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We help leaders unleash their organisations fullest potential with High Performance Team Building Events, because Tough VUCA times require a CONSCIOUS, potent, SWIFT recovery & Team Building that build Groth-Optimised Mindsets that THRIVE in the new Industry 4.0 context.

People x Teams x Leadership =HPO Culture & Exponential Results

Move the Performance NEEDLE … positively and sustainably, in your business, as you do your organizational rebounding, restructuring & identify new opportunities. 

Reduce trauma, stress, uncertainty, anxiety, conflicts, and anger, to ENSURE thriving for supporting People, Planet, AND Profits, by creating new #FutureFit solutions.

Note: PS Dear Boss, because you escaped unscathed, doesn’t mean your staff did!  A majority of staff have taken a traumatic “HIT” to their lives, certainty and hope.

So you can be like a SLAVE owner, and not care. Or you can become more awake & CONSCIOUS, appreciate the situation, and provide requisite resources, to help your people to recover and rebound forward into the new COVID-19 normal.  


High Performance Team Building process to Build Your Organization’s brighter, bolder, BETTER, Future…Today!

The ADAPTAGILITY High performance team effectiveness sessions, help you rebuild, rebound, & respond rapidly, to thrive through tough Corona constraints and Industry 4.0 VUCA times, with Consciousness, Curiosity, Connections, Collaboration, Commitment & Compassion.

People that FEEL better, PERFORM Better.  Help Fast-Track and Boost Your People, Teams, Leadership & Culture’s, Passion, Potential,  to Higher PERFORMANCE. 

Unleash More Effective LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT Mindsets, to Rebound Rapidly!

Develop a REVOLUTIONARY High-Performing WORKPLACE, by using a data-driven insights, to get serious about rebuilding, boosting, and aligning, your teams’ cohesion, connection, communication, collaboration, and characteristics, for best performance and results, in the new business 4.0 ecosystem.

Grow Post-Corona Virus business 4.0 through better GO Mindsets, SWIFT Action, and Consciously Constructive Collaboration, to transform your workplace psychology. 

Ensure management-style is rewired for Growth-Optimised High ADAPTAGILITY Mindsets that matter in VUCA Times.  Become examples of Excellence.

Build High Performance Mindsets

Develop #FutureFit Thinking & SWIFT Actions

Build High Performance Teamworking

Improve Departmental Performance

Strengthen Motivation

Foster Connection & Belonging

Increase Teamwork Skills

Peer Coaching Process

Improve Communications

Develop Growth Mindsets

Enhance Collaboration

Build AQ/Resilience

Develop Psychological Capital

Improve Leadership Impacts

Increase Self Awareness

Increase Self Managegent

Boost Morale & Team Spirit

Enhance Empathy

Improve Team Cohesion

Build Team Spirit

Reduce Stress

Reduce Conflicts

Build Psychological Safety

Reduce Fear / Anxiety

Reduce Dept Silo's

Resolve Dysfunctions

Reduce DisEngagement

High Performance Team Building events to unleash good feelings & great potential into

onstoppable, greater, performance

Our  HPO Data-Driven assessments give your managers & leaders the clarity to know EXACTLY where to focus their efforts, because they’ll see in 3D and get noticeable improvements in performing and impacts, much quicker.

Create a positive self-sustaining feedback loop that’s both engaging and inspiring. This benefits their teams, and the business as well.. 

Turn Your Managers into High Performance Coaches!

Industry 4.0 Mega-waves of CHANGE.

More disruptions are coming, bringing change,  challenges, chaos, and uncertainty, as well as amazing opportunities AND possibilities.
To thrive, and collaborate your, people, teams and leadership NEED #ADAPTAGILITY!
= Growth-Mindsets + High Performance Teams

high Performing opportunities

Swiftly Solve Your…

People Problems

Team Effectiveness Issues

TeamWork Problems

Leadership Problems

Conflict Problems

Mindset Problems

Engagement Problems

Attitude Problems

TeamBuilding Problems

Dept Silo Problems

Low Moral Problems

Culture Problems

Uncertainty, Fear & Anxiety

Corona Constraints

Leadership Priority #1 ADAPTAGILITY: Help their organisation to adapt and change faster!

