Solve Your…

People Problems

Team Effectiveness Issues

TeamWork Problems

Leadership Problems

Conflict Problems

Mindset Problems

Engagement Problems

Attitude Problems

TeamBuilding Problems

Silo Problems

Low Moral Problems

Culture Problems

Low Trust Problems

Performance Problems

STOP looking for the CHEAPEST team building services. Smart people choose most VALUABLE and deliver BEST Results. We facilitate the MOST impactful, valuable, and effective. To truly Success you must measure, monitor, manage, motivate, tune, change, expand, align, and optimise… what REALLY matters… Your People, Teams, Leadership and Culture.

The ONLY company to give you a Revolution in Team Buildings Events and Results

We help companies to sustainably BOOST performance; of People, Teams, Leadership and Culture, with the  REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High-Performance teams, strengths-based, Framework & system.

We help unleashing, expanding, and aligning MAXIMUM POTENTIAL and Human Performance: Mindsets, Energy, Psychological Capital, Relationships, Trust, Resilience, Connection, Communication, Creativity, Commitment, Collaboration, Consciousness, and capacity to deliver 10X – Exponential.

This ensures thriving, flourishing, and greater consciousness, capacity, and cohesion, in the 4th Industrial Revolution, and an ever more VUCA World.

Go beyond fun Office Team Building events and engagement surveys… choose a CLEARx High Performance Teams (HPO) SOLUTION.  Nothing matches the High Peformance Organisation (HPO) Team effectiveness process, experience, and results.    It’s life-changing by design and Life-Giving by result!

Increase your employee value (up to 7x greater) and contribution to your performance and results… and leadership value up to 8.4x more. Reverse learned helpless. Unleash, expand and align maximum potential.

High Performance CLEARx Team building is the process of turning a group of individuals into a cohesive, collaborating, committed, confident, contributing, team.

A Real team is a group of people organized to work together interdependently, and cooperatively, towards agreed meaningful goals, to meet the needs of their internal and external customers… Thereby achieving their personal and business goals.

Make sure your Company Team Buildings in Johannesburg uses  accredited REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Teams expert facilitators and coaches that deliver real value and long-term results.

Building High Performance people and teams, from deep within to actualise potential on the outside, is the most powerful approach.

High Performance Workplace Team Building Events Deliver

  • Team Dynamics Experts: You get 42+ Years of R&D, Wisdom & Experience
  • Executive  Retreats: We come to you…anywhere
  • Corporate Team Building Process: Groups from 6 to 600 People
  • Workplace Team Events: Duration:  From 1 Hour to 5 Full Days Team Events
  • Business Team Consulting: 1 week to 12 Months HPO Team Development
  • Holistic: Executives, management, and office staff, workshops
  • Full Potential Results: Fiercely Focused, Formal & Fun office team building ideas
  • TeamBuilding Events:  Your HPO Results: People, Teams, Leadership & Culture
  • High Performance Team Buildings: Proven 6 Level System & HPO Framework

Unleash Your People & Teams Fullest Potential and Strengths into Passion, Performance & Real Results.

Proven, Potent Team Buildings use…

Improve Mindsets, Attitudes, Teamworking, Trust, Relationships, Resourefulness and Leadership.  Strengths-Based High Performance… People, Teams, Leadership & Culture Building Process for Exponential and Sustainable Results

360's & Engagement ASSESSMENTS

Using proven frameworks, climate and engagement assessments, Uncover REAL issues impacting staff engagement,

Workplace Climate, Reveal Leadership effectiveness, and remove High Performance Teams Blockages & constraints..

REAL PEOPLE Development

Because strategy execution capacity is 90% dependent upon your people, trust, teamworking, mindset mastery

. Self-awareness, Psychological Capital & Resilience, are vital for optimising and expanding your people’s fullest power, potential and performance. 

High Performance TEAMS & Trust

Build Trust, Truth, Connection, Collaboration, Tolerance, Care, Communication, Team Spirit, Collaboration and Commitment to common and clear priorities and goals.

