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Tony Dovale

Tony Dovale Go Mindset Expert Team Building Facilitator

SWIFT Success

Founder & CEO of Life Masters. For the last 38 Years, Tony Dovale has helped thousands of people and teams, to achieve personal and business breakthroughs, deep personal development, and transformations in their Identities & GO Mindsets’ Thinking, Feelings, SWIFT Actions and Results.

He helps individuals and teams to; perform at highest levels; to create EXPONENTIAL results with More Meaning, Mastery, Money & Magic, and to; reach amazing levels of TRUE personal fulfilment.

He is the undisputed #1 Success Activator and Corporate Soul Surgeon in the world. He’s the developer of Emotionetics Healing methodology, LifeShift Formula WON SUCCESS ENSURANCE system, The REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE and Consciously Constructive CLEARx High-Performance Teams framework.

He is the authority in the field of GO MINDSET Mastery for Peak performance and REAL Success. He’s the expert author of the book and system; SWIFT SUCCESS Revolutionary New Mindset System to Help You Shift from Whining to WINNING…Fast.

His Personal Mastery methods and LifeShift Success Ensurance Systems work for:

  • Everyday people ready to be, do and have more with their lives.
  • Business people who want to achieve higher profits and better results for ALL Stakeholders.
  • Entrepreneurs, Managers, Leaders who want to rise to the next level.

Tony specializes in deep and SWIFT-change methods and action-learning experiences that help and support people and teams, to achieve the quickest, deepest, most lasting results, in the shortest time. The way Tony does this is by getting to the heart of your IDENTITY,  MINDSET,  BELIEFS, VALUES and your driving WHY.

He helps people to uncover their triggers that drive their habits and behaviors…both the positive and the negative. From that CORE space, Tony helps individuals and teams to shift their IDENTITY, MINDSET and actions to that of POTENT personal and unstoppable LIMITLESS leaders.

This is how Tony creates deep and lasting change and EXPONENTIAL Results in people, teams and profits. This is why hundreds of people worldwide claim Tony’s teachings were “Life-changing” for themselves and “LIFE -Giving” for their organisations.

Transform mindsets, Team Development retreats and Limitless leadership effectiveness…SWIFTLY with Tony’s REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE and CLEARx High-Performance tools.

The End Result – Exponential!

Become a Consciously Constructive/Deliberatly Developmental Organisation with Tony’s Revolutionary Workplace System

For Business, Tony uses his high impact REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE  Systems to SWIFTLY transform Staff, TEAMS, Leadership and business Culture… that helps them achieve 2x-4x MORE.

When partnering with a client, Tony shifts the Organisational MINDSET; Consciousness, Awareness, Choice, Capacity and strategic focus of the company from survival and Greedership, to one of THRIVING AND REAL Leadership that Supports PEOPLE, PLANET AND PROFITS.

Companies, teams and people shift and grow personally to achieve outstanding results. Attendees regularly report an increase in Resilience, trust, teamwork, performance and profits, with a powerful shift in personal awareness, meaning, motivation, commitment, accountability, focus and SWIFT Action.

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur looking to start your first endeavor, or you are a business leader who wants to shift the way you think, feel and achieve… to be, do; and have more.. or a struggling group that needs to become a High-Performance Team, or a leader, who needs to transform engagement and energy in your workplace culture.

Tony Dovale can help you SHIFT your MINDSETS, Transform Teamworking, achieve outstanding results, and CHANGE YOUR LIFE – forever! 


Tony Dovale Business Keynote Speaker GO Mindsets

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