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Why do REAL Team Building Events?

Because All teams NEED to perform better, so...
Give them High Performance Team Building experiences that Transforms Mindsets, Meaning, Connection, Communication, Collaboration & Trust
Team Facilitation ServicesAbout Tony Dovale

The Revolutionary Workplace #AdaptAgility High Performance Teams Framework impacts 4 levels: People, Teams, Leadership & Culture

Our proven HPO team offsite experience is backed by 35+ years of experience and expertise and over R20 Million investment in time and money. ITs a team development process you can trust.

Team Building Adapatgility Stacker And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng

We have fun, AND we achieve meaningful, and outstanding team building results. We go way beyond silly kiddies games and short-lived entertainment.

We develop High Performance Mindsets & Teams that thrive!

Gridemploylifetimevalue1 And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng

Growth-Optimised MINDSETS & Relationships Matter

1. Develop Your PEOPLE

Increase Self Awareness, Self Management, Self Mastery, Resilience and #Adaptagility.

Embed Growth-Optimised Mindsets that thrive with greater AdaptAgility  and positive Intelligence in tough times.

Reduce conflicts, rebuild trust, Teamworking, connection, Collaboration and real relationships. Enable optimal People Performance.

Revwork Dvd 3Dv 2018.5.29A And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng


2. Optimise TEAMworking and TRUST levels

In uncertain times teamworking, trust, connection, clear communication, and collaboration are your game-changers.

Challenges, complexity and constrains need better team alignment, trust, connection, commitment, collaboration and concise communication, to be able to complete effectively.


Team Building Adapatgility Stacker And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng

Limitless LEADERSHIP Everywhere

3. LEADERSHIP impacts People Performance & Results by up to 50%-65%.

Leadership Consciousness, Credibility, and Compassion, blend to create a positive and enabling mindset, management style, and people performance enablement perspective, for high performance enablement. 

Leadership is vital on every level of your organisation, if you are going to unleash potential & thrive in tough times.

CULTURE is the Container & Constraint

4. A Clear CULTURE Enables  Positive People Performance Teamworking and Maintains Higher Trust levels

Corporate Culture enables or constrains performance by between 55%-70%. 

Your Culture is a CONSEQUENCE of People x Teams X Leadership Consciousness and Leadership actions. 

Business Coach 006 And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng

Our Approach To Creating High Performance Teams that thrive in VUCA contexts and conditions

Client Testimonial: “I have done MANY Events and retreats, and Tony’s HPO facilitation experience was the best I’ve ever experienced.” 

CEO , NDA Signed

Tony’s Revolutionary Workplace High Performance process is a total game changer for smart companies.


CEO, Digital Technologies

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Revolutionary Workplace CLEARx High Performance Framework?

CLEARx is a high performance teams framework, Academically Validated Framework and philosophy, to develop and diagose High Performance Teams.

Developed and refined over 35+ years, with an investment of over R15 Million in time and money.

How Do I Know if High Performance Team Building Is Right for Me?
IF you are looking to go beyond kiddies games, and short-lived entertainment, our Revolutionary Workplace High Performance teams process, delivers optimal insights, information, inspiration, and engagement… that lasts .. and impacts your people personally and professionally.
Who Do You Work With?

We facilitate potent lifeShifting action-learning experiences. we work with any business teams ranging in size from 6 to 36, and sometimes even larger groups and teams.

Do You Offer Team Coaching Services?
We consult, facilitate, coach, and support, team perfomance enablement, on an ongoing basis, for teams who choose to fully develop a The Revolutionary Workplace with High Performance teamsworking.
Do You customise or have packages?
All of our team building interventions are 100% customised to the context, culture and conditions we find.

Everything we do is aligned to provide flexible, agile, resilient services and support to enable greater people performance.





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