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High Performance Corporate Team Building Workshops and Events in Gauteng Johannesburg

Use REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE Team-Grow-Tainment to Improve Workplace Productivity.

Staff Team Building Workshop Retreats that Deliver High Performance Teamwork & Sustainable Exponential Results.

When choosing Office Staff Team building events and ideas, you must deliver real value and benefits, beyond just motivating the team.

Your goal is to drive human resources performance, in a sustainable, human positive, manner.

To be beneficial in creating effective high performance teams, that reach team goals, by optimising team management, it must be a viable and safe process to be able to safely rebuild trust and distressed or conflicted teams.

Tuckmann-Team-Stages- Team Building FacilitationAccording to research by Dr S Priest and own experiences, typical games-style workplace team-buildings has minimal long-term effectiveness, and can often damage company culture, trust, relationships and staff engagement levels.

The solution to your staff and workplace team-building problems?

By focusing on REAL TEAM Spirit developing activities and leadership development into your workplace workshops you can improve and transform your organisational culture into a high performance workplace:

  • Strengths and Strategy
  • Passion and Purpose
  • Integrity, Insight and Inspiration
  • Resilience and Robustness
  • Inspired Action and Intuition
  • Team Work, Truth, Trust, Transformation and Taking Action

The Best High Performance Company Team Buildings Use EXPERIENTIAL ACTION-LEARNING CYCLES:


  1. Pre Experience Front load – relevant and relative to real business / life contexts.
  2. Activity ACTION: Physically, mentally & emotionally participate safely in the designed activity.
  3. Post Event REFLECTION: Review, Reflect an ReMind : Explore insights and lessons learned
  4. Real Life Application & INTEGRATION: Future pace and project how new learning can be used in daily life.
  5. CONTINUATION: sustain changes against erosion, disengagement and conflicts.

After groups participate in an activity, they reflect on their experiences so as to highlight the potential insights and lessons learned, as well as how to use the learnings in future encounters and workplace situations. This new wisdom or learning is ideally integrated into their work, or life, to optimise performance, team goals, and results.

It needs to make a change that is sustained in the face of strong erosive forces. If not carefully counteracted, the forces (lack of resources, old hurdles, peer pressure, habits and culture etc.) tend to revert a person back to square one.

Office Teambuilding Events and workshops Optimise Mindsets, Trust, Connection, Communication and Team Performance

A real team is a group of committed individuals working together towards a common vision and clear goals, in an atmosphere of mutual trust, robust truth, care, support and focused action with complimentary and compatible  skillsets and mindsets.

For teams to perform optimally and create a REVOLUTIONARY High Performance WORKPLACE people need to be transformed. Transformed people create transformed teams, which create transformed results.

A Transformational team-building is the cornerstone of sustained success in today’s’ highly competitive business arena. Transformational SPIRITED Team-Building is the process applied to enable a group of individuals to connect, and reach their personal goals, team goals, as well as the company’s goals.


Create highly effective, powerful teams that work well in an atmosphere of support, trust and cooperation, the following areas must be addressed:

  • Individual static – fears, resentments and negative beliefs.  Identify and grow specific talents and abilities.  Build truth and trust within the Team and with Management  Open honest communication between the team and Management.  Clarify and align personal and Company goals.

  • Identify issues and challenges that inhibit the individual from reaching their goals, and that create friction and stress in the team.  Issues & challenges that inhibit the team from reaching their goals.  Include some fun and stress release.

  • By identifying and clearing issues, fears and inhibitions, each person can focus more clearly, and unemotionally, on the goals, mission and mandate of the team.

  • Once clear of their own negative perspectives, beliefs and interpersonal issues, it makes it easier for each individual in the team to participate fully in identifying the importance, and benefits, of working together, rather than as lone individuals.

  • The development of truth and trust within the group is of primary importance. Through various experiential exercises, trust issues and “static” is addressed and cleared, paving the way for stronger, safer, proactive, productive and resilient teams.

  • Once this groundwork has been laid the company’s Destiny, Cause Calling, Visions and Goals can be developed, clarified and strategised. These are then brought into alignment with the personal goals (Destiny, Cause and Calling) or vision of the team and individuals. Only through effective alignment can you begin to fully engage your people’s heads, hearts and Souls.

Business and Corporate Team Building Events and Team Days That WORK!

Properly facilitated team events have potent and positive impacts on trust levels, workplace relationships, connection, Communication, efficiency and overall work enjoyment and satisfaction.  

Bad TeamBuilding events and activities, can cause serious consequences including frustration, rivalry,  resentment, conflicts, and loss of credibility…

Here are key components that must be considered when deciding on your team building events and facilitators. Make sure to consider the following

  1. Event or activity Objectives must be clear:  The Team Facilitators must clearly communicate instructions and activity objectives. Participants need to be able to fully understand the intentions and outcomes to fully benefit from professional team building events.
  2. Team Activities must be relevant to the workplace:  Any activities undertaken on the team building event must be relevant to the workplace, and group.  They need to reflect the real-life business problems that staff and management experience, in order for the process to offer viable learnings and solutions.
  3. Team Activities must be Safe & inclusive: The activities facilitated must be facilitated in a way that all participants are able to participate to  equally. Everyone needs to be able to participate and process activities.  If the facilitator shames or embarrasses anyone / team it can cause disastrous impacts. If anyone feels they are being excluded or discriminated against, it undermines the process and purpose of the entire experience.
  4. Activities and content must be suitable: Team Activities should be challenging, achievable and relevant to the workplace or business environment.  Research shows that child-like or childish games do more harm, and waste more time and money, than any good.
  5. Follow Up and Follow through: Even highly successful team building interventions require follow up and follow through to achieve sustainable impacts.. Management and staff must create tools and process to embed, monitor and adjust their new behaviors and mindsets.  As with any skill, these must be reinforced and renewed on a regular basis in order to maintain peak retention and use in the workplace

The 100% safest way to ensure that your staff or ececutive team building experience is relevant, professional and effective, is to engage the services of expert team building service providers

Pump up your Teams performance with Resilience coaching, Revolutionary Workplace leadership development, and customised high performance executive team-building workshops, packages and retreats.

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