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Tribal Leadership Coaching & Tribe Team Building for Exponential Results

TRUST is vital for team building.. Make sure you decide to create the best possible Teambuilding Experiences for your staff from the start!  

The current research and trends in company performance improvement  shows that Team and Tribe Building is vital as the foundation for increasing and sustaining high performance personal, and team, effectiveness, specifically in these tough times.

High Performance Team Building Service Providers And Consultants Sandton GautengToday’s competitive times will force you to be smart with your staff development, if you plan to be a successful organisation on a long term basis..

The best foundation you can begin to build ALL starts with building a “positive tribal culture” with greater trust levels and staff participation into your workplace culture.

A Tribe is a larger cluster or grouping of people in close proximity but not fully interdependent upon each other. A tribe is between 20 to 150 people. 

Any bigger than that and the tribe automatically divides into smaller tribes, as a natural order of unconscious association process. This is how the human brain evolves and develops for Teamworking.


To build a better culture and workplace energy a few specific issues must be addressed.

• Trust is Vital for anything to develop positively
• Office CultureShift – Fear and Anxiety must be removed
• Leadership Integrity & Credibility must be improved.
• Psychological Capital Increased – Hope, Self Efficacy, RESILIENCE and Confidence.
• Appreciative Inquiry Process… Discover, Design, Dream & Destiny!
• Clarity in Vision, Mission, Values & Culture  (Destiny, Cause Calling) and Meaning
• Happiness levels at Work must be elevated.
•Conscious and caring Leadership needs to become visible

Use Tribal Team Building and Tribe Building Retreats and Break Aways

Once a strong, clear foundation is in place, you can begin to begin to shift the Values and Culture of the Team or tribe Building groups.

Unless the foundation of the team or tribe is stable, all team-building activities and events are a waste of money, time, and credibility. In fact you can even harm your credibility, Trust, and workplace energy irreparably.

Effective Team Building development requires a process to be successful. I cannot be a one time TEAM BUILDING EVENT.

A once-off fun staff team building day with “Fun” activities is definitely not real team development…, it’s just plain group entertainment. The results are shallow and do not last.. just like a motivational Speaker.

Any manager worth their salt, who is serious about enhancing workplace engagement, Happiness@work, productivity, and performance, MUST begin with the individual Mindset and meaning first, and thereafter the team dynamics, trust-building, relationships, connection, collaboration, commitments, and duties.

For information on how you can optimise your REAL team building workshops packages in Sandton Johannesburg with a proper process to effectively ennergise and transform your team or tribe…see details below…

Team building Activities and Tribe Building – Gauteng ZA- Leadership Coaching & Team Transformation

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