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ADAPTAGILITY Podcast Introduction#1

Building a Revolutionary Workplace Culture & Growth Optimised High #AdaptAgility Mindsets

Podcast Hosts: Dr Jurgen Strauss  & Tony Dovale – How to Build ADAPTAGILITY

In this episode, I’m really excited to have as my guest, Tony Dovale, founder and CEO of Life Masters. He is the Business Soul Surgeon. Tony helps people, teams, and companies, to achieve exponential impacts and results in a human positive manner that supports people, planet, AND profits.

Tony’s personal transformation and team performance techniques activate and align the best and fullest potential in people, teams, leadership, and culture. He fuses real-life experiences, neuro-science, and powerful stories together, to take you and your people, teams & conscious leadership to the next-level of potential and possibility, in life and business.

In our discussion, Tony and I talked about:

His REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Teams  change facilitation process
and how to develop and learn in a psychologically safe environment.
Building feedback and accountability into teams.
Building emotional connections to strengthen relationships.
Listen to the podcast to find out more…

About This Podcast Episode

People are the foundation of everything. You can get the best technology in the world and everything else but the building bricks of your organisation are your people. @TonyDovale on #InnovaBuzz podcastCLICK TO TWEET

Show Notes from this episode with Tony Dovale of Life Masters


Key points and takeaways from this episode include:

  • Whether you feel good or not, it isn’t about what is happening on the outside. It is what’s happening on your inside.
  • Many people know what to do but don’t do what they know.
  • Research shows that less than 15-20% of people are engaged. Simply doubling up that number in your organisation can help you achieve outstanding productivity and performance.
  • People are driven by stuff we don’t understand. Your internal brain makes decisions up to 7 seconds before you are aware of the decision being made by your brain.
  • People are the foundation of everything. You can get the best technology in the world and everything else but the building bricks of your organisation are your people.
  • You can make a better team by putting together happy and high-performing people.
  • One bad guy in the team can smash the performance of a team completely. You need to have people with the right mindsets, the right skill sets to build a good team.
  • It’s not easy to build a self-managing team unless everybody in the team is a self-managing leader.
  • People x Teams x Leadership will create the culture.
  • Culture is a consequence but once it’s created it becomes a course and the consequence then becomes a self-feeding loop.
  • Start with the people, mindset, attitude, beliefs, values, and behaviours if you want to improve your organisation’s culture.
  • You might have all the potential in the world, but if you don’t believe it, you can’t use it.
  • Things are always going to happen. Somebody’s going to press your button but whether you react or get angry, is all up to you.
  • With awareness, you have better choices.
  • The first war you have to win is the war inside you and conquer the voices inside you.
  • You can be taught by a thought that is not yours.
  • As humans, we are plugged into different frequencies. If you allow negativity to be the dominant frequency in your system, you will resonate or pick up other negativity.
  • We have thousands of thoughts in a day and 95% of which are the same baggage you had yesterday.
  • Get neutral in yourself.
  • Rebuild relationships constructively and intentionally.
  • An appreciative inquiry is a positive framework that focuses on positive and builds on strengths. Focus on what you want more of as opposed to what you want less of.
  • Think about the time when you were a part of a great team or organisation. Think about a positive experience. If you’ve done it before, you can do it again. You just have to work on how you can do it together.
  • Trust is the glue. It is a tax that you pay emotionally and financially. Lack of trust can cut your performance potential in half.
  • Activating that reticular system of what you want more of and what you want less of with your team unleashes more performance, more collaboration, and communication. It gives you a live view of what you want, your hopes, dreams, and meaningfulness.
  • Missing the goal is part of being a high-performing team, but it’s all about moving on, improving, and re-adjusting.
  • You can snap and start blaming and shaming, but there’s a consequence of smashing performance by doing that. As a leader, you need to be a coach rather than a manager who does performance berations in the process.
  • Ask someone nicely and he’ll go to the ends of the earth for you. Blame, name, and shame, and he’ll be off your team in a moment.
  • Business is a tool to grow people, to leave a legacy, and to build a better lifestyle for the people around you.
  • Always remember to thank the people who are helping you make that money. Embrace them. Lift up their lives and their families because that ripples out into the world.
  • Business is a system to create a great quality of life on the planet.
  • It’s people first, then planet, and then profit. Profit is a tool for building people and the planet. It cannot be the sole and only reason why you are in business.
  • People have to believe that they can add value. Make them feel involved. Bring in everybody and create a fun, safe, and inclusive space where everybody can put something on the table.
  • Innovation has to come from a new point of view. We get so locked up in the lands that we see but the ability to come in from a different window is what will allow you to see the possibilities that are right in front of you.

It’s people first, then planet, and then profit. Profit is a tool for building people and the planet. It cannot be the sole and only reason why you are in business. @TonyDovale on #InnovaBuzz podcastCLICK TO TWEET

The Buzz – Our Innovation Round

Here are Tony’s answers to the questions of our Innovation round. Listen to the interview to get the full scoop.

  1. #1 thing to be more innovative – Spend time away from the noise. Slow down. Meditate and allow some time for silence.
  2. Best thing for new ideas – Constant exposure to possibilities. Having a mindset of constantly harvesting innovation.
  3. Favorite tool for innovation – Looking at what other people are doing and how can I improve on that.
  4. Keep project / client on track – Set regular times to get together and provide feedback in a coaching context. Be fiercely focused.
  5. Differentiate – Be a digital gladiator. Get out there. Be visible and be credible. Competition is fierce, and your credibility has to be good but your capacity and capability have to be world-class.

To Be a Leader

As a leader, your role and responsibility is to get the right people into the right machine and unleash their full potential. Give them the tools they need and set them free. Unleash them with passion and possibility to utilise their full potential. A leader creates the context of how his people show up and the direction that your team is going but you have to be the one who brings that energy and creates that possibility.

Reach Out

You can reach out and thank Tony through his  Team Building Events Site  and on LinkedIn.

Suggested Guest

Tony suggested I interview Honest Ncube of HTalk. 


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Cool things about Tony

  • He’s a licensed Happiness @ Work Practitioner.
  • He studied Business Psychology & Human Behavior at the University of South Africa.

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