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Best Way to give your ex/staff the BEST chance at Thriving in VUCA & CORONA VIRUS Change: retrenchments, restructuring, RESTARTING, Mergers or acuisitions.

Developing Your Human Competitive Edge: HERO.

Helping your people to recover, rewire mindsets, and thrive, from unexpected change and workplace / life challenges, crashes, and upheaveals.

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Affective forecasting is predicting how you will feel in the future.

SEEMS We are terrible at it.

We’re not good judges of what will make us happy.

Plus we have trouble seeing through the prevailing filter of the problems of NOW.

Our feelings in the present completely block, and blind, us to how we’ll make decisions, and take actions, in the future, when we CAN be feeling very differently” 

The People Problem

Tough times force us to make hard-nosed, numbers based, business decisions, But we also need to have a HEART!

The consequences and impacts reverberate deeply through the entire organisation. Plus it impacts staff families and relationships

For those who will be lucky enough to escape, THIS round of retrenchments, Replacements, it’s still traumatic and guilt inducing.

For those retrenched or business closed, it’s very traumatic.

 Their lives become a living nightmare, shock, trauma, hopelessness, Learned helplessness, burnout, and stress, impacts every aspect of themselves, their daily lives, their partners, children, friends, and perceived possible, future. etc. 

It’s truly tough OUTSIDE, even if you are tough INSIDE.

The Corporate Soul-Surgery Solution

Tony Dovale has developed a potent, proven, process, to recover and reduce learned helplessness, loss, and lethargy.

He rebuilds the inner HERO core; Identity, and PsyCap (Hope, Efficacy, Resilience, Optimism), of your people, impacted by unexpected change: shock, denial, anger, stress, loss, resistance, and trauma.

Tony creates life-changing, action learning, encounters…that truly transform… People, Teams, Leadership and Culture, on a head, Heart & Soul level.

With over 36+ years of R&D, expertise, experience, and wisdom, in Self-Development, Healing, Mindset Mastery, Resilience, GRIT, Self Talk, Happiness, LIMITLESS Leadership, and Increased Consciousness, Tony is the REAL Deal to transform your People, Teams, Leadership and Culture… into a High Performance Workplace

Our MindShift HERO Process Helps to Build, Rebuild and Reinforce… AdaptAgility – Resilience, Self-Worth, Self-Esteem, Positive Identity, Self-Confidence, self-Trust, and Psychological Capital:

Hope, Efficacy, Resilience, Optimism,

New More Empowering Beliefs, and a GO MINDSET, to Activate, Expand, and Align, Your People’s Fullest Potential, into FIERCE Focus, SWIFT Action, and Winning Results.


Years of Experience, Expertise, and Wisdom, in Transforming Heads, Hearts and Souls

Team Building Testimonials

HR Manager / Psychologist

Zelda – People Placement Co – Joburg

“In every possible way it touched every point in my life. 10 out of 10!  You achieved in 1 day, what 7 years of psychotherapy couldn’t!… Tony, was awesome!” 

HR Manager / Fatimah

TEP – Gauteng HO – Joburg

“Tony, Thank you for your energy, passion and no-nonsense attitude. The decision to choose you to lead the team rebuilding event was the correct decision.  The team is more motivated, psychologically more balanced, and displaying visible positive changes in behaviour.

A real shift in mind set has taken place. Thank you for everything. I am energised, focused, grateful.”

Mr Ayanda Wakaba (Wakes) – Executive Head

Executive Head of DPS Independent Development Trust.

 “I am so impressed with the power and effectiveness of your REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE process. I have done many team /people training, but I never experienced something like this where we get to the real heart of the people. The others  are just “feel-good-for-a-moment” and leave you with nothing… This was amazing!
I want you to come and facilitate the rest of my IDT teams…”

Everyone has a "Mask" that they hide behind.

Seldom are they safe enough to be fully authentic and vulnerable, at Work!

Just like an iceberg, there is a lot going on underneath the usual levels of consciousness, trust, and sharing. To get the best and most long-lasting results, you MUST resolve the constraints and issues below the surface, by creating a psychologically safe workspace and workplace culture and context aimed at building greater Psychological Capital on all levels of your organisation.

icebergblue High Performance Teams building

To support all aspects of your people, teams, and leadership, talk to us today. Lets help you create Resilient, Robust, Responsive, #FutureFit Mindsets, that can thrive and flourish in an ever-changing post coronaVirus and VUCA World.


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