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Limitless Leadership Development for Exponential Team Building Impacts and Outstanding Results

We live unprecedented change in every aspect of our lives. We DESPERATELY require a NEW breed of LIMITLESS LEADER who can inspire staff, energise team working, Empower Agility, and achieve exponential results.

To thrive and flourish in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and these tough VUCA times, we require CONSCIOUSLY CONSTRUCTIVE, CARING, LEADERS that inspire, as oppose to manipulate and motivate.

We need leaders with HEART, that engages the head, heart and energy all of its people for a higher purpose and meaning than just MORE MONEY!

 Life Masters REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE Limitless LeaderShift approach is founded upon the 1Mw Gomind7Xcornerstones of Self-Awareness, Self Mastery, Mindfulness and Growth-Optimised or Courageous Mindsets, for optimising performance of people, teams, leadership and culture:

  1. Destiny Drive: Vision and Intentions – what are you going to create and leave for MANKIND
  2. Character Core: Values & Beliefs – Who do you work for Love or Fear, Dark or Light?
  3. Self-Awareness and Personal Presence – Consciousness
  4. Relationships and Communication – Care and connection


To get the best leadership effectiveness an Limitless Leadership Transformation process is vital to shift consciousness from the inside out.  For leaders to prevail today they need to stand against GREEDERS, unconscious and uncaring BLEEDERS and WEAK Pleaders.

Leaders today have a big challenge from inside and outside their organisation. Staff engagement has been shown to have a direct impact on the bottom line. The only problem is that so few staff are fully engaged at work because most business teams are plagued by team dysfunctions.

Research shows that over 85% of staff worldwide are not engaged at work. Extensive research has shown a direct link between employees were fully engaged in their job and the achievement of crucial business outcomes that are important to executives and leaders.

The leaders failure to make the workplace more interesting, exciting and invigorating is costing billions. The huge cost of lost productivity because of disengagement is into the hundreds of billions.

Why is Effective Leadership Missing?


Effective leadership development is important at a personal level, staff teambuilding level, and organisational success level. Few companies have an effective leadership pipeline process. Most companies struggle to have truly great leadership because:

1. Few individuals have a leadership mindset or any leadership training.

2. Most teams are highly dysfunctional with low trust, low communication and low connection between members, plus they lack the correct leadership competencies and mindset.

3. Small to medium companies don’t have the budget or the time to develop leaders internally.

4. Organisational cultures have become so dysfunctional with team tribes and social networks seeming to have more power and impact than managers and leaders.

5. With the multi-generational workplace, the challenges of leadership and management are even more complex, with few people having the cognitive competency to handle this new workplace.


 Context & Effective Leadership Have HUGE impact on Workplace Performance 

 Much research around leadership, staff engagement, happiness at work and organisational culture, reveals the huge impact that leadership and culture have on staff and teamwork performance.

Between 50% to 60% of your business results can be impacted, positively or negatively, by the quality of leadership and management. Because their attitudes, their energy, their mindsets, and the kind of workplace experience that they create for staff, is the foundation of success or failure.

When you put a great person into a bad workplace, it can take just 6 to 8 weeks to break their spirit. Unless they are the exceptional top 3% of people with a resilient and strong growth oriented mindset…

This will happen to every person you employ.

And thus, the bad company culture is a perpetuated and subsumes any new talent, passion and energy fast. This happens in every single workplace on a daily basis.

Most leaders just completely oblivious of what is truly happening in their company culture.

They know that something is wrong but they don’t know where, what or how to effectively and sustainably resolve the issue that is holding the company’s performance back.

Imagine a CONSCIOUSLY CONSTRUCTIVE process that activates awareness, engenders hope, and takes the dream of leaders… to the reality of leaders who:

*  Come From a point of compassion and LOVE
*  Lead for the greater good of ALL
*  Can share a compelling vision, with clear positive inspiring intentions
* Know their values, and strengths, and address their limits.
* Care enough to build authentic relationships – Trust, Truth and Transparency.
* Can listen with an open mind
* Speak and ACT courageously.
* Are fully Conscious and Present.
* Have a keen sense that they are here for a higher calling than just profits.
* Are CONSCIOUS that they must create CONSCIOUSLY CONSTRUCTIVE Workplaces

Develop Real Leaders who can create and lead High-Performance Teams


For any organisation to succeed sustainably they need effective leaders on every level of the company. Ideally, leadership development should be an ongoing process for the high-performance people that are identified with the right mindsets and telling potential.

The more leadership skill and depth the company has, the greater the potential to be activated, aligned and synergised. All too often people are promoted to the position of leadership on invalid criteria.

This has the effect of putting the wrong people, with the wrong mindset and skill set, into the wrong position with devastating consequences.

People join a company for its vision, which comes from great leadership. They leave their immediate supervisor or manager because of lack of quality relationships; skills, authenticity, empathy, trust, care, connection, feedback and support.

Management and leadership are different skill sets with both being required on every level of the organisation. The real problem in many South African workplaces is that we have square pegs in round holes, who smash the team dynamics, destroy trust levels, lower staff engagement and commitment… because of their lack of competence for that role.

In today’s highly competitive business landscape it is vital to ensure that you put the best people into the high impact positions because they control performance, passion, productivity and profits.

One minute wisdom: by setting up a shadowing process whereby potential leadership candidates get mentored, coached and shadow high-performance managers and leaders, you can accelerate your leadership development pipeline without risking the organisational culture, staff commitment and profitability.

We need effective leaders who will rebuild trust, credibility, truth and compassion. Leaders who can inspire great teamwork through team building that is effective, sustainable and creates exponential results.

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