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The REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE CLEARx Optimisation System = Higher-Performance. 

Personal, Team & Leadership Building Activities for an ADAPTAGILE Culture
That Delivers Exponential Impacts and Amazing Results.

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Building Results And Value Enhancement = BRAVE

Starting, growing or turning a business around brings challenges.  Ongoing change is the new norm. Competition is increasing. We must become more adapt-able and agile. ADAPTAGILE!

Because of low-resilience mindsets, and learned helplessness, people are increasingly struggling with stress as they are being forced to do more with less, in order to stay competitive and struggle to survive.

The real question is what and how do WE move beyond conflict and survival to being more agile and adaptable, to ensure flourishing an THRIVING, in tough Time and Business 4.0 contexts.

How do we create more meaning, mastery, momentum, and magic, in the workplace?

Struggling business or falling profits are SYMPTOMS… There is a much deeper root-cause that you must resolve, if you are going to optimise performance, people, results, and profits.

CLEARx is the Solution to Your Greatest Threats To Your Rapid and Sustained Business Growth

The CLEARx HPO Challenge to Grow Business:

Do Positive Business Turnarounds achieve Exponential Performance Optimisation has one core goal: 

We help individuals, teams, leaders to build organisational strategic and execution capacity and capabilities that supports PEOPLE, Planet & PROFITS.

Thus we assist individuals, teams, and leaders, to build ADAPTAGILITY so they can :

  • Flourish and thrive delivering exponential impacts
  • Effectively solve business and People challenges;
  • Shape and support a brighter and better future for ALL stakeholders,
  • Meaningfully contribute to the resilience, innovation, collaborative and cohesive and and reunification  capacity of the nation.

If your staff and business are going to survive, thrive and flourish, in the ever increasingly complex and competitive world, you need to RETHINK your strategies, systems and visions.

It’s clear from our past results that we have managed to create a business world founded on beating the other person into losing, so we can win. = Humanity Minus!


CLEARX 3 People Levels


The High Performance Teams building CLEARx framework addresses staff engagement and higher performance from 3 PEOPLE levels:

  • Executive: Creating the Culture & context. Resolving Constraints.
  • Management: Establishing the team environment and rules of engagement
  • Individual: Mindset, Skillset and personal ownership and tactical actions.

My research and 45+ years experience reveals that company culture and management / leadership style create the foundation for potential (engagement, happiness, teamwork, trust etc…)  Then the roles, team relationships & trust, responsibilities, accountability, challenges and growth opportunities are the next layer of impacts.

Then it’s down to individual: Mindsets, Energy, (Psycap- resilience, hopes and dreams, self-efficacy), skill sets, relationships, beliefs, identities, values and cultural dynamics.



Our CLEARx High Performance Teams and Business PROFIT Optimisation Uses Effective Human Performance Technologies and Exponential Team building Tools, to enhance #ADAPTAGILITY.

Clear Profit System Tony Dovale Leadership High Performance Teamworking

The CLEARx HPO Framework for high Perfomance Workplaces

  1. Culture: Constructive, Context, Transparent & Teamwork
  2. Leadership: Conscious, Effectiveness, Accelerate Development
  3. Engagement: Happiness, Flourishing, Thriving and Well-being
  4. Appreciative Action: #AdaptAgility Mindsets, Collaborative, Sustainable, Positive
  5. Readiness: Growth-Optimised Mindset, Psychological Capital, Learning & Development
  6. Execution – Accountability, clarity, FIERCE focus, Excellence

Our CLEARx PROFIT Optimisation Process: Corporate Soul Surgery

These 6 core CLEARx PROFIT pillars impact the bottom line and create the solid and sane foundation for the next level of consciousness business. 

By addressing these principle aspects of business, leaders are able to begin to create a (HPO) High Performance Organisational culture, dynamic teamwork, high levels of trust, transparency and a POSITIVE business foundation that supports all stakeholders.

To gain the power and benefits of a HPO CLEARx Foundation that will enable organisations to embrace a more mindful workplace that reduces stress, boosts health, strengthen immune systems, improves concentration, focus and energy, encourages better teamwork and cooperation, transforms MEANING and Happiness@work, and actually increases performance, productivity and CLEAR profits.

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