…Their people, teams & leadership must rewire individual and team, “learned-helplessness” Mindsets, to become more agile, and adaptive, resilient, resourceful, enabling them to embrace change swifter!

Leader Priority #2: Re-invent core high performance characteristics

…that make your company great, so that your people and teams can work effectively, and efficiently, within the new corona constraints, and the new normal Business 4.0, environment.

Leader Priority #3 PsyCap: Build Mental, and Emotional Resilience/AQ, Belief & Hope

high resilience people and teams thrive because they ensure high levels of FIERCE FOCUS and CLARITY of agreements, expectations, goals, needs, and objectives.

Leader Priority #4 ADAPTAGILITY: Build HPO Cultures to enable ADAPTAGILITY

…because the culture is the base operating system that drives the mindsets and management approach, which controls how things get done around here.

Leadership Priority #5 SELF: Self-Awareness, adaptability & Self Belief

Our experience reveals that Awareness, Responsibility, Adaptability, and Resilience are the main Psychological Capital components required for high performance Growth -Optimised Mindsets

Leadership Priority #6 CONNECT: Establish Communication & Clear feedback methods

Every manager needs to establish methods where they keep in regular contact with the evolving challenges, needs & statuses, of their people. Just because your people are smiling, doesn’t mean they’re happy or healthy!

Leadership Priority #7 CLARITY: Use the most constructive language in communications

Words create pictures. Pictures create feelings. feelings predispose your people to SWIFT action or inaction. Stop talking about going BACK or the past…. Focus Fiercely FORWARD.

Leadership Priority #8: OPTIMISE: Ensure Aligning behaviors with organizational objectives

Many old behaviors, habits & routines need to be adjusted as we work through the pandemic constraints, and emerge into the new Business 4.0 context? Aligning individual and team behaviors with priority Objectives takes cogent conscious leadership.

Data-Driven: Sample diagnostic results re leadership credibility TRUST
Red=Dead – Green = Great

high Performing teams facilitators


Conscious Leaders balance short-term metrics with a longer-term focus on fully developing your People and Teams, to thrive, in change & uncertainty.

This ensures that business and efficiency is a force-for-good, where people, flourish, enjoy work more, provide better products and services to customers, and generate higher returns to shareholders, and optimal impacts for stakeholders.

Limitless Leaderships’ focus is best directed to this revolutionary journey to create a context and culture where an appropriate share of, attention to becoming better…

A better you and better me, better teams, better leadership, organization, and societies…  all create a BETTER WE! Personal Efficiency matters.

We achieve this by by focusing on developing CONSCIOUSNESS: Head, Heart & Soul, and ensure you are aware of any blind-spots and unconscious influence.

Thriving post Covid19 Means a Industry 4.0 Leader Mindset

1. Be Financially Savvy: Ensure survival and sustainability of the organisation
2. Be Considerate: Ensure staff safety, health and well-being
3. Be Conscious: Business is the Force-For-Good, whilst doing good business
4. Be Smart: Create a great place to: work, learn, grow & add meaningful value
5. Be Sustainable: Supporting People, Planet AND Profits
6. Be Open: Fair, open, honest and transpart in all dealings
7. Be Good Citizen: Honor core character, ethics, morals, laws, and regulations
8. Be Optimal: Optimise and leverage resources to minimise redundancies
9. Be Trust-Worthy: Good Faith fair Dealings with clients, staff and stakeholders
10 Become more conscious, curious, collaborative and compassionate.

This is a life-long marathon, not some childish sprint.

Rethink Business 4.0 as we Reboot back up to speed.

1. Covid has redefined our reality and business context
2. We require a fundamental mindset shift to focus on the new future
3. Stop Looking Back – Stop mourning the past
4. A personal audit of our own capabilities, strengths and limitations to deal with these
5. Most of your people, are not able to adapt quickly enough to the new reality and challenges
6. Mental Grit and Emotional resilience must be boosted to buffer stress & uncertainty
7. Self reflection & personal integration is vital as we’re unique beings.







Remote Team Building Events to Improve Mindsets, Collaboration & Performance.

to rebuild SWIFT* Teams results … with ROI’s of over 50X-100X.

