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Exponential Teamworking needs #FutureFit Mindsets and Transformational Teamwork for Exponential Results in a Disruptive and VUCA Environment.

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The Revolutionary Workplace High-Performance team building system provides a new and inspiring vision of a Great Place To Work and a potent company team building process, that unleashes and enable ghreatest people performance.

It’s aimed firstly at being Consciously Constructive, to develop and optimise workplace talent, as well as reducing racism, conflict, disengagement, absenteeism and presenteeism.

Proven High Performance Teams Process

Our unique High Performanc Organisation (HPO) approach improves Trust, Happpiness@work, collaboration, tolerance, and business results, because we use a proven high performance framework; CLEARx.

The Revolutionary Workplace CLEARx, along with Appreciative Inquiry staff team building activities, that build more inclusive and open connections, communication and collaboration through effective team alignment.

We include the Consciously Constructive approach  (Deliberately Development) to our High Performance Organisation (HPO) process, as this is the best approach to maximising potential in the workplace.


New VUCA World of Work Challenges


In the new world of work, and the ever-increasing demands for Higher-Performance teams and Organisations (HPO’s), Culture, trust &  Teamwork, Mindsets,  Workplace meaning, relationships, communications, and actions must be rewired and re-aligned to allow for EXPONENTIAL impacts and results that support People, Planet & Profits.

Growth-Optimised Mindset qualities like agility, flexibility, resilience, and commitment, supported with FIERCE Focus, and SWIFT Action, is the holy grail of high-performing teamworking.

Exponential teams and organization offer distinct strategic advantages and long-term benefits in today’s highly competitive and fast-changing business world.

The growth and abundance of ever-cheaper, and more powerful tools, frameworks and technologies empower small teams with the right approach, to accomplish feats previously only achieved within the province of governments and major companies.

 They do so faster and more effectively than their bigger competitors.

The foundation of great teamwork, is great people… Resilient, right mindsets, right relationships, right connections, clarity of purpose and effective communications.


4 Levels of High Performance Workplaces

The Revolutionary Workplace CLEARx High-Performance Framework focusses on the 4 main levels people, teams. leadership and culture as the incremental foundations for building high performance and resilience.

Each level supports the level above it.  Any weakness on the lower levels of the group is a weakness that hinders the performance optimisation process and chain of actions of all of the levels below.

Choose effective staff and management Team building retreats and activities in Gauteng, johannesburg that deliver vital and relevant experiences to transform your staff engagement and thier mindsets,that can create high-performance teamwork,  that delivers sustainable, robust results.

For a free workplace team building & Trust building diagnostic of business, talk to leadership speaker Tony Dovale on 083-447-6300