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Effective Office TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITIES, Workshop Events, and Executive Retreat Sessions
That achieve more than just brief team fun entertainment

Corporate Team Building Activities in johannesburg Gauteng with Appreciative Inquiry
Principles Delivers Exponential Results and Greater ADAPTAGILITY.

…Leaders in Effective Team Development.Motivation / Inspiration,
Staff Engagement, Ai REAL TeamBuilding Company.Grow Trust,
Staff Motivation – and Engagement to unleash
passionate, positive & engaged people.

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Revolutionary Workplace Expert Team Building Menu – Games or REAL Results?


We can play games with you. But we prefer to get you real teamwork results!  Business Team Building Events can be exponential in impacts and results

We design potent corporate teamworking activities & change management interventions. Team Motivational/Inspirational exercises are used to improve TRUST levels, build TEAMWORK, increase ADAPTAGILITY, productivity and Inspiration via REAL executive team building activities, and accelerated trust building exercises.

Our Appreciative Inquiry effective Limitless Leadership Coaching is customised to grow Staff Engagement and Collaboration. 

Teamwork Synergy is the core of our CultureShift workshops.

Appreciative Teamwork Delivers Real and Exponential Impacts and Results and Builds Trust and Inclusion

A big trend in REAL business teambuilding is the awareness of the need to have an Appreciative Agile, Strengths-based approach and strategy.  We approach High Performance workplace team transformation and Culture Shift as follows…

1. What are the present challenges?
2. Where are they performing now?
3. What’s the INTENTION of this group intervention?
4. Where do you have greatest LEVERAGE and strengths?
5. Prioritize the teambuilding outcomes for maximum impacts and sustainable results
6. Clarify Rules of Engagement and Accountability
7. Teamwork sustainability and culture enhancement based upon Appreciative Inquiry and REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Teams PROCESS.

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We custom design highly effective effective corporate teamwork, team building activities

Includes motivational indoor team games and fun inspirational themes to suit your specific motivational needs. e.g. Our phased approach includes Creating FEARLESS teams, Appreciative Inquiry trust building, a Strategic Change Management framework, group based problem-solving, insightful innovation games and client teamwork events

Testimonial:“Out of the Team Building research I have done, your appreciative team building company is the only one that seems to be able to effectively and authentically apply the Appreciative Inquiry principles and techniques… I am very happy to have discovered your organisation. We will be approaching you for assistance in the near future. J-Dijkman – Facilitator – Cipro – Companies and Intellectual Property Reg Office

If you are going to do office indoor team activities – Then respect your staff and their time enough, to do REAL workplace teambuilding activities and team events based upon the REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE that includes Resilience, Engagement, Appreciative Action and Leadership with Heart – Your Results last a lot longer than short-lived motivation-style events, and you get BEST VALUE and IMPACTS.

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Fun / business training Team Building / staff Motivation Events in Gauteng-

The ideas, are designed to deliver a profound shift and improvement in positive respectful relationships, self-awareness, trust levels and productivity in joburg.

Creating trust is crucial for cohesive relationships, which we achieve with fun office games and effective activities through Ai change management workshops.

REAL Appreciative Inquiry AI Team development training process for Executives and Strategic Change Management- LMIs’ Executive Appreciative Inquiry facilitation process is uniquely designed to incorporate experiential strategy team games and fun, motivating, staff challenges relevant to leadership, decision making, planning, communication, motivation/ inspiration and staff engagement of work groups.

Team-based Appreciative Inquiry (Ai) approach based questions, activities and exercises to build awareness and workplace trust.

Organisational Climate and Company Culture Transformation

Astute people understand the value of adult business Team building workshops events, and motivating staff with effective and fun teamwork training, that works and lasts.

So they choose an approach that provides a measurable and sustainable return on their investment. For these smart people we provide a true transformation PROCESS. The incremental trust building process includes REAL, FEARLESS and BULLET-PROOF. These are often life-changing events and experiences for participants and life-giving for your business.

Team Resilience and Trust Building Workshops are VITAL

Trust is the foundation of any real intervention. Without Trust you cannot have genuine relationships and powerful productivity improvements, or sustainable performance. Trust is the lubricant and the attractor factor in high-performance teams and team buildings. We specifically design Accelerated Trust and Resilience into our professionally facilitated workshops with Appreciative Inquiry Activities.

Strategic Leadership – Our multi-day and one day teamwork development training sessions for companies includes personal development and group / team action- learning activities around self-awareness, accountability, skills development, team spirit, engagement, communication, collaboration, resilience, trust-building, leadership, coaching, whole system change, culture shift and Appreciative Inquiry.

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“Motivation is based on “manipulation”. Inspiration is based on Respect, Engagement, Appreciation and Love” – Higher Ground Leadership. – L Secretan

Unless you grow trust, truth, accountability, positive team culture, respect, relationships and leadership in your
corporate activities – you are just wasting your money on fun group activities…


  • staff engagement and motivational team working activities that inspire with Appreciative Inquiry
  • Strategy workshops facilitators for Strategic Change Management
  • Customised experiential culture change process for better teamwork
  • Staff Inspiration / motivation training and Appreciative Team Building that impacts multiple levels
  • Regular Corporate day l events and effective teamwork activities to improve staff performance
  • Customised Interactive leadership events and team building exercises
  • Best corporate team building training program for companies to create trust
  • Building trust as a competitive advantage in Appreciative Teamwork
  • Fun executives motivational games and Activities in Pretoria
  • Corporate TeamBuilding program and Ideas to improve staff engagement levels
  • games to improve collaboration work in corporate offices
  • Higher Ground leadership and teamwork coaching Gauteng
  • Activities motivational office ideas for team building events
  • Diversity Teambuilding Exercises and Coaching Workshops South Africa
  • Sample questionnaires for engagement and trust in the workplace
  • Strategic strategy process and Innovation games to productivity improvement
  • Experiential Workshops to build trust,honesty, staff engagement
  • Collaboration exercise and activities for building trust
  • Healing events and Inspirational business speakers
  • Transform culture for increased Productivity with Diversity and high Performance team building outcomes
  • trust activities as enlightening exercises and experiences


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