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Season 1, Episode 1


Discover how you can lead in a way that creates a REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE, High Performance system, with Consciously Constructive, Limitless Leadership, that empowers and enables, your People, Teams, Leadership and Culture, to thrive and flourish in Tough VUCA Times.

Show #1

8 Minute Introduction to the REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance people. Teams, Leadership, and culture insights.

Hosts & Guests

Tony Dovale – CEO

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prices from R495 to R1,895 per person*. Outdoor vs. Indoor Team Building: A Facilitator’s Insight on Choosing the Right Setting Environment Impact: How setting affects team dynamics and outcomes. Adaptability: Choosing based on team needs and objectives. Engagement...


Just as a cake is a sum of its ingredients and baking process,a successful High Performaqnce team-building session is the result of a holistic approach tailored to your unique needs and objectives.In the world of HPO team building, we often use the metaphor of baking...



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