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Change is Constant; Times are Getting Tougher; Chaos is Crippling, and Blocking Real Teamworking, Trust and Higher Performance… We have the solution…The REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE.

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Highly Engaged, happy and connected, employees are a key driver of your business’s success: High-Performance engaged workplaces often achieve a 10% increase in customer ratings and a 20% increase in sales.

The newest trend in developing a Revolutionary High-Performance Workplace, a more effective team building and alignment is here…The Consciously Constructive Revolutionary Workplace CLEARx Framework Approach

All workplaces have challenges with people, teams, leadership and organisational culture… It’s a given in this game called BUSINESS!

The challenge is to find the east effort, most impact, best leverage approach to improving and optimising workplace engagement and performance.

So many gurus touting so many different flavours of the day options, that don’t necessarily deliver sustainable and valuable results. – So what the best solution.

This Consciously Constructive approach is for people with HEART. If your ONLY GOAL IS MONEY… stop reading now.. you could be a dinosaur, and or a GREEDER! 

This has little value for your present mindset. 

However, if you are busy exploring how to bring some SOUL back into your workplace – what follows will help you tremendously to begin to transform your people, build better teamwork trust, more meaning and self-mastery, and create a great, positive, conscious, high-performance workplace,

As a leader, your responsibility is to create and direct the major direction/Vision, create more meaning, manage energy, engagement, empowerment and alignment, for people to bring their very best to work, and achieve their max potential… all this together with getting the organisation to its financial goals as well.

So what are the areas that will actually bring value to the triple bottom line?

So Whats Consciously Constructive?

Fortunately, academics and business performance experts have carried out extensive research and discovered the 6 Major areas leaders must focus on to begin to build a more profitable, potent, high-performance workplaces.

I have distilled some of our Consciously Constructive Revolutionary Workplace high PErformace system wisdom from our CLEARx Framework to help you become more conscious and capable of improving workplace performance without becoming a slave driver.

  1. People First! – The foundation of your business success relies on people- At our core –

    To love and be loved, is the primary HUMAN NEED.

    You can tap into this drive, by making your people feel value, through positive comments of appreciation and thanks. Yes you pay them!

    But that’s a HYGIENE FACTOR, NOT NECESSARILY A MOTIVATOR. Do they feel fairly rewarded, appreciated, recognised and valued?  Start to give appreciation, validation and recognition and watch them begin to develop their potential daily.

  2. Culture and Context control connection and communication.

    Have you created a safe space to share, talk, explore, and talk freely on a wide range of relevant topics.

    If it’s not safe, people will not be open or receptive to consider new possibilities, ideas, nor will they engage in honest, genuine, two-way, communication.

    If your Culture does not create psychological SAFETY – the “grapevine” has more power than your communications.

  3. Meaningful Goals:  Many leaders say their workplace is DEMORALISED… yet they seldom OWN the cause… themselves!

    Motivation is MANIPULATION (External force),  whereas INSPIRATION is from within. So are you trying to MOTIVATE your staff? For whose? greatest good and need?  

    Whereas if you can attach more meaningful goals to their efforts, engagement, energy, commitment and collaboration will grow. 

    When people can use their strengths on something meaningful to themselves….they begin to experience more positive feelings about work, their colleagues, and what they bring to the CAUSE.

  4. Coach to Engage in Consciously Constructive Feedback and Feed Forward: All high-performance professionals (Getting Paid for something ) have coaches. Why?

    Because the approach of a coach is Consciously Constructive.  a great coach is neutral, and never shouts or explodes!…

    They provide caring, compassionate, constructive feedback to help their client remain positive, focused, flexible, conscious and collaborate in co-constructing better ways to Think, Feel and Act.

    It is this Consciously Constructive approach that helps the professional to incrementally improve and optimise self, and their performance. Stop being the grouch “boss” and become a high-performance coach.

  5. Conflict & Diversity:  In every organisation we have an ever-increasing diversity of people, languages, religions, political views, needs, this can lead to hectic conflicts, tribes, and THEM vs Us situations, which creates highly dysfunctional Teams.

    The effective leader’s responsibility is to manage these personal and team dynamics in a positive and respectful manner.

    And to ensure alignment with agreed organisational culture’s values. The foundation of the leader’s job, in this regard, is to embed and maintain a foundation culture of TRUST and RESPECT, through creating collaborative relationships, by framing diversity as a source of strength and competitive advantage.

    Only with non-negotiable “respect”, and some cohesive power of trust, can people work through conflicts and diversity issues with care, consideration, maturity and compassion, for the greater good of ALL stakeholders.

  6. Accountability –  Having great foundations of good leadership and positive cultures, is a prerequisite for High-Performance workplaces, and the next major issue is Execution Excellence.

    To begin to achieve outstanding, or even EXPONENTIAL, impacts and results, requires a mindset shift from worker to OWNER.

    Owning the outcomes and control over the process, with responsibility, resources, authority and empowerment, to be in control, competent, and collaborating, create to a bigger process, picture or result.

    Once we shift mindsets from compliance and fear, to MASTERY: creativity, control and contribution,  you have a different relationship – a partnership instead of a command and control outmoded dictatorship. where the process is a symbiotic win-win approach.

Corporate Soul Surgery for Conscious Leaders

Once Gallup highlighted the problems of the low workplace levels of engagement and high levels of disengagement, some smart leaders are doing some serious Soul searching, when it comes to their culture, impacts, and staff engagement challenges.

With high staff turnover rates, talent retention issues, recruiting problems, it’s clear that most performance management methods are outdated and failing.

That’s why our Consciously Constructive approach is all about how organizations treat, develop and inspire their people.High Performance Team Building Workshops With Tony Dovale

Many executives still struggle to recognize the correlation between valuing their employees as people and improving business outcomes.

Study after study makes the connection clear. Engaged employees produce increased revenue and higher profitability regardless of industry, company size, or economic conditions.

Gallups research shows that workplaces that score high in employee engagement scores, enjoy nearly double the chances of achieving success when compared to the lowest scores.

So for leaders and team building endeavours, it’s clear that your staff are the ones who propel your businesses forward. When they are in the right mood, mindset, and context they are the ones who, are creative and innovate new strategies and solutions to your ongoing complex problems.

Our Revolutionary Workplace High-performance Approach says that LEADERS’ have the responsibility to ensure their people and teams reach their max potential. This means mindsets must shift to …treat and develop your people like they really matter.

They are not inanimate “resources.”  Resources are used and then typically discarded when they’re no longer are of value. 

The new mindset and Consciously Constructive approach proves that humans can increase in value when you value them, invest in them, and develop their fullest potential.

By adopting the REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE Consciously Constructive approach to Organisational effectiveness optimisation and team / leadership development – you build a strong and stable foundation, for creating resilient, responsive, agile, and flexible people, teams, leadership, and organisational culture. 

The  Consciously Constructive process helps you to begin to transform a resource, into a resourceful human.

For more info on our Revolutionary Workplace High-Performance Team building workshops and retreats or business leadership talks – contact Tony on 083-447-6300