Want to improve Growth Optimised Mindsets, Meaning,
Self Mastery, Relationships, Trust, Communication,
Collaboration, and Grow Psychological Capital?

*Teamwork, trust, creativity, resilience &
agility, are the most important, sustainable
competitive edges for your business
success in tough VUCA Times.

Soft Skills: Mindsets &
Team Effectiveness
REALLY Matter.

Corporate High Performance ADAPTAGILITY Team Coaching Client Testimonials

Would our unique REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Teams effectiveness process…help YOU to create a higher performance Workplace? Absolutely!!”

Testimonial: “It’s a week since we concluded the Team-building session with Life Masters. I decided to take a few days to assess if I’ve experienced any long-term impact other than the incredible love, peace and joy I felt after our 2 days together with you.

I can confidently say that your REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE Leadership program has indeed altered my perspective, and response, to many situations, already.

Over and above this, your depth of knowledge, your personality, patience, understanding, perseverance, and energy, is the perfect antidote, for a burnt out situation.

Your support facilitators, Honest and Precious complement your endeavors, beautifully.

I can’t wait to meet my full SR Team soon, to gauge the impact on them. Both individually and collectively.

Thank you for the precious gesture of giving us all gifts at the end of the session.

It reminded me of what I often said to my children as I raised them….. “in life you have Givers and Takers, Builders and Destroyers, you choose who you want to be, consciously.

PS … The gesture of “giving” to strangers, is a high order quality of Humanity.

Thank you for touching my Soul. – Love, Peace and Light.”

Senior Executive KwaZulu Natal Liquor Authority.

Develop, Trust, and Empower, your people like your, business success depends on it.”


ENSURE that all of your People CAN deliver your brand promise in the millions of customer service moments of truth and encounters. 

Team Building Gauteng 1 Corporate team building ideas gauteng

Creating #FutureFit GO Mindsets



– Boost Resilience / AQ
– Enhance EQ/ Emotional intelligence
– Enhance Consciousness, Care, Compassion
– Embrace Diversity
– Develop social intelligence
– Agile & Adaptive Thinking
– Appreciative Inquiry /Blue Ocean Process
– Creativity, innovation, intuition,
– Complex problem solving
– Execution Excellence
– Limitless Leadership 
– Initiative and entrepreneurship
– Leveraging Technology

55% of the FTSE 350 companies saw an increase in operating profits driven by their Workplace CULTURE Optimisation investment.

92% of the Board Members of these companies said that the focus on optimising CULTURE had improved their financial performance. E&Y

82% of Leaders believe Culture is one of the most important competitive advantages.

Leaders recognize that culture drives people’s behaviour, innovation, and customer service levels- Deloitte

60% say Culture is MORE IMPORTANT than their Strategy or their Operating Model

84% of leaders believe that culture is critical to their organisation’s success -PWC

The Culture of an Organization is a Reflection of the Leadership Consciousness

The new frontier of LIMITLESS Leadership and Exponential impacts, in Tough Times, begins with Personal Consciousness and greater #ADAPTAGILITY.

Employees who love the culture and feel engaged at work are 87% less likely to leave.

The new frontier of LIMITLESS Leadership and Exponential results, in Tough Times, begins with Personal Consciousness.

Business 4.0 Limitless Leadership Commitment

“The purpose of a corporation,” invest in their STAKEHOLDERS: employees, protect the environment and deal fairly and ethically with their suppliers.

“While companies serve their own corporate purpose, the Conscious Leaders share a fundamental commitment to all stakeholders,”

Business 4.0 Commitment:  We commit to deliver value to all STAKEHOLDERS, for the future success of our companies, our staff, Our communities our country, and the planet.”


Outstanding!! Best event in all my business years and executive positions!

This Revolutionary Workplace experience, is by FAR, the BEST leadership, and people development process, I have ever participated in!

We got such incredible value and results with my EXCO!

Exco / CEO Head

Principle Officer, South Africa's 4th largest Medical Aid


Wow! You achieved miracles!

We never believed it possible for our Teamwork and TRUST levels to be so transformed in such a short process.

You have really helped us to build an amazing foundation, trust & culture. Best teambuilding experience, and event, in my life!