HPO Teamwork is vital in tough times and Fourth Industrial Revolution


Limitless LEADERS

 Leadership impacts 40%-60% of your results. Optimise engagement, clear workplace climates, increase energy, activate alignment, add more meaning and grow self-awareness, consciousness, and self-leadership.

LIMITLESS Leadership builds and boosts results.


Culture and Climate are constraints of higher performance workplaces. Reduce racism, fear, clear conflicts,  presenteeism, dis-engagement, negativity & division. 

Boost Performance with a Positive Potent CLEARx Culture where people thrive, and business Grows exponentially

“I’ve NEVER been in a process that is this inspiring before!”

ANSA – HR Manager Nissan South Africa 

  • “It was VERY Awesome… very energizing, very inspirational!
  • All companies need this type of  performance assessments & people optimisation intervention.
  • It covers so many different elements, of motivating, getting teams to work together better, getting to really understand and know each other better. Amazing!
  • The fun, the camaraderie…the whole energetic level of the group IMPROVED.

Rapid Cohesion

Understand and embrace, co-workers’ mindsets, perspectives, cultures, and differing points of view/expectations.

Engagement Improvement

Improve leadership impacts and credibility, Build commitment & optimise energies, talents, passion and purpose.

Alignment of Momentum

Process and action-learning to rapidly unify FIERCE focus goals, tactics, and actions for increased performance,

Reduce Team Conflicts

Neutralise/reduce negative conflicts with commitment to collaboration, in a safe space with tolerance, and trust.

Talent Optimisation

REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE process enables people to optimise care, connection, communication, collaboration and contributions.

Span Workplace Silo's

Overcome silo’s, embrace cross-functional structure & collaboration. Work as 1 united, holistic, High  Performance, happier, resilient, team.

Consciously Constructive

Develop a consciously learning culture connecting people with their aims, values, and meaningful goals to transform staff engagement and energy.,

Expand Potential

Help your people, teams, and leadership, be the best versions they can be. Expand Potential, Unlock and optimise growth mindsets, more meaning and Magic.

Achieve Exponential RESULTS with a Proven,
High Performance Team Buildings, PROCESS.

Create a High Performance REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE with Engaged, Resilient, Agile, Mindful, Happier, Thriving  …People, Teams, Leadership and Organisation Cultures, that flourish and deliver exponential results in tough VUCA times.

The very best corporate team building activities Johannesburg events…

STOP Wasting Time and Money on silly useless, short-lived group-games, wasted fun team trainings, and short-lived motivational talks, that never deliver lasting impacts, real ROI and value, or real sustainable results!

“We believe Limitless Leaders must do everything in their power to create and maintain a positive, People-First, High Performance Teams, Culture and Context, BECAUSE CULTURE attracts and retains world-class talent, creates alignment, synchronises synergy, and activates better performance.

To Ensure THRIVING in Tough Times – Build a Company Culture and Organisational Climate, where EVERYONE works and plays, in a Positive, Consciously Constructive, environment, to overcome their internal barriers, limitations, team conflicts and culture constraints. This unleashes their maximum potential, for personal, team, leadership, and company, GRIT, growth and success.

GET REAL VALUE! Stop Wasting Money & Time!

Go beyond fun workplace Team Building ideas and meaningless office team events… Use our proven High Performance teams process to transform your Mindsets, Teamworking and Culture. See POTENT Corporate Team Development testimonials below.

BOOST STAFF VALUE :7x Your Staff and Leadership Value and Impacts To Your Organisation


You are probably losing
more than 10%-12% of
your monthly salary bill!

Problem: ALL companies have people, team, and leadership performance, and conflict, problems.

Whats it Costing You? Typical companies lose around 10%-12% of total monthly salary bill due to conflicts, low morale, and performance problems.  Your losses could even be MORE!!

Cause: People always have inner and outer stuff blocking their fullest potential and performance:  toxic culture, low trust, interpersonal conflicts, demotivated staff, negative attitudes, bad leadership / management, low credibility, team dysfunction, disengagement.etc.


