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Organisational Company Culture Change

organisational culture iceberg1 for effective team development

Company / Team Culture Background


Culture: ”The way thing get done around here.” Or a more formal version (Schein) Organizational culture: “A pattern of shared basic assumptions that a group has learned as it solved its problems of external adaptation and internal integration, that has worked well enough to be considered valid and therefore, to be taught to new members as the correct way to perceive, think, and feel in relation to those problems.”

All business leaders need to know about “Organisational Culture” because it’s a primary influencers and/or hindrances that directly impacts mindsets, actions and performance in a team or organisation Culture accounts for 50%+.

Tribal Culture Prevails

Organisational Culture and the TRIBE’s identity is often times BIGGER than the leader. So many leaders are aware of something that seems to hinder or enable their effectiveness. But they just aren’t sure on how to wrestle with this intangible, powerful force that pervades every corner of their work domain. Like a swimming pools’ PH… Acidic or alkaline.

NOTE: Org Culture is not a CORE cause… it’ a CONSEQUENCE of numerous factors. But it does become 
Culture is Hierarchical, Visible and Invisible…

There are differing components of Organisational Culture to be aware of. Each level is DEPENDENT upon the lower level – Like a stair-step hierarchy.

  • Level 1 : Behavioral (Visible): Culture can be seen in behaviors and external signs… or artifacts and rituals.
  • Level 2: Psychological: (Somewhat Visible) Values, Beliefs, Attitude …Knowledge
  • Level 3: Philosophical: (Less Visible) Like mindsets, Approach to issues, What’s NB
  • Level 4: Invisible: Reactions, Time sort, Meta Programs, Meaning Making, Talents
  • Level 5 – COMPLETELY hidden – Worldview: Motivations, Drives, Self-Perception, Self- Identity and Purpose.

Culture is a REACTION to 2 core components; 1. External forces / influences and 2. Internal rewards, inputs memories, meaning, reactions, responses and needs. If you are going to impact your organisational culture in a positive and sustainable manner – you need to dig deep into the core… fully engage the participants in reengineering IDENTITY, MEANING, CONNECTION and Actioning Achievement.
You cannot change “Culture”. You have to change what causes and creates the “Culture” – There are 5 scientifically validated areas that are of most value to building a Hi Performance Org (HPO) & Culture.