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Use High Performance Office Team Building Events Sessions To Transform Growth-Optimised Mindsets…

How to Create Growth-Optimised Mindset Shifts and greater #AdaptAgility via REAL Corporate Team Building Events & Expert HPO Teams Facilitators in JHB.


Team Building client Quote: “… best thing we’ve ever done with our team…way better than silly team games…..it was life-CHANGING!”

Create Highly Impactful Staff Team Effectiveness Building Retreats in Gauteng With Mind-Gro-Tainment and Team-Flow-Grow Team Building EventsHigh Performance Team Building Workshops With Tony Dovale

To use the power of real life-changing Team Transformation events requires a few fundamental factors before it can be sustainably successful in building your team. 

It ALL starts with building Mindfulness Consciousness, Care, Appreciation, Trust and a Growth-Oriented Mindsets into your staff motivation and team-development workshop sessions and group activities.

When designing your first level of REAL HPO teams development focus on two primary areas to optimise impact, effectiveness and results:

  • 1. SELF – Know thy SELF and release past limiting beliefs and energy draining “static”.
  • 2. TEAM – Know Thy Team – Get to know the other team members beyond the workplace perceptions.

RE engage and rebuild relationships from a point of greater consciousness, tolerance appreciation and understanding.

A REAL High Performance Team / self development process incorporates a unique approach to staff development and company Appreciative Inquiry Team Building activities.

By addressing and resolving the STUFF that keeps people back, you are able to begin to unleash the locked away energy, enhance relationships and improve mindsets, meaning and performance.

Getting REAL is the first of a 5 step/ phased approach to transforming your organisational Culture…into a High Performance Culture with Appreciative Inquiry and GO Mindset Mastery

REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Teams  Level #1 aims to address 4 specific personal and Team building /Tribe dimensions.

  • 1. Resilience & Relationships
  • 2. Engagement & Energy
  • 3. Appreciative Action & #AdaptAgility
  • 4. Leadership with Love/Heart

Focus on bringing a greater awareness and flexibility or responsibility of how we show up in the workplace.

 In order to be more effective and respons-able in the workplace, or when under pressure, we need to re-adjust how our past experiences and memories/beliefs impacts our present moments of NOW.

Any energy leaks or “static that we may carry from past experiences has a direct impact in how we show up in the workplace today.

We constantly recreate and how we limit our performance as individuals and as a team.

This must be neutralised if we are to truly build better team working that handles REALITY rather than reactionary.

  • 1. Trust must be rebuilt – Individual and Organisational Trust
  • 2. Credibility of Leadership & Management must be rebuilt.
  • 3. Fears and Anxieties must be resolved and cleared.
  • 4. A SAFE workplace must be ensured.
  • 5. Personal AWARENESS and RESILIENCE must be increased.
  • 6. Resolution of PAST events, issues, challenges and contraventions
  • 7. An attractive and meaningful VISION or DESTINY must be crafted
  • 8. Energy must be marshalled for the good of ALL involved / impacted
  • 9. Use Appreciative Inquiry Process: Discovery, Design, Dream and Destiny & DO IT!
  • 10. Share High-Voltage /Tribal Leadership with NeuroScience Leadership insights… with…LOVE/HEART.
  • 11. Team Dynamics Service and Organisational culture Tune-ups are required regularly.

Once the foundation of great team work and a supportive and productive high performance culture is in place, then you can continue to tune-up the team in each of the major Team Building sessions.

We have discovered that unless the foundation of the SELF and team is strong – all other employee engagement and teambuilding activities and efforts are a total waste of time. In fact they could even become counter productive to your intentions and become team breaking.

REAL Team Building needs to be approached as a process instead of an event. It’s an incremental step-by-step process of learning, growing, building and bonding with regular tune-ups, feed-back and Leadership feed-forward sessions.

PLEASE NOTE: A once off group entertainment event is not real team building, it’s just that….short-lived group entertainment.

To optimise your company staff team building events contact Tony Dovale via our details below… for Professional and high performance team building Activities and Team Performance optimisation Events based in Gauteng South Africa.

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