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High Performance Workplace Data Driven Diagnostics/Assessments

 It is critical before you engage in team optimisation or people performance development work to understand exactly where you are presently, so that you can address, and improve, the real causal factors.



Our organisational effectiveness, leadership diagnostics and employee engagement / Culture assessments are designed to enable you to have an X-ray Vision into your People, Teams, Leadership and Culture systems. 



This helps ensure you understand the areas of measurement, and the data vizualisation outputs, that guide the required development interventions, coaching, or mentoring, focus, and training content development.

There are numerous aspects to consider when embarking on developing team diagnostic assessments and feedback interventions. Listed below are key steps for consideration & planning your diagnostics/assessments.

The REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Workplace Diagnostics and Assessments add data-driven insights to your decisions.  The value of understanding the REAL issues cannot be underestimated.

Too often organisations embark on improvement interventions that do note address the real issues, and only try to impact the SYMPTOMS.

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8 VITAL Steps to Getting Best Value and Insights from Workplace Engagement , climate and Teams Diagnostics Assessments

Boost Management Effectiveness: Less than 25% of employees strongly agree their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to perform outstanding work.

Boost in Sales Effectiveness: Customers respond favorably to companies that have higher levels of engaged employees. Typically, sales improve for these companies by 20% or more.

Greater Growth and Profitability: Highly-engaged business units are more profitable. Profitability in these units improves by an average 21%.

Here are some troubling staff statistics to be aware of:

– Just 22% of employees strongly agreed that leadership had a clear direction for their business.

– Only 15% of responders strongly agreed their leadership made them optimistic about the future.

– 13% of employees strongly agreed leadership communicates effectively with the rest of the organization.

– More than half of all staff in the U.S. are actively looking for new job. For millennials that number is even higher, at 60%.

Just 37% of engaged employees are looking for new jobs or watching for future opportunities. Actively disengaged employees, 73% are looking to leave their company.

How to Go About EFFECTIVELY Doing Your Assessment or Diagnostic.


Clarify The Purpose

Determine the main purpose of your employee engagement assessment or high performance team diagnostic, or workplace climate check .

What’s the WHY? What do you expect to get out from this process? How will you use the outputs?

Does the application address strategic, performance, coaching or developmental needs? Ensure you are clear on your purpose and goals.



 Decide what core competencies, values and/or behaviors, are to be evaluated. Ensure you cover competencies relevant to role and position responsibilities.

You may also need to consider specific (leadership and teamworking) competencies such as strategic thinking, EQ, problem solving, Coaching, creativity & innovating thinking, change management, accountability, reliability, Integrity, etc.



It is central that you get management buy-in for the assessment and diagnostics process; Include key stakeholders and managers in designing and implementing the project.

Management plays a critical role in communicating and gaining buy-in.



Make confidentiality non-negotiable. Participants provide the more constructive feedback when they know their responses are 100% protected and confidential. Clarify at the beginning what info will remain confidential and what feedback can be given anonymously.

NOTE:  It’s best practice to have an outside entity execute the surveys to ensure anonymity and get the most honest answers from your participants. 



Decide who is the focus of the assessment diagnostic.   Then clarify who the best feedback providers are for those participants: managers, peers, customers, subordinates.

Ensure you set expectations for participants and raters at the outset.



You must ensure effective, direct communication relating to: What the assessment process is for, the scope of the assessment; how feedback will be gathered; and how the outputs will be used.

You need to ENSURE that participants embrace that intention that the process is being designed positive development purposes.


Diags Feedback

Clarify and communicate how you will deliver the results to participants.

Will assessment results be given in person in a feedback session coached by someone?

After the results are shared, will participants be provided with relevant development / Coaching / Mentoring sessions and opportunities for growth, based upon the assessment insights?


Pilot Project

If the assessment process is for your entire company, or a first time experience, begin with a smaller assessments pilot project.

This allows you to determine the impact and effectiveness, and make required adjustments to ensure success.

Organisational Values Culture Scan Diagnostic

A Personal Values and Organisational Values scan that shows the differences, and discrepancy, between desired values and values experienced in the department or workplace.  

Helps to understand the qualities and status of the culture experience daily by staff, and see the disparity between promise and experience at an employee experience level.

Structure: select 10 values from a list of 180 values. Select once for personal & once for organisational experience, and once for desired workplace values.

Data Vizualisation shows conflicts, expectations, discrepancies, hopes, and differences.