Sue - COO

SAHSRC, South African Human Sciences Research Council


I am so impressed with the power… and effectiveness of your HPO process. I’ve done many events. Never experienced something like this where we get to the real HEART of the people, and what really matters. Other group games are just “feel-good-for-a-moment”, leaving you nothing. Tony’s process was amazing, and so valuable, for all of us!

Mr Ayanda Wakaba (Wakes)

Executive Head, Independent Development Trust


You are probably losing
more than 10%-12% of
your monthly salary bill
due to disengagement,
conflict, & demotivation!
We help resolve this…


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How Do You Build a STRONG Team and Higher Performance Workplace that Thrives in Tough Times /VUCA?

Want LIMITLESS Leadership Results in 5 Steps?

1. Get RIGHT people, with right Mindsets on the High-Performance team
2. Collaborate, Fiercely Focusing on an Inspiring PURPOSE and outcome…
3. With a Vision & Goals, that inspire, grow, & challenges them, and a…
4. Values-based context & culture, that drives the requisite behaviors…
5. with managers skilled at building Psychological Safety, Good Coaching skills, and the right GO MINDSETS that are Resilient, Agile and Adaptible.

What can you do to make sure your company is a strong and High Performance team that thrives through Corona Chaos?

  • Coach: Focus on Building Trust & collaboration.
  • Relationships: Know & like each other better.
  • Leadership: Clarify Roles and Responsibilities.
  • Management: Set meaningful Goals and Clear Timelines.
  • Leadership: Communicate often, succinctly and transparently.
  • Cohesion: Create CLEAR Collaboration process.
  • Manage: Measure, track, & share progress regularly.
  • Coach: Celebrate success AND failures frequently.
  • Coach: Learn from failures – share the Wisdom.
  • Coach: Embed curiosity, creativity and innovative mindsets
  • Coach: Reward Results, give recognition.
  • Coach: enable people to become creative & Innovative

CoronaVirus Business Recovery Tips

(Source Balaeur Brand Planning) with my additional insights.

Be sure to divert attention, effort, and resources to properly understanding staff AND customers’ needs, and how well your business is satisfying these.

– Pay attention to what has to be done to attract potential customers, and retaining your good staff.

– Ask, and answer the question: What are the key “hot buttons” to successfully engaging the market effectively with your brand.

– Then innovate to successfully deliver against these priorities, pressures and hot buttons.

– All transactions are inherently “triggered” when consumers perceive that some need will be satisfied. Alternatively, consumers decide not to buy your product when they perceive some “barrier” to purchase.

Pay attention to understanding the triggers and barriers to the purchase of your products, and innovate to stimulate the triggers and remove the barriers.

3. Customer Service

A significant proportion of survey respondents believe that shoppers will be “nicer” and more polite to service staff. The flipside of this coin is that expectations of efficient, and friendly service, are also expected to increase.

– 36% of survey respondents believe that businesses will overall need to improve customer service to be competitive.

Specifically, businesses will need to be more flexible and adaptive to customers’ needs.  Delegation downwards will matter even more.

In the post Corona Virus global slow-down or Recession… There will be no room in markets for one size fits all, “take it or leave it” service offerings, or attitudes.  There will be an accent on tailor making products and services to be more specifically adapted to the individual needs of customers.

Of particular note, the attentiveness, efficiency and solution orientation of frontline and call centre staff will be particularly noted and called for by consumers in future.

All leaders must make strong efforts to improve overall employee engagement with commensurate improvements in working efficiencies and service delivery will make your business stand out above competitors.

Recruiting and retaining employees who are inherently engaged human beings, along with training, development and high-performance team building, for engaged production and service delivery, will be the key differentiators of successful businesses from those that flounder.

Develop a deep understanding for the importance of a highly engaged and energised workforce in the post Corona crisis business world, as well as how to develop and nurture such staff engagement, commitment and collaboration. the Right Mindsets will matter even more. Positive Attitudes,

Good clear communications, Collaborations, Conflict Management will be key skills and focus.

Your business is about PEOPLE first.  become Consciously Constructive in your approach to developing and optimising your People, Teams,

Leadership and Culture to thrive post coronavirus. That means properly developing your managers, supervisors, leaders and staff in the soft skills areas.  Key will be psychological Capital development, Growth Mindsets and meaningful work.

