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Formula WON High Performance Teams Development

Office Team Building Events for Optimising Staff and Management Teams

The Revolutionary Workplace High Performance Team Building sessions are unique, experiential, action-learning, fun-filled, company teambuilding workshops that deliver outstanding results.

Get your team’s commitment, connection, communications and collaboration, “wheels” spinning.

Formula 1 (WON) High Performance Teams Experience.

Expert Business Team Building service providers and Facilitators:


Life Masters: Unleash Your Team’s Winning Potential with the F1-Inspired High Performance Teams Experience!

Imagine your team as a high-performance Formula 1 racing team – a finely tuned machine roaring towards victory! It’s this very image Life Masters captures in our High Performance Teams – Formula WON experience.

Inspired by the world of F1 racing, our one-day program goes beyond team building. It’s a journey of discovery and optimization, just like a Formula One team constantly analyzing data and optimizing performance.

Formula Won Teambuilding Events Hd And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng

Get to the Heart of the Matter for Higher Team Performance

The Formula WON high Performance Corporate Teams Buildings workshop sessions s are designed specifically to get you under the “hood” of your team dysfunctions, tune up your team connections, communications, collaboration, commitment, cohesion, and trust levels.

Time to get your team’s motor running perfectly – peak performance.

There is no space for second place in todays’ high-performance business world. Why enter a “race” to come second? 


Corporate High Performance Workplace Team Building Packages – Gauteng Events Overview.

Life is much like a Formula #1 race track…valuable vehicles, big stakes for success, high speed, stress, challenges, unexpected bumps, facing fear, handling sharp curves, pit stops to refuel and recharge, regenerate and rejuvenate.

Many of us have not recently taken the time to sharpen our reflexes, tune up our internal software, make sure that everything is in tip top shape for us to race at the speed of Life.

Formula Won takes you on a journey to discover and detail your life and business “Dashboard” feedback system.

Just like Formula-One racers have ongoing feedback, signals, monitors, and systems, to ensure optimal performance, you can now use them too to create the rides of your life.

 FWON Office Team Buildings Events & Activity Outcomes:

-Discover your Emotional Intelligence and Resilience/AdaptAgility profile.

-Detail your Life-Work best balance point.

-Clarify your Destiny, Cause and Calling. 

-Explore 4 Leadership archetypes: Lover, Magician, Warrior and Sovereign.

Check your life and work wheel balance, break through limiting perspectives, establish your best power balance.

Increase your vibrational limits, re-adjust your attitudes, break liming perspectives and invisible mind-lines.

High Performance Workshop Content / Teambuilding Events Activities

 Introduction to Formula WON High Performance Team Building Concepts

  • New technologies / discoveries pertaining to resilience, stress, energy, #AdaptAgility, and engagement.
  • Enhance work-Life Balance
  • Build Resilience / AQ
  • Enhance Awareness and consciousness levels
  • Optimise Collaboration

Release Your Performance Hand-Brakes

  • Clear Limiting Beliefs
  • Stuck to the Box
  • Reverse Learned- Helplessness
  • Thought-Virus removal
  • Mind-lines & Life Limits Expansion

Work-Life Wheel balancing

  • Current State vs Ideal State
  • Why Race? – Soul’s Goal @ Work
  • Gears – Destiny, Cause, & Calling

Stages of Potential and Power

  • High Octane – Energy & Consciousness
  • Conscious Thinking & SMART Feeling
  • SWIFT Action Power
  • Energy Management


  • Leaks in your Fuel Tank
  • Clarify Burnout Profile
  • Rear View Mirror Management
  • Passion, Purpose, and pushing your fullest potential

Blocks & Handbrakes

  • Unhook Baggage
  • Release Handbrakes
  • CLEAR Contamination
  • Use break-through tools

 Inner Torque Management

  • Self Talk: Old Tone – Collapse inner critic
  • New Talk Tone – constructive inner coach
  • Consciousness and Awareness Tools
  • Healing Your Pain Body
  • Building a Gladiator Growth-Optimised Mindset

 Stalking Strategy – 4 Perspective Process

  • Warrior
  • Lover
  • Magician
  • King / Queen – The Sovereign

Winners Circle

  • Full Power
  • The REAL RACE!
  • The Rewards – Meaning Vs Ends Goals
  • The REAL Results you truly want in all areas of your life.
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Formula Won Mmap 300X2621 1 And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng

Focus on Team Dynamics:

Team Roles and Responsibilities: Exploring different team member roles (e.g., initiator, implementer, finisher) and how they contribute to success.
Conflict Resolution: Strategies for addressing disagreements constructively and maintaining positive team relationships.
Psychological Safety: Creating an environment where team members feel comfortable taking risks, sharing ideas, and offering feedback.


Communication and Collaboration:

Active Listening: Techniques for truly understanding what others are saying, both verbally and non-verbally.
Nonverbal Communication: Understanding the power of body language and unspoken cues in team interactions.
Giving and Receiving Feedback: Providing and receiving constructive feedback in a way that fosters growth and development.


Practical Applications:

Goal Setting and Accountability: Setting SMART goals for the team and holding each other accountable for achieving them.
Performance Measurement: Establishing metrics to track progress and identify areas for improvement.
Action Planning: Creating a concrete plan to implement the strategies learned during the workshop.


Additional Considerations:

Time Management: Techniques for maximizing team productivity and efficiency.
Diversity and Inclusion: Strategies for creating a team environment that values and leverages the unique perspectives of all team members.
Celebration and Recognition: Recognizing and celebrating team achievements to maintain motivation and morale.

The company team building event packages are either a half day staff team building activities or a full day/Multi-day corporate team Transformation event.

Choose a high performance process that shifts your life, your mindsets, collaboration, connection, and team trust levels, forever.

Start building a REAL High Performance Workplace or HPO corporate Team with our REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE’s Formula WON framework, philosophy, and system.

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