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Benefits of the
CLEARx High Performance Team
Building Events & Retreats

Smart leaders use our potent, proven REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Teams  process to fast track your People, Teams, Leadership and Company Culture back to full-speed, after the CoronaVirus Constraints

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Benefits of The Revolutionary Workplace…Consciously Constructive Philosophy For Conscious Leadership, Peak Performance, and Exponential Results, in High Performance Teams & Workplaces


Some main Benefits of Corporate / Business Wprkplace Team Building Events.

  • Inspire, Motivate and Engage your staff and Teams
  • Use positive appreciative Ice Breakers –to create a Psychologically Safe Space
  • Add Fun-Da-MENTAL learning to the mix and team building experiences
  • Begin to improve communication and collaboration between staff and teams
  • Build greater, credibility, confidence, communication, commitment, and trust
  • Clarify, Create and identify respect, relationships and  reasonable boundaries
  • Encourage Honesty, Candour, Contribution and clearer Communication
  • Develop Limitless Leadership Skills on all levels of the organisation
  • Expand Potential, Unleash creativity, enable innovation
  • Create a Positive, Proactive, High Performance happy workplace and Culture
  • Reduce absenteeism, presenteeism, talent loss and unnecessary staff turnover
  • Boost Confidence, Connection, Commitment and Productivity

The REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Workplace Team Buildings with Tony Dovale are profound, potent, proven, unique, and deliver long lasting results.

Tony customises  the REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE team building facilitation and process  specifically to be workplace and business relevant. and around your present and pressing goals.

To start creating a High Performance Workplace with our Revolutionary Workplace CLEARx  High Performance Team building framework contact Tony Dovale on 083-447-6300 for high performance corporate team building event ideas and leadership transforming adventures in gauteng, johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town – all across  South Africa.


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