*SWIFT Solution Pays for Itself:


High Performance Teams Solutions


– With over 45+ years R&D and in excess of R 10, Million in time, and money, invested, we know exactly what it takes to solve your problems and then create high performance People, Teams, Leadership and Culture in a REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE, that supports People, Planet AND Profits, and thrives in tough Times.

*Our REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE framework, philosophy, and system, is SO GOOD, it practically pays for itself, with an amazing ROI, when you properly optimise your People, Teams, Leadership, and Culture.


42+ years and over R10 Million in R&D value, makes the REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE, the most effective and proven, Hi Performance Team process.


Participants increase self-awareness, consciousness, choice, and happiness, with way better trust levels, stronger relationships, resilient and robust GO mindsets (Psychological Capital)


You win and get 10xPotential results because our tested and proven Assessments and Team-Flow-Tainment and Team-Flow-Grow process works 100%.


Our Consciously Constructive formal Team development and optimisation process rebuilds, trust, tolerance, truth, and deeply transforms the people, mindsets, tram and Trust dynamics.



REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE, High-Performance Organisation*, Philosophy, Framework & System, is proven to work with hundreds of people


Our Assessments reveal the REAL issues. eg…Conflicts cost the avg company  around 10% to 12.5% of their monthly staff costs! That’s an expensive productivity loss.


Clients report 2x to 4x’d performance, and ROI’s of 10x-50x, on their people, team, and leadership development investments. 

Long-Term Sustainability

Because we address the REAL issues, our Consciously Constructive process ensures that lessons, insights, wisdom experiences and agreements have longevity and sustainability.

Get ALL the Aces in your hand with Our High Performance Workplace

With Our High Performance Workplace Team Building, Process Gives YOU 10x

…greater Value and Results. Solve the REAL issues, deliver long-term benefits and lasting value!

Be SMART and Conscious.  Choose to build a REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE.

A high-performance, happy, healthy, holistic, hopefilled, process, to optimise your performance…

and support People, Planet AND Profits.

Build a REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE - From The Inside Out.

 Consciously & Consctuctively Develop Your People, Teams, Leadership & Culture

It’s common knowledge that games style team building and
just fun group activities are a big waste of time and money.

Our REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE Team-Flow-Grow and Team-Flow-Tainment process,
transforms your People’s mindsets and attitudes, Improves teamwork and trust,
tolerance, leadership effectiveness and Culture

Create a smart team, excited about the future...

…in a psychologically-safe and positive context.
This creates pioneers’ mindsets and Winning attitudes,
instead of victims and whiners.

Today, Response-agility, Resourcefulness, Resilience and team working matter more than money.

By adopting the REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE client-centric
attitude and mindset internally, you generate a far more
customer-centric attitude in your people and teams


We've got A 'Secret' POTENT Team building process...

That Nobody Else Knows How To Do!

We help companies realize the 10xpotential
when their people collaborate and
work together waaaay…better!

In these ever tougher times, We need people, teams and leadership to be
#FutureFit TODAY…to become “Bullet-Proof”, in a positive, psychologically safe,
REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance culture and context.

TEAM-FLOW-GROW = 10 Times more effective Building & Bonding Experiences.


Take Your People, Teams, Leadership, and Culture…From Grumpy to GREAT! Stop the Whining. Build a WINNING High Performance workplace and organisational Culture.

Most Companies struggle with People & Staff PROBLEMS! It costs them about 12% of their total staff costs each month!

– We increase passion, performance, engagement and productivity. Shifting from where you ARE, to where you need to BE…a positive, Potent Passionate, High-Performance, Resilient, people.

– You get more conscious, compassionate, connected, collaborating, creative, and committed, People, who activate and align, the fullest potentials, and GO for 10xPonential Results in a positive and engaged workplace. 

Your Workplace team dynamics and employee engagement levels are directly impacted by individual members consciousness, competence, commitments, contributions, collaboration, and communications.

Via our REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance System and Teams process you get Staff TeamBuilding ideas, activities and events, that positively, and deeply, impact, Mindsets, Meaning, Motivation Management-styles and Results.

How Do You Build
a STRONG Team &
High Performance

Here’s what you can do to make sure your team is as strong and High Performance as it can be for your company.