ASSESSMENTS: 360's, Engagement, Climate, Culture & HPO.

Using proven frameworks, climate and engagement assessments, we uncover REAL issues impacting staff engagement and performance.

Workplace Climate assessments reveal Leadership effectiveness, blockages & constraints to Higher Performance workplace.

PEOPLE: Develop Psychological Capital+

WHY: Because strategy execution capacity is 90% dependent upon your people: thinking, feeling, mastery, meaning, mindset, communication, trust & commitment.

ADAPTAGILITY: Self-Awareness, Adaptability, Agility, Psychological Capital,  Resilience, and Curiosity,  are vital for optimising and expanding your people’s passion, potential, & performance.

TEAM: Higher Performance, Trust & Collaboration

Build Trust, Truth, Connection, Collaboration, Tolerance, Care, Communication, TeamSpirit, and Commitment to clear priorities and meaningful, inspiring, goals.

High Performance Teamwork is vital in tough VUCA times and Fourth Industrial Revolution.  Unleash  team potentials, to ensure going beyond just Surviving, to thriving.

LEADERSHIP: Limitless & Conscious

Leadership impacts 40%-60% of  results. Optimise employee engagement, clear workplace climates, increase energy, activate alignment, add meaning, and grow self-awareness, consciousness, leadership.

LIMITLESS Leadership builds and unleashes potential, and boosts Morale, Momentum, meaning, and results.

CULTURE: HPO & Change Management

Culture and Climate are constraints of higher performance workplaces. Reduce racism, fear; clear conflicts, presenteeism, dis-engagement, negativity & division.

Boost Performance with a positive potent high performance culture where people thrive, and business grows exponentially.

WHAT WE DO – We build High ADAPTAGILITY Workplaces. Here’s how…

– COACHING:   Team, Leadership, Executive, Business, Perpetual Reinvention
– FACILITATION:     Strategy,  Leadership, collaboration, Innovation, Culture-Change
– TRAINING:     Revolutionary leadership, Blue Ocean Strategy, Appreciative Inquiry
– SPEAKER:     High Performance ADAPTAGILITY Mindsets, Teams, & Leadership in VUCA Times.
ASSESSMENTS/ PROFILES:   HPO, AQ, Leadership, GO Mindsets, Stress, Conflict, Strategy


GO Beyond Corporate Team Building Events and ineffective fun team games and activities, to UNLEASH Your Teams’ FULLEST Potential…and GO Exponential in a VUCA world!

With Our Corporate High Performance Team Effectiveness Building Events, Retreats & Sessions… YOU ALWAYS WIN BIG!

Together we develop, optimise and align your:

1. People:    Mindsets, Attitudes, Resilience, Perspective, Values, Psychological Capital

2. Teams:    We Boost collaboration, trust, tolerance, connection, Communication and collaboration.

3. Leadership:    We optimise leadership credibility, competence, communications & Consciousness.

4. Culture:    To create a Culture, Context and Climate where High Performance people can create teams and perform and collaborate at their fullest potential, in a sustainable, meaningful, and human manner.

This creates a foundation to positively navigate VUCA complexity, talent retention, conflicts, and effective Team Transformation. By choosing the PROVEN REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE, Higher Performance workplace Effectiveness Strategy & Execution Process, you are ENSURING your greatest chance of long-term Success.

You need #FutureFitness with High-Performance ADAPTAGILITY

This makes use of our long-term research, and proven programs, on developing leadership, Managing Teamworking, and office workplace professional development, for improving productivity, effectiveness, creativity, performance, and building trust, connection, commitment, communication, and collaboration.

Our CORE  Intention:   Create a world of increased CONSCIOUSNESS: well-being, meaning, Love, Peace, Joy, happiness@work and abundance for all.

Time to fix your workplace challenges:

  • Low Trust
  • Credibility issues
  • Capacity constraint
  • Blame culture
  • Low Morale
  • disengagement
  • high overwhelm
  • High Stress
  • Increase in disputes
  • Increase in Grievences
  • Lack of Creativity
  • High Fear Levels
  • Lack of Innovation
  • Lack of execution
  • CYA Mindset
  • Poor Communications
  • Low Learning Levels
  • Reduced Performance
  • Talent Loss / drain
  • Overworked
  • Time poor
  • Innefective Effort Focus 

I’ve NEVER been in a Company TeamWork Building Process this Inspiring!”