Organisational Values Culture Diagnostic Scan

High Performance Organisation

Score the 6 main areas that control a High Performance Organisation (HPO)

A diagnostic scan covering the 6 proven areas of Organisational Performance improvement.

These areas are: Culture, Leadership, Engagement, Action, Right Mindsets & Relationships, and Execution Excellence.

Helps to see where the constraints are blocking improved performance of People, Teams, Leadership and Culture. Based upon global HPO research.

Structure: 60 questions covering the proven 6 high performance org areas

Adversity Intelligence / AQ Assessments

Resilience or Adversity Intelligence /AQ is a vital foundation for handling and thriving in these ever-uncertain tough times.

Resilience consists of 4 CORE areas, Control, Ownership, Reach and Extent.

Resilience is at the core of #AdaptAgility and ensuring that your people are mentally prepared and #future fit to have the prevailing mega waves of change.


Limitless Leadership Diag

Self-Assess Leadership insights covering the 6 main Leadership Principles of Consciousness & Courage, Authenticity and Approach, Service & synergy, Truthfulness & Trust building, Love & Learning, and Energy & Effectiveness.

Provides actionable insights and feedback for coaching, personal development, and wellness interventions, as well as creating a more Consciously Constructive Culture and Workplace.
Structure: 60 questions covering the 6 Limitless Leadership CONSCIOUS system

Leadership360 Character Diagnostic Assessment

Score top 9 Character Qualities of effective leadership.

A Confidential 360 degrees Leadership Character assessment completed by self as well as peers, subordinates, and superiors.

This diagnostic assessment covers the following aspects of leadership: Empowers, Communication, Credibility, Confidence, Connection, Growth, Listening, Care, and Conscious
Structure: 36 questions covering 9 Character areas

Leader360 Character

Leader360 AdaptAgility Scan

Assess the top Leadership qualities and competencies in the 12 main areas. of a High Performance Organisation.

A Confidential 360 degrees Leadership performance assessment completed by self as well as peers, subordinates and superiors.

This covers the following aspects of leadership competency: Empowering People, Team Orientation, Org Capability, Core Values.

Reaching Agreement, Coordination & Integration, Change, Customer Focus, Org Learning, Strategic Direction/Intent, Goals, Objectives & Vision.

Structure: 104 questions in 12 areas (6 Reviewers included. Extras at a nominal fee.

Why is this Important: Getting honest balanced feedback, and deep insights from multiple perspectives, as to how a leader is performing, and impacting the 3 levels of the organisation (subordinate, peer, superior) is vital for resolving blind spots, leveraging strengths, clearing limitations, revealing unconscious bias, deciding on growth priorities, and developing greater self-awareness.

The outputs: 12 Focus Area Pages with graphs detailing confidential scoring of reviewers, provides clarity and facilitates proactive coaching and leadership development interventions.

Stress/Burnout Status

Note: 95% of all dis-ease is induced, or exacerbated, through chronic stress levels.

Self-Scores personal stress levels with a 25 question diagnostic.

Provides actionable insights and feedback for coaching and personal development and wellness interventions.

Stress/Burnout Status

Personal Strengths

Strengths Scan Diagnostic Self-score, provides a personal report of your 24 personal STRENGTHS in priority order; Helps with ensuring job-fit/engagement is aligned with talents and strengths. 

Helps individuals to focus their development, energy, and actions, towards their best talents and strengths, for optimal workplace talent value..

High Performance Sales Adaptagility Diagnostic

High Performance Sales AdaptAgility Diagnostic, includes Resilience, Adaptability, Agility, NLP & Sales Enablement

A Sales Performance assessment completed by self. This covers the core aspects of sales leadership competencies: Foundation Sales skills & sales enablement status, persuasion, personal resilience,

Structure: 130 questions in 5 areas (Sales, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Neuro-Persuasion, Sales Enablement, Resilience CORE (Control, Ownership, Reach, Extent)

Why is this Important: Getting clarity and deep specific insights as to how a competent a sales person is and where their development gaps are, is vital for resolving blind spots, leveraging strengths, clearing limitations, deciding on growth priorities, and unleashing potentials.

This helps to optimise sales support, sales enablement optimisation activities, and services, and develop requisite mind-sets and skillsets for thriving.

Outputs: Graphics with information detailing scoring of participants, provides clarity and focus, and facilitates proactive coaching, sales optimisation, and development interventions, by person, focus area, and individual questions.

High Performance Sales Diagnostic Assessment Scan

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