  • Focus on Building Trust.
  • Know each other.
  • Clarify Roles and Responsibilities.
  • Set Goals and Timelines.
  • Communicate often and transparently.
  • Create Collaboration process.
  • Measure and track progress.
  • Celebrate success.
  • Learn from failures.
  • Reward Results

1. Event Ice-Breakers

mindset matters in team coachingConference speakers, Icebreakers and Fun Mind-Grow-Tainment group activities, to energise, optimise, and engage people at your company conference or corporate events.

2. Fun Team Activities

Exciting, engaging, challenging and ennergising, with a PURPOSE, to be business relevant, and designed to leave a lasting message. corporate team building gauteng

3. HPO Team Development

high performance teamworking gautengCreate a positive, safe space to develop Relationships, Teamwork, Commitment, Trust, Collaboration & Communication.

4. REvolutionary Workplace

Optimise People, Teams, Leadership and Company Culture, from SLOW to GO!.

high performance team building system

Solve Your People & Teamworking Performance Problems…

It’s time for you to go Beyond fun office staff corporate Team Building workshops/activities in johannesburg Gauteng South Africa, If you care enough for your People, Teams, Leadership and Culture.

You get Happy, High-Performance, Engaged, Resilient, Optimistic, People, (HEROS)… because of our 42+ years experience in developing High Performance mindsets, and proven Climate/Culture assessments that get to the HEART of the Matter.  

We’re your BEST choice to help your people, to unleash, expand, align, and perform to their fullest potential.


Together as a positive performance partnership, we solve your people problems, toxic workplace challenges, and troubled teams, because we deeply shift and transform the real issues that affect your day to day workplace performance:

 The REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE Process transforms in many ways:


  • Bad Attitudes and Whining… into Winning Mindsets
  • Low morale, low trust & relationship/departmental conflicts into happy healthy space.
  • Dis-trust and conflict into Trusting, Truthful, High Performance, Cohesive & Connected.
  • Reduce stress and disengagement, and Increase Resilience, GRIT, GO, and Results.
  • You get corporate teambuilding experts facilitators for management, staff, and executives events that deliver LifeShifting impacts that last.
  • You create Higher Performance Mindsets, Meaning, Cultures and Workplaces.
  • To support the process you get effective high performance development and Coaching for executives, leaders and managers to sustain the momentum.

All in all – this is THE MOST profound and effective action learning process to reduce the whining and turn your workplace into a WINNING workplace.

Who I Am, and Why You Can Trust Me

My name is Tony Dovale. Ceo and Founder of Life Masters for over  25 years . These days I’m a

  • expert author – SWIFT SUCCESS, Riding the RAZOR & SoulShift
  • Developer of The REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance System; people &  wellbeing teacher, and playful change activator.
  • International speaker on Activating and Aligning People / Team Potentials
  • I help people find the awareness, consciousness, confidence, energy, and support (Psychological Safety)  they need to create changes that enable them to thrive and Flourish.

I have been on the R&D path for optmising People, Teams, Leadership and Organisational Culture,  for over 42 years.  I’ve invested my LIFE exploring how to bring more Integirty, Freedom, Love, Meaning, Abundance, Fun, Peace and Joy – to the workplace and world.

But I kept noticing big problems with fun team activities…. Over and over again, the approaches used to enable long-term positive behavioral changes failed.

No motivational style Fun Games and group or team activities ever delivered any sustainable and lasing impact or value.

It looked liked the changes had worked for a little while, but as soon as leaders moved focus,  most people went back to their old ways. The motivation, meaning, mastery, Trust and changes just wouldn’t stick.

I believed there must be a more human positive, better way: Thus in my research I encountered Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Psychology, Science of Happiness@Work ™, all Consciously Constructive approaches that supporting an evidence-based approach to exploration of human strengths and flourishing.

By the time I’d completed my REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE research and refinement – we had a massive effective solution to the age old problem of People, Teams, Leadership and Culture

Most interventions fail because we focus and try to “fix” what’s wrong, rather than uncover, unleash, align “build” on our strengths.