ANSA – HR Manager Nissan South Africa

  • “It was VERY Awesome… very energizing, Very effective, very inspirational!
  • All companies need this type of  engagement assessments & performance optimisation.
  • It covers so many different elements, of motivating, getting teams to work together better, getting to really understand, and know each other better. Amazing Experience!
  • The fun, the camaraderie, the whole energetic level of the group IMPROVED.
Nissan Team Building Events - Ansa Hr Manager
REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE team building retreats

Go Beyond silly fun team building events and activities…for your office staff, management or executive retreats.  Choose the world’s best team effectivness experience based upon 45+ years of EVIDENCE-BASED INSIGHTS AND PROVEN Teamworking Collaboration Strategies.

Tough Times Needs ADAPTAGILITY: Tough Mindsets and High Performance Workplace Team Building Events that matter!

Get the Most EFFECTIVE and VALUABLE People & Team Building Process.

ALL companies have people performance constraints and OD problems! Optimise Your workplace, to Connect, Communicate, Collaborate, Flourish, and Thrive, TOGETHER, with greater #Adaptagility.

Workplaces have changed, and so must business & Corporate Team Buildings and leadership effectiveness in Gauteng; indoor workshops sessions’ approaches & CHANGE management…Change!

Unlock Fullest Potentials With The Revolution in Human Performance Technology (HPT) that Swiftly Transforms Your People, their psychology and Consciousness, Creating Revolutionary Workplaces; High Performance, Teams, Leadership, and Cultures.

Build psychological safety, cultivate grit, unlock your team’s agile strengths, passion, and fullest potentials.
Our Promise: THE MOST Valuable, High Performance People & Office team building workshop retreats, experiences – Gauteng!

High Performance Workplace Teams Coaching

  • Performance Optimisation Experts: You get 45+ Years of R&D, Wisdom & Experience
  • Executive Coaching & Retreats: We come to you…anywhere for exponential Impacts
  • Corporate TeamBuilding (Gauteng/ZA) Workshops: Groups from 6 to 600+ 
  • Workplace Team Events: Duration:  From 1 Hour to 5 Full Days Workshops
  • Business Consulting: 1 week to 12 Months HPO Development
  • Holistic Approach: Executives, management, and office staff Appreciative workshops
  • Full Potential Results: Fiercely Focused, Formal & Fun office team breakaway ideas
  • High Performance People Process: Proven 6 level system & HPO Framework

Unleash Your People’s Fullest Potential and Strengths into Passion, Performance & Real Results. 

Proven, Potent Staff Team Buildings Workshops, Team-Flow-Grow Events use…The Unique proven REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance System.

Improve Staff Mindsets, Attitudes, Collaboration, Trust, Relationships, Resourcefulness, Communication, Connection, Collaboration and Leadership. 

Strengths-Based High Performance… People, Teams, Leadership & Culture, Building Process for Exponential and Sustainable Results. Create a high recognition-centric workplace, that is Agile, empowered, successful, collaborative, real teamwork,

Did You Cause Your People Performance Problems?

You MUST go Beyond Team Building workshops/activities, If you care enough for Positive People possibilities, team support and effectiveness, and successful business Results.

You get Happy, High-Performance, Engaged, Resilient, Optimistic, (HEROS)… because of our experience in developing High Performance mindsets, and proven Climate/Culture assessments, that get to the HEART of the Matter.  

Because of our extensive experience, we are your BEST management consultants/coaches, choice to support your people, to unleash, expand, align, and perform, to their fullest potentials.

 High Performance Team Effectiveness Partnerships

Together as a positive performance partnership, we solve your people problems, toxic workplace challenges, and troubled teams, because we deeply shift and transform the real issues that affect your day to day workplace performance:


  • Bad Attitudes and Whining… into Winning Mindsets
  • Low morale, low trust & relationship/departmental conflicts into happy healthy spaces.
  • Dis-trust and conflict into Trusting, Truthful, High Performance, Cohesive & Connected.
  • Reduce stress and disengagement, and Increase Resilience, GRIT, GO, and Results.
  • You get corporate teambuilding experts facilitators for your management, staff, and executives events that deliver LifeShifting impacts that last.
  • You create Higher Performance Mindsets, Meaning, Mastery, Cultures and Workplaces.
  • Supporting the process you get effective high performance development and Coaching for executives, leaders and managers to sustain the momentum.

