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Mergers are Murder!

The Challenge: To fully unleash, amplify, harness, and align, your People, Teams, and Leadership, and culture to achieve outstanding results.

M&A’s Seldom deliver as promised or hoped!

In these tough times M&A’s happen often.”

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Human Assets

Your people are your most VALUABLE assets. By developing them fully in a Consciously Constructive approach, you create greater potential to be unleashed to ensure SUCCESS.



Human Performance Technologies – HPT

Performance is where the rubber meets the road. Using  Advanced Human Performance Optimisation systems, we incrementally unleash, improve, amplify, align, your human energies & skills, towards meaningful goals & “Bullet-Proof” growth-optimised Mindsets 



Context, Culture & Leadership control over 60% of People Performance enablement and results

Having high performance mindsets and great team work are vital. But the reality is external factors – either create an ENABLING context or a toxic crippling context. Context, conditions, climate and culture are the foundation for long term Success Ensurance.

The People Performance Challenge

The best way to thrive, in these challenging times, is with a People Performance Enablement Partner, who can help you to fully unleash, amplify, harness, and align, your People, Teams, and Leadership, potentials & action.

The reality in the new post COVID Challenge is clear… HR is never going to be able to become the People Performance Enablement partner that CEO’s, and leaders, want, and need, in these ever-changing times.

From all of our research over these times, as well as our Revolutionary Workplace high performance teams, and ADAPTAGILITY, research over the last 35+ years, we had hoped, that the HR department would be the best resource, for unleashing people potentials and creating that unbeatable competitive advantage.

We envisaged that they would be the services, systems, resources, team building, people development, High Performance Leadership development process, training, coaching, and mentoring, that helps your people, teams, and leaders, to fully unleash their potential and passion.

The reality proves that this is no longer a smart hope or dream. All you have to do is look at the dismal ENGAGEMENT levels, results that the Gallup employee engagement research reveals constantly.

In many organizations, HR is just too bogged down with paperwork, and all of the other administration based challenges, rules, regulations, and day-to-day management, of the basic HR services.

HR just don’t have the time, nor the requisite competencies, or passion, to FULLY unleash, align, and amplify, your people and team performance, to boost morale, engagement, and people performance, sustainably.

People Performance Solution

We’ve worked with very smart organizations who have realized that their people, their team working, leadership effectiveness, and organisational culture, all blend together, to make a high performance REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE formula, where thriving, winning, and well-being, are fundamental to the daily grind and dance of business. It’s their unique, potent, competitive advantage.

And if you get that blend right, with adaptive, agile, resilient, positive, inspired, and engaged, people, with high trust, teamwork, and cohesive collaboration, all supported and enabled, by LIMITLESS leadership consciousness, that unleashes more of the innate potential… then you are on your way to being an EXPONENTIAL organisation.

It’s primarily through the Consciously Constructive development of your people that you can create an exponential organization that thrives in tough uncertain ever changing times. That means – almost daily!

We know that the foundation of this is … ADAPTAGILITY and a Growth Optimised Mindset.

Without AdaptAgility, supported with FIERCE Focus and SWIFT Action, organizations are never going to be able to perform at their best potential. Why are typical Employee Engagement levels typically around 20-25%?

What’s a PPEP?

That’s why smart, conscious, companies are embracing the REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE approach by including a People Performance Enablement Partnership into their core culture, offering, and business consciousness.

All high performance “professionals” have support…. Encouragement, coaching, mentoring, and ongoing development, to keep them at optimal levels of performance, on a sustainable basis. It’s a no-brainer!
So, IF you are serious about success, it’s time to get ALL of your staff high-performance enablement coaches.

Give your people the support, encouragement, resources, and context, to be the very best version of themselves, individually, and as a cohesive, committed, competent, team, to deliver the results you need and want.

The benefits of a People Performance Enablement Partner, is based upon our ability to operate independently from the company politics, culture constraints, and existing limitations, but still fit into the strategic agenda and focus. Plus we have exposure to a wider range of other industries’ challenges, solutions, and fast-track focus.

Why Us as Your People Performance Enablement Partner?

As your independent Performance Optimisation Partner we bring best of breed solutions, just-in-time, because we use ongoing DASHBOARDS, coaching, monitoring, and feedback processes, to highlight, the hot spots, needs, challenges, conflicts, and requisite adjustments required, to constantly optimise, align, energise, and focus.

An external People Performance Optimisation Partner is the best solution because we are PASSIONATE about your people & performance as our SOUL Focus.

Our clients see very positive ROI’s from our interventions, coaching, mentoring, team building and leadership development solutions that make their people #FutureFit with higher Adapt-Agility.

KNOW this: IF your HR team, or L&D team, COULD have improved performance, team working, trust, collaboration, Resilience, etc. and reduced conflicts, and constraints, they WOULD HAVE…BY Now!

