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Top Tips for Appreciative Inquiry Based Office Team Building Events and Ideas in jhb Gauteng

Appreciative Team Activities To Transform Groups and Office Teamwork

Appreciative team building is the new rage for smart business. Gone are the company days filled with silly games, people used to call “team building activities”. Smart companies are now looking for sustainable results, BEyond team motivational talks, that they know don’t last.

 Here are some tips to transform your teamworking from average to great results.

Appreciative Inquiry in Corporate Team Building Workshop Activities – Jhb

The Appreciative Inquiry based approach supports the trend towards a more positive focus on strengths and what is working – rather than the old style problem solving approach.

RESILIENCE is also becoming a major need in companies today as competition increases globally. REAL leadership is required to guide, empower and inspire teams to greater performance in a sustainable way.

But, in the past, most leaders and managers have had no simple way of getting these effectively into their organisations. 

From our past Appreciative team building workshops experience, we have distilled our wisdom gained into a few simple REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE steps.

Make sure you incorporate your steps into your next company team building events.

Cheat Sheet From Life Masters’s  Revolutionary Workplace Team Building Events Company

  1. Make sure that the entire group is involved, from all levels, and make it clear that negativity will not be entertained. The plan is to focus on what you want MORE OF!
  2. Make it clear to everyone upfront that the focus and discussions will aim to build on strengths, past positive experience, what is ALREADY working in the team, and what else can be done to enhance this.
  3. Make it safe for participation by everyone. Set ground agreements of what attitudes, comments, and inputs will be allowed in the staff team-building process – avoid naming, blaming and shaming!
  4. Set up a trust-level scale on the wall and invite people to mark their present team trust scores on the wall and move them during the day. Talk about what impacts and influences trust levels, and what can be done to improve them.
  5. Set up talking circles and get people to talk about positive past experiences around leadership, high performance workplace events, and what they want more of at work.
  6. Get groups to agree, and document what they will agree to STOP, START and CONTINUE back in the office workplace.
  7. Make the learning fun, experiential and encourage participation and input from every person.
  8. Teach your people about RESILIENCE or AQ (Adversity Intelligence) and how they can individually, and as a team, enhance their self-talk, negative experiences, and resilience/AQ levels.
  9. To remove titles, position labels, and seniority advantages. Each person takes on a new Identity /name of their ideal role model.
  10. Incorporate “archetypes” like Lover, Warrior, Magician, Sovereign intro the roles and use them to allow multi-perception position inputs. Eg my lover says”… or my warrior says…”
  11. Document and display Stop-Start-Continues, and regularly discuss how you are maintaining the agreements.
  12. If a consensus arises about what needs to be done to improve some area….take visible action to rectify and improve it ASAP and keep on providing feedback. Regular and clear communication is important.

Biggest Team Building Challenges

Often the biggest challenge with staff and performance optimisation in the workplace is there is a lot of “TALK” from leadership and management, but very little “WALK”. It is a grave mistake to ask for input and then not act on it.

It doesn’t take long for people to see that you don’t value their input, and thereafter just disengage Trust is Bust….again!

Too many leaders think happy staff are more productive – this is not always true. Resilient, challenged, engaged and happy staff deliver exceptional results in a sustainable manner.

By bringing the positive, focus on more of what is working approach, of Appreciative Inquiry TeamBuilding activities, leaders can transform their culture from a destructive, politically hostile environment to a great place to work.

But remember it takes time to rebuild team trust. It takes time for the people to see that you are really walking your talk. It takes time to change old habits and entrenched cultures.

Through regular Appreciative based teamwork building activities you can begin to create a CultureShift from negative to more positive environment. This brings more available energy into your teams and the workplace.

Through Appreciative Inquiry’s positive approach to building teamwork, you can transform your results…faster than any old way of doing teambuilding games and short-lived motivational talks.

So next time you are looking for a teamwork improving idea choose the REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE Appreciative Inquiry and GO Mindset transformation to create a sustainable, positive, High Performance working culture.

Remember Employee engagement is controlled by Leadership and management – So get smart and get appreciative fast, if you plan to optimise the performance of your People, teams, Leadership and Culture to Thrive in Tough VUCA Times.!

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Namaste’ – Tony Dovale – REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Teams Developer & Expert Facilitator

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