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Why Build Team SPIRIT with High Performance Corporate Team Building Workshops?

“If there is no trust, there is no real TEAM SPIRIT”…

OR REAL reasons why you should choose REAL Teambuilding activities as opposed to group fun games.eq think feel act and High Performance Teams building events gauteng

Real AI Team building sessions truly transforms your teams’ trust levels. 

When deciding to choose group games or mindshifting, life-changing team dynamics development… you have to choose… Real Results or no results. 

You seldom get real long term results from group entertainment that people call teambuilding. 

Only REAL teambuilding activities that build trust, grow relationships, impact all aspects of your peoples mindset, thinking, feeling and actions deliver results on a long term basis.

Be SMART… decide to transform your team buildings with a Revolutionary workplace HPO Team-Building, and teamworking, development process, that impacts your people on a Head, Heart & Soul Level. A complete Mindset REVOLUTION.

Consider these REAL reasons why you should choose REAL executive and staff Teambuilding activities…

Research by Dr S Priest & Life Masters, reveals that most corporate team building activities or group-entertainment events have minimal long-term effectiveness. 

Some office team building workshops like Paintball. can actually be destructive to relationships, trust and organisational culture.

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REAL Team Building Lasts

Ask any REAL Team Building clients – 2 years or more later the positive and powerful effects of their unique workplace teambuilding events are still in effect.

Because the  REAL GO Mindset development process impacts the peoples’ heads, hearts and Souls –  it totally transforms their MINDSETS and thinking skills, and the results they are able to deliver.

When considering make sure to consider Team building activities / coaching and personal transformation,  based upon human consciousness, Power of ONE and High-Voltage Leadership, lasts a lifetime – Go beyond motivational speakers and group games!

The S.P.I.R.I.T. based corporate Team / trust building experience and process includes leading-edge tools and paradigms for true team healing and team mindset transformation

  • Strengths and Strategy
  • Passion and Purpose
  • Integrity, Insight and Inspiration
  • Resilience and Robust Mindsets
  • Inspired Action and Intuition
  • Team Work, Truth, Trust, Transformation and Taking SWIFT Action

Performance is an INSIDE job…
through Courageous Growth Mindsets

For your teams to perform optimally on an ongoing basis, people need to be transformed from the inside out…permanently! Success is an inside job. Their Mindsets matter most in creating meaning and motivation.

Transformed mindsets, create transformed teams, which creates transformed organisational Cultures, which creates transformed team results.

Stop spending your money on short-lived “group entertainment events or “motivational” events. Get a real authentic, long lasting team building process that deeply impacts, thinking, mindsets and aligns behavioral intention.

Do great staff team building workshops by impacting all levels of the person. Thinking, Mindsets, Feelings and actions.

Only through effective intentional alignment can you begin to fully engage people heads, hearts and Souls.

Do great teambuilding because you will LOVE the results you receive. By building a better Team Spirit and organisational culture with more effective and conscious management and leadership mindsets. Think before you decide on group games


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Real Results from REAL Team Building Workshops in South Africa

Testimonial – I see my team totally different (positive) than before. I see SUPPORT, TRUST, HONESTY, HUMOUR and SPIRIT in my team. I had a super experience at the team building event & I seriously think we need to escalate it down to our subordinates. Namaste  – Note: We have now time for each other and communicate more – formal & informal. It is surprising that I still get new information about team members that I did not know before.

Testimonial – I went away from this workshop again, a whole person, confident, forgiving and taking responsibility for event that happened in my life. The change in our team has been a sustained one, and it is absolutely unbelievable to what extent this has made us tolerant, efficient, trustworthy and honest.  It elevated the team and the members of it to good, considerate, loving, caring and giving people, which is what I believe we are here on earth for.  Karen O
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