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Growth Mindsets for Thriving After Covid VUCA challenges

For Leaders, Managers, Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
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Times have been Tough, and are still, TOUGH! We need #AdaptAgility

Thriving post Covid19 means having a Industry 4.0 Leader VUCA Mindset

1. Be Financially Savvy: Ensure survival and sustainability of the organisation
2. Be Considerate: Ensure staff safety, health and well-being
3. Be Conscious: Business is the Force-For-Good, whilst doing good business
4. Be Smart: Create a great place to: work, learn, grow & add meaningful value
5. Be Sustainable: Supporting People, Planet AND Profits
6. Be Open: Fair, open, honest and transparent in all dealings
7. Be Good Citizen: Honor core character, ethics, morals, laws, and regulations
8. Be Optimal: Optimise and leverage human resources to minimise redundancies
9. Be Trust-Worthy: Good Faith fair Dealings with clients, staff and stakeholders
10 Become more conscious, curious, collaborative and compassionate.
11. Become MORE AdaptAgile, Resilience, Responsive and Ready.

This is a life-long marathon, not some childish sprint.
Adaptagilitymanualcover 2020.10.8A And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng

Turn your people into a resilient, responsive, agile, trusting, Turbo-charged, #FutureFit, Winning Turn

Our insightfull diagnostics and Data-driven INsights, deliver deep insights and maximum impacts. You Get the BEST People & Virtual TeamBuilder Process, and effective workplace diagnostics – Assessments.

We share Strategies to Improve your management team performance with #FutureFit Mindsets, greater connection, collaboration, and compassion.   Increase teamwork, trust, leadership, and create a Consciously Constrictive, high performance, coaching culture.

Our workplace Zoom TeamBuilding agency/consultants, and strategic culture optimisation experts, facilitate you through the new Revolutionary Workplace optimisation and team training process.

Transform your staff events, into a High Performance teams/Organization; (HPO) optimisation, PROCESS, with analytics and Data-driven Insights, that takes learning to Creative leadership ACTION.

We facilitate High Performance teamwork development courses in Midrand, Pretoria, Jhb, Randburg Sandton, Gauteng, across South Africa, and internationally.

And we do Remote Virtual Team Building fun activities and team bonding events to improve effective teamwork, communication, in your workplace, and optimise your virtual team performance.

Bring out the best in your staffs’ mindsets, passion, talents, and potential.  Improve workplace appreciation, morale, and psychological safety, with a strengths-focused, Appreciative Inquiry, team-based, problem-solving action-learning, experiences, deliver life-shifting results.

If you are looking for virtual meeting facilitators, corporate team effectiveness building activities places in Gauteng, choose our REVOLUTIONARY Workplace Experts, to facilitate executive level leadership building activity ideas and strategies in johannesburg;

We offer team building venues, team & conference facilitation, break-away events, retreats, and real business development, with HPO Mindset mastery as the foundation. 

 Gallup Employee Engagement studies prove that highest engagement levels gain:

  • 17% productivity increase
  • 20% greater sales
  • 21% higher profitability.
  • plus other positive metrics resulting from better energy, increased engagement, and elevated consciousness and happiness@work levels.

Rethink Business 4.0 as we Rebound Back up to Speed with #AdaptAgility.

1. Covid has redefined our reality and business context & constraints.
2. We require a fundamental mindset shift to focus on the new future.
3. Stop Looking Back – Stop mourning the past. Focus Fiercely forwards.
4. A personal audit of our own capabilities, strengths, and limitations, to deal with these challenges is vital.
5. Most of your people, are not able to adapt quickly enough to the new reality and challenges.
6. Mental Grit and Emotional Resilience must be boosted to buffer stress & uncertainty.
7. Self reflection & personal integration is vital as we’re unique beings.

Revwork Staff Teambuildng Package 2018V2S And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng
Business Coach 0037 And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng

What can you do to make sure your company is a strong, and High Performance, team that thrives through the Chaos?

  • Coach: Focus on growing Trust & collaboration.
  • Relationships: Know & like each other better.
  • Leadership: Clarify Roles and Responsibilities.
  • Management: Set meaningful Goals and Clear Timelines.
  • Leadership: Communicate often, succinctly and transparently.
  • Cohesion: Create CLEAR Collaboration process.
  • Manage: Measure, track, & share progress regularly.
  • Coach: Celebrate success AND failures frequently.
  • Coach: Learn from failures – share the Wisdom.
  • Coach: Embed curiosity, creativity and innovative mindsets
  • Coach: Reward Results, give recognition.
  • Coach: enable people to become creative & Innovative
  • Coach: #AdaptAgility Mindsets. 
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