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Fostering Connection and Community for Remote Teams: Wisdom from a High Performance Team Expert

Remote and hybrid workplaces as part of today.

The challenge is most managers have never been coached, trainind or equipped to manage and lead Remote and hybrid teams effectively.

Remote work offers many benefits, but it can also lead to feelings of isolation, aloneness, and a lack of community for employees.

Here’s some REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE ideas to help you, cultivate a stronger sense of connection, collaboration, cohesion and community within your remote teams:

Remote Teams Management Wisdom for New Managers:

Building a Supportive Foundation:

From Day #1: Establish a clear onboarding (ideally face to face if possible, to start) process. Introduce them to the team culture, tools, and communication channels. Sets a foundation for feeling like a intrinsic, valued part of the team from the beginning.


Regular Communications:

Regular Virtual/ Meetings: Schedule regular team meetings, but don’t overdo it. Aim for a balance that fosters connection without creating unnecessary “virtual” fatigue. Consider a mix of formal meetings for project updates and informal “coffee chats” for casual interaction.

Open Communication Channels: Ensure everyone has access to clear communication tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Whatsapp, Zoom, etc. Encourage open communication and information sharing through these channels.


Engagement and Team Bonding:

Embrace Virtual Team Building: There’s more to team building than in-person activities. Utilize online platforms for virtual games, quizzes, polls, or even book clubs!
Celebrate Accomplishments & Milestones: Publicly acknowledge individual and team achievements during meetings or through company-wide announcements. Recognize birthdays and personal milestones too!
• Do REAL High Performance Teams buildings in person events at lease 3x per year.

Creating a Sense of Community:

Virtual Social Events: Organize virtual happy hours, game nights, or even online cooking classes to provide opportunities for informal interaction. Consider including family members to foster a sense of “work family.”

Encourage Casual Interactions: Dedicate virtual channels for non-work chatter where team members can share hobbies, interests, and fun finds. This helps build personal connections and fosters a feeling of connection and belonging.

Recognize the Need for Privacy: While encouraging communication, respect boundaries. Remote work often blurs the lines between personal and professional life. Encourage team members to communicate their availability and use “do not disturb” features when needed. Beware of ALWAYS ON!


Lead by Example: Actively participate in communication channels, team activities, and virtual social events. Your enthusiasm sets the tone and shows your commitment to team connection.

Feedback and Adaptation: Regularly solicit feedback from your team about their sense of connection, and mental well-being. Be open to adapting your approach to ensure it’s fostering a positive and supportive remote work experience.
• Check-in with your team individually, regularly. Show that you do care.

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Leading HPO Teams

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Staff Development

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