programs deliver lasting improvements.
    • Customized Solutions: We tailor programs to your specific needs.

    Unlock Your Team’s Fullest Potentials

    Contact us today for a free consultation and discover how our revolutionary approach can transform your team and business in Gauteng.


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