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Use Online Sessions to Help Build Your People & Teams to Thrive

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What We’re Doing

We’ve added online delivery of our amazing REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE services.
We are now online and able to remotely work with you to THRIVE through these VUCA times.

We need to collaborate together to co-create our evolving current post CORONA reality and redefine the way we live … the way we work, the way we interact,  learn, play and grow.

We offer online solutions that help deliver the results that the REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE system offers. 


Our Approach

How can we work with YOU? 

– Virtual Talks and Seminars
– Online Leadership / Executive Coaching
– Interactive Masterclasses Online/Remote
– Management Skills Masterclass


Our Views

Corona chaos has forced us to become more Agile, Adaptive, aware, responsive and innovative.

Corona is really a Stress Test for your business and people, to understand where your constraints, weakness, and challenges, are hiding. The future came a lot faster than expected, and forced leaders to become more agile and adaptible.

To overcome the challenges we must start with developing our peoples CORE FOUNDATIONS…. GROWTH OPTIMISED MINDSETS…FIRST!

Talk: Thriving and Winning
With Workplace Well-Being

Online Zoom/Meet Talk

Understand the pillars of wellbeing

Using Happiness @ Work as the fuel for Resilience & SWIFT Actions
Creating a Context, cultures and Workplace Climates where your people can thrive

Why Resilience or AQ and #ADAPTAGILITY is Vital right NOW?


Coaching: Remote Executive / Leadership Coaching

 Online Zoom/Meet Talk

Our REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Teams  Executive Coaching process incorporates the latest in NEUROPsychology, Behavioral Limitless Leadership, Consciously Constructive approach. plus we incorporate stakeholder 360 degree feedback diagnostics, and feed-forward expectations, to help ensure clarity, focus and sustainable impacts, in these unclear and uncertain times.

Limitless Leadership Master Class

Tony has developed a variety of REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE masterclasses so we can work with your people and teams to ensure they are performing optimally and getting results.

We create Sessions uniquely for you.

Tony has over 45 years’ experience working with people, teams & leadership

He brings his wealth of knowledge, experience, expertise, and resources to practically support you to ‘become a workplace that thrives in VUCA tough Times

From Happiness to High Performance in Tough Times

• Unlocking Human Performance: Building REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACES™
• Explore how to activate your team’s fullest potentials, collaboration, and contribution, to create a high-performance workplace, for thriving in tough Times
• Topic: Assessing, optimising, engaging, Inspiring, and empowering Your People, Teams, Leadership and Culture to achieve Exponential Results. Go Mindsets, Trust & Teamwork, Limitless Leadership, CLEARx Cultures, go beyond change-management to Constant-Innovation in the VUCA / Fourth Industrial Revolution.
• Perfect Audiences: Leadership Events, Associations, Executives / CEO’s, Teams, Sales Teams, Executive Teams, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Management, Teams.
• Time is tight. Stress is Soaring. Competition is Growing. Talent is Restless. Multiple generations are creating havoc for old style – command and control, dinosaur leadership mindsets.
• Business must embrace RESPONSE-AGILITY and GROWTH MINDSETS, to build stronger Psychological Capital and more effective and efficient, cohesive collaboration to Win – in these ever tougher and competitive, times.
• People, teamwork, leadership effectiveness, and a CLEARx Culture, are potent competitive advantages, to protect your organization from cannibalization, by ever-increasing Tech Automation, and growing competition.
• Learn how to Activate, Unleash, Expand, and Align, your people’s fullest potentials, for potent performance and productivity, in a sustainable and Human-Positive manner, where People, Planet AND Profits matter.
• In this unique, Mind-Grow-FLOW workshop , Tony Dovale takes you through his 45 years of research, refinement, and development, of the academically validated, PROVEN, High Performance Workplace, Philosophy, Framework, Process, and System, that he calls The REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE.

Context & Consequences

We know from extensive GOOGLE research, and our own, that 9/10 managers are NOT GREAT managers.  Under pressure, like now, everything impacts everything else, and causes chaos, uncertainty, Anxiety and confusion, Manager’s Mindsets MATTER!! 

There is a lot of room for improvement, optimisation and alignment in the way managers engage and inspire their teams, Especially in Remote / high pressure.

This is a great time to create a shift in MINDSETs, Attitudes, Approach, Actions and Effectiveness.

Talk to use about executive/leader/manager coaching with DATA backed insights from our Proven High Performance Workplace diagnostics, because your managers control and create Context and culture/climate.

Recent Remote Sessions

Tony did an amazing presentation on wellbeing to our clients – wonderfull…the session was made a huge success through his expertise and efforts.

Management consulting

CEO, Catalyst Pakistan

Tony is a first class Act!!

Billie Selkane

CEO, Selekane Group

Having worked closely with Tony over 15 years, he is always a well prepared, high performance expert, who REALLY knows his stuff.”

Dr Emmanuel Imevbore

CEO, IC-MI.com