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Growth  Optimised Mindset and Business Development Expert Tony Dovale launches Revolutionary New Book to ENSURE “SWIFT Success” and More Performance & ProfitsTony Dovale

“Tony Dovale, Expert Author, Success Ensurance Strategist and Accelerated Results Facilitator, recently signed with international Publisher, Black Cards Books Canada, to publish his latest Fierce Focus & SWIFT Action Book: SWIFT Success”.

Johannesburg South Africa 

Expert author and Rapid Success Ensurance Strategist, Tony Dovale, CEO of Life Masters, recently joined the published ranks of the world’s experts in partnering with Canadian Publisher Black Cards Books, to publish his latest book titled, SWIFT Success: Revolutionary new Mindset System for Moving from Whining to Winning…Fast!

The book will be released internationally early 2015 by Black Card books – a leading business book publisher.

SWIFT Success is a powerful set of tools, insights, wisdom and a potent and powerful new approach to ensuring greater success in every area of our lives.

Tony shares 1 Minute Wisdoms that enable the reader to ENSURE greater success with a new GO Mindset.

His SWIFT Action with FIERCE Focus Mindset System aligns and focuses your energy on meaningful matters. And accountability foundation of the system is delivered via the Gladiator Activation Protocol.

This gets you to Clarify, Focus, take the SWIFT action. Shifting you from Believe, to BE Fierce to BE SWIFT!

Tony Dovale is Founder and CEO of Life Masters, a company specializing in leading edge personal Mindset transformation immersion training and accelerated development of individuals, teams and organizational cultures.

Tony’s goal is to assist and guide people to shift their Mindsets from Slow to GO!;

To stretch beyond their limiting beliefs, baggage and Inner BS, and achieve their personal and business goals quicker, in a manner that brings meaning, mastery, magic and prosperity.

Tony Dovale has consulted for hundreds of individuals, teams and companies, and addressed thousands of people through his LifeShift Formula WON Success Activators workshops, talks, and seminars across the globe.

Swiftsuccess2CroppedAs a Keynote speaker and LifeShifting seminar leader, he brings a new approach and framework to creating positive long-lasting, sustainable and innovative success for all, that goes beyond the shallow measurements of ‘dollars and cents’.

Tony’s Personal Mastery impacts includes body, heart and mind accomplishments that makes your Soul sing.

The life-transforming experiences that readers enjoy in this book cover a range of dynamic subjects including Growth-Optimised mindset mastery, the power of Resilience and perseverance, Inner-energy management, mental software restructuring and mindset rewiring techniques to transform your everyday hell into a more pleasant paradise.

Tony shares potent tools and insights from his 30 years of research and development.

After such a successful release, Tony Dovale will once again be touring internationally with Black Card Books for the promotion of his books and his LifeShift Formula WON Success Ensurance Workshops, Coaching and Keynotes, activating REAL Success for those who are ready to add REAL Meaning, magic and mastery to their lives..

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Almost Free Exposure for Savvy Orgnisations.

Tony is offering savvy organisations an incredible opportunity to co-brand/sponsor partnership market to this clients and global audiences.

Companies can purchase a 1 page advert(orial) and gain exceptional publicity and visibility for the life of the book. Marketing Partners will be co-branded in the book, at Tony’s SWIFT & Rethink talks and workshops, and on the Website.

Plus they will have hard copy books to give as gifts to clients, staff, prospects or donate to good causes.  Email Tony to claim 1 of the 7 remaining spots.

 For more information on Tony’s Talks go to: https://www.tonydovalespeaks.com

About Tony Dovale:

Tony has invested his life in researching, studying, testing and developing potent tools, strategies and structures to give participants optimum access to their own LifeShifting powers.

Tony has facilitated workshops, and delivered inspiring MindShifting talks globally.  

Tony helps organisations 2x to 4x their results.

He is the founder of Life Masters, and has been featured on CANI 98,7FM Radio, MIX FM, BOP Radio, Radio 702, SABC TV, Amazon, and in numerous print media across the country.

He is also the author of SoulShift on AMAZON. Tony’s Leadership service is dedicated to bring more integrity, freedom, love, abundance, peace and Joy into businesses and life. 

Tony lives with his beautiful fiancé’, Debbie, in Johannesburg South Africa.

About Life Masters:

Life Masters is a leading personal, teambuilding and business optimisation organisation that helps individuals, teams and companies to transform their mindsets and optimise performance to ensure greater levels of REAL Success in every area, using tools like Blue Ocean Innovation, Appreciative Inquiry, Theory of Constraints, GAP,  Tribal Leadership, Neuro-Sync, Emotionetics, Trust-Torque, Killa-Company System and SEAL Success Ensurance.

Learn more at https://www.lifemasters.co.za and www.successactivators.com

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Email SWIFTPR@coachfree.com


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