That’s why we are a smart effective solution – because we live-and-die by our results, unlike your HR or L&D people. In reducing people conflicts, presenteeism and dis engagement, we can begin to save/recover anything from 15%-20% of your monthly salary bill.

So our REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Teams system makes sense because, essentially it typically pays for itself in reduced wastage, increase, energy, engagement, clearer communication, enhanced collaboration and workplace morale.

Benefits are Immense and Valuable to Individuals and the Organisation.

The main benefits include talent optimisation and TALENT RETENTION, better relationships, happier, healthier and more productive people, with less stress, better team working and trust levels, improved psychological capital and well-being. Greater Adaptagility/Resilience, creativity and capacity to unleash more of their personal and combined potentials. This gives you the competitive advantage that’s hard to create and maintain.

We’ve helped companies to 2x, and even 4x, their business results with our High Performance People Systems, that focus on People, Teams, Leadership and Culture.



The People Performance Enablement System, was developed by Tony Dovale, as he spent the greater part of his business-life involved in researching, designing, developing, and delivering high performance solutions, for leadership, teams, and the people, parts of business.

Tony has extensive experience based on his hands-on optimisation process, and system, called the Revolutionary Workplace. He helps companies to optimize people teams, leadership and culture in a sustainable way. Some of his work has involved working on all levels of organizations.

This has also involved working with highly conflicted spaces between HR, Management, and unions. Tony’s extensive People Performance Enablement work is designed to unleash human capital to the fullest of people’s potential.

This is achieved by reversing learned helplessness, enhancing psychological capital, and developing greater ADAPT-AGILITY. This creates workplaces with more LOVE, where people love what they do. They love how they do it. Love where they do it, and Love who they are doing with.

As a HPO business strategist, Tony’s work is to help organizations, and HR departments, to be able to be response-able or adaptable, agile, and resilient, in these mega waves of change, challenge AND opportunity. His ADAPTAGILITY system helps people to respond rapidly and resiliently in these challenges, and these great times of uncertainty.

With an extensive background in IT/technology, Tony clearly understands the complications, the consequences, possibilities, and opportunities that relate to the Covid impacts in the workplace and the industry 4.0 context.

Some of the People Performance Enablement tools like Resilience/AdaptAgility Coaching, Appreciative Inquiry, and Blue Ocean Strategy, Limitless Leadership, ADAPT-AGILITY, Resilience, Psychological Capital, Conscious Self Mastery, Human Performance Technology, and Emotionetics, help your people to navigate unexpected, unprecedented, levels of change, challenge, and uncertainty, with greater ease, well-being, and less stress and duress.

Tony understands the World-of-Work, and what jobs / functions will be in demand in the next 10-15 years. He specifically researches the People Performance Enablement Areas of skills and Mindsets, like:

• What are the areas specifically in the soft skill and Growth-Optimised Mindset / Skills areas that would require more focus and development?

• What is the challenge, and the culture, around remote working, and better team working, and successful hybrid workplaces?

• What are the fundamentals of this remote working context, and how to be the best version of yourself, and be a team player in these new rules of work?

• If you are going to be a leader/ manager, how do you manage and optimize performance and create highest engagement levels that unleashes your people’s fullest potentials, as we live in a highly dynamic environment?

Tony not only understands the world of work from a technological/ IT point of view, he understands it more from the point of view of unleashing human potentials.

A common theme from workshop participants is “this has been life changing for me” and “life giving for us”.

Choose Tony Dovale as your Trusted People Performance Enablement Partner

By choosing Tony, and the LifeMasters.co.za team, as your People Performance Enablement Partners, you’re choosing experts who understand the human aspect of teams and business.

A team whose mission is to bring more freedom, love, abundance, meaning, peace, and joy, to humanity so that we all thrive and collaborate in a way that supports people, planet AND profit.

It’s time for you to become a REVOLUTIONARY, High Performance, WORKPLACE…to engage a People Performance Enablement Partner… because it’s your fastest way to ENSURE optimal people, teams, and leadership, performance, where your people, thrive, have greater Well-being, and WIN more often.

Talk to us about how we can help you to boost morale, engagement, performance and results, in a way your people will love.

Recent Remote Speaker Sessions

Tony did an amazing presentation on wellbeing to our clients – wonderfull…the session was made a huge success through his expertise and efforts.

Management consulting

CEO, Catalyst Pakistan

Tony is a first class Act!!

Billie Selkane

CEO, Selekane Group

Having worked closely with Tony over 18+ years, he is always a well prepared, high performance expert, who REALLY knows his stuff.” The REAL Deal professional.

Dr Emmanuel Imevbore

CEO, IC-MI.com



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