All in all – this is THE MOST profound, and effective, action learning, process, to reduce the whining, and turn your workplace into a WINNING, WOW, and Effective workplace.

To Optimise Results – Impact People. Perspective. Process.  Our recent research around culture, commitment, collaboration, connection, and engagement proves that Culture is a reflection of how you lead, and controls up to 50% of business results.  

 Who is Tony Dovale, and Why You Can Trust Tony

My name is Tony Dovale. CEO and founder of Life Masters for over  25 years and high performance people & Teams researcher for over 35 years.  These days I’m …

  • Expert author: SWIFT SUCCESS, Riding the RAZOR, & SoulShift
  • Developer of The REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance System; CLEARx
  • Developer of ADAPTAGILITY Mindsets and skills to thrive in ever-changing disruption
  • I help people find the awareness, consciousness, confidence, energy, and support, (Psychological Safety)  they need to create changes that enable them to use their fullest potentials to thrive and flourish in tough times

I have been on the R&D path for my LIFE exploring how to bring more Integrity, Freedom, Love, Meaning, Abundance, Fun, Peace and Joy, to the workplace and life.

But I kept noticing problems with fun office team games activities…. Over and over again, the approaches used to enable long-term positive behavioral changes failed… Just like most change management attempts & M&A’s.

No motivational style fun games and group or team activities ever delivered any sustainable and lasting impact or value.

It looked liked the changes had worked for a little while, but as soon as leaders moved focus, most people went back to their old ways. The motivation, meaning, mastery, trust, and changes, just wouldn’t stick.

I believed there must be a more human positive, better way: Thus in my research I encountered Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Psychology, Science of Happiness@Work(tm), all Consciously Constructive approaches that supporting an evidence-based approach to exploration of human strengths and flourishing.

By the time I’d completed my REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE research and refinement – we had a massive effective solution to the age old problem of improving performance of People, Teams, Leadership and Culture.

Most interventions fail because we only focus on, and try to “fix”, what’s wrong, rather than uncover, unleash, align and “build” on our strengths, as well.

After seeing client’s raving reviews, and how long their results lasted, we’re hooked, and have spent the last four decades studying, exploring, optimising and practicing.

I’ve put everything we learned into the REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE  Framework, Philosophy and System, in the goal that it helps you to also create more profound, positive personal and professional changes in the world. This is my gift to you.


Stop fixing symptoms – Resolve the ROOT Cause of workplace dysfunction!

Before embarking on improvement interventions ACCURATELY ASSESS THE PREVAILING ISSUES, CHALLENGES, CONTEXTS, CONSTRAINTS, CONFLICTS and Mindset limitations.


”DEVELOP your People…What would your staff and teams look like, BEING at their Very BEST?

The average cost of workplace conflict in a company is around 12% of total annual staff costs.

If staff suffer from fixed mindsets, low morale, conflicts, dis-engagement, despondency, demoralisation, distractions, presenteeism, destructive leadership, divided cultures, and dysfunctional relationships, we are your High Performance Solution!

We solve your People Problems with the best value and impact Trust Building, and agile Staff Development Events. Time to put more Soul back into your workplace.

Activate, expand, and align, your people’s latent talents, passion, engagement, potential, and purpose, with ROARR: Resilience, Optimism, Agility, Responsive Resourcefulness.

Do you care enough to give your people the tools and mindsets to WIN more often? Research proves that higher staff engagement couples with lower active disengagement, and facilitates higher performance levels.

Higher engagement creates better; customer service, and customer loyalty, as well as higher productivity, better retention, and 21% higher profitability; better workplace-wellness, stronger well-being.


Revolutionary Workplace High Performance Teams Organisers: Workshop Quotes, Plans and Investments

Our highly motivational team development process is essentially better than FREE, because it essentially pays for itself with the impacts and results you get. We customise EVERYTHING. Starting from the pre-event assessments, the personal interviews, and questions, to discover constraints, conflicts, and issues, causing the performance challenges and workplace drag.

We facilitate Half or Full-day, and Multi-Day Appreciative Inquiry style Action Learning Staff/ Management /Executive Team Building challenges & experiences.

We also offer post-event support; Leadership coaching, mentoring, and consulting, follow up assessments, to ensure sustainability, execution, and deepest impacts.

Workshop Session Fees depend upon:

Depth: Light, Medium, and POTENT (our 3 levels of Process intensity / impact
Duration: 1 hour to 5 days to 3 months
Assessments: 15 to choose from
Facilitation and post event support.
Optional Executive, Leadership /Team Performance Optimisation Coaching.


Choose the Revolutionary Workplace High Performance Teams Organisers: BECAUSE…

You get the BEST Company Team Building Experts, Leadership Team Building Activities, and Staff Development Process.

Our expert teambuilding retreats and performance improvement PROCESS delivers the strategic foundations you need to be #FutureFit; Responsive, Resilient, Resourceful, Flourish and Thrive, in a VUCA world.

Our Appreciative team-effectiveness facilitators in Johannesburg Sandton/ Midrand, get your people to Bond, Build, Boost, Trust and ROARR: Resilient, Optimistic, Agile, Responsive and Resourcefull.

Turn your people into a resilient, responsive, agile, trusting, Turbo-charged, #FutureFit, Winning Workplace…

You Get the BEST High Performance People & TeamBuilding Process, and effective/proven frameworks/ workplace assessments.

Improve your management team performance with #FutureFit Mindsets, greater connection, collaboration, and compassion. Increase teamwork/ trust, leadership, and create a Consciously Constrictive, coaching culture.

Our proven workplace TeamBuilding agency/consultants, and strategic culture Optimisation experts, facilitate you through the new Revolutionary Workplace proven optimisation process.

Transform your staff events, into a High Performance teams/Organization; (HPO) optimisation, PROCESS. We facilitate team development in Pretoria, Jhb, Randburg Sandton, Midrand, Gauteng, and across South Africa and globally.

Bring out the best in your staffs’ mindsets, passion, talents, and potential.  Improve workplace morale, and psychological safety, with a safe, strengths-focused, Appreciative Inquiry, team-based, problem-solving action-learning, experience, that delivers life-shifting results.

If you are looking for corporate team effectiveness building activities places in Gauteng, choose our REVOLUTIONARY Workplace Experts, to facilitate executive level leadership team building activity ideas in johannesburg; We offer Venues, events, retreats, and real business development, with HPO Mindsets.

 Gallup workplace Employee Engagement studies prove that companies with highest staff engagement gain:

  • 17% productivity increase
  • 20% greater sales
  • 21% higher profitability.
  • plus other positive metrics resulting from better energy, increased engagement, and elevated consciousness levels.

6 Steps to Building Effective HPO Teams

Step 1: Establish leadership credibility, competence, integrity, compassion, and trust.
Step 2: Establish open and honest genuine relationships with each member.

Step 3: Build robust honest supportive relationships between your employees and management.

Step 4: Foster open candid communication, collaboration & trust.

Step 5: Set ground rules of engagement and conflict management.

Step 6: Use the REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE CLEARx High Performance System.

Benefits of building a potent REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE

Workplace effectiveness and staff optimisation activities should have a clear purpose, and objectives, underpinning the event planning and team build activities.

Some formal Team Effectiveness benefits we deliver:

-Improve productivity.
-Increase motivation.
-Reduce Conflicts.
-Boost Staff Engagement.
-Reduce Presenteeism.
-Increase collaboration.
-Encourage creativity.
-Increase Trust Levels.
-Improve Relationships.
-Positive Reinforcement.
-Improve Collaboration.
-Improve Communication.
-Inspire Higher Performance.
-Activate Fullest Potentials.
– Create Agile GO Mindsets.
– Enable more Responsibility.
– Activate Creativity & Innovation.
– Become Consciously Constructive.
– Improve Psychological Capital.
– Activate & Expand Potential.
– Embed Empathy & Compassion.
– Activate Personal Accountability.