After seeing how client after client gave raving reviews, and how long the results last, we  are hooked, and have spent the last four decades studying, exploring, optimising and practicing.

I’ve put everything we learned into the REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE  Framework, Philosophy and System, in the goal that it helps you to also create more profound, positive personal and professional changes in the world. This is my gift to you.


Stop fixing symptoms – Resolve the ROOT Cause of worplace dysfunction!

Before you embark on any engagement or improvement intervention you MUST ACCURATELY ASSESS THE PREVAILING ISSUES, CHALLENGES, CONTEXTS, CONSTRAINTS, CONFLICTS and Mindset limitations..

The average cost of workplace conflict in a company is around 12% of total annual staff costs.

If staff suffer from fixed mindsets, low morale, conflicts, dis-engagement, destructive leadership, divided cultures, and dysfunctional relationships, interventions are doomed to fail from the outset. With Employee engagement assessments/ profiles and workplace climate measurement, you are able to resolve the real issues..


”DEVELOP your People…
What would your staff and teams look like, BEING at their Very BEST?

The average cost of workplace conflict in a company is around 12% of total annual staff costs.

If staff suffer from fixed mindsets, low morale, conflicts, dis-engagement, despondency, demoralisation, distractions, presenteeism, destructive leadership, divided cultures, and dysfunctional relationships, we are your High Performance Solution!

We solve your People Problems with the best value and impact Trust Building, and agile Staff Development Events. Time to put more Soul back into your workplace.

Activate, expand, and align, your people’s latent talents, passion, engagement, potential, and purpose, with ROARR: Resilience, Optimism, Agility, Responsive Resourcefulness.

Do you care enough to give your people the tools and mindsets to WIN more often? Research proves that higher staff engagement couples with lower active disengagement, and facilitates higher performance levels.

Companies that create elevated engagement, achieve 4x earnings/share growth over competitors.

Higher engagement creates better; customer service, and customer loyalty, as well as higher productivity, better retention, and 21% higher profitability; better workplace-wellness, stronger well-being.



What would your staff and teams look like, BEING at their Very BEST?

The average cost of workplace conflict in a company is around 12% of total annual staff costs.

If staff suffer from fixed mindsets, low morale, conflicts, dis-engagement, despondency, demoralisation, distractions, presenteeism, destructive leadership, divided cultures, and dysfunctional relationships, we are your High Performance Solution!

We solve your People Problems with the best value and impact Trust Building, and agile Staff Development Events. Time to put more Soul back into your workplace.


Revolutionary Workplace High Performance Teams Organisers: Workshop Quotes, Plans and Investments

Our highly motivational team development process is essentially better than FREE, because it essentially pays for itself with the impacts and results you get. We customise EVERYTHING. Starting from the pre-event assessments, the personal interviews, and questions, to discover constraints, conflicts, and issues, causing the performance challenges and workplace drag.

We facilitate Half or Full-day, and Multi-Day Appreciative Inquiry style Action Learning Staff/ Management /Executive Team Building challenges & experiences.

We also offer post-event support; Leadership coaching, mentoring, and consulting, follow up assessments, to ensure sustainability, execution, and deepest impacts.

Workshop Session Fees depend upon:

Depth: Light, Medium and POTENT (our 3 levels of Process intensity / impact
Duration: 1 hour to 5 days to 3 months
Assessments: 15 to choose from
Facilitation and post event support
Optional Executive, Leadership /Team Coaching duration.


Choose the Revolutionary Workplace High Performance Teams Organisers: BECAUSE…

You get the BEST Company Team Building Experts, Leadership Team Building Activities, and Staff Development Process.

Our expert teambuilding retreats and performance improvement PROCESS delivers the strategic foundations you need to be #FutureFit; Responsive, Resilient, Resourceful, Flourish and Thrive, in a VUCA world.

Our Appreciative team-effectiveness facilitators in Johannesburg Sandton/ Midrand, get your people to Bond, Build, Boost, Trust and ROARR: Resilient, Optimistic, Agile, Responsive and Resourcefull.

Team building gauteng events facilitators

WHY We Do High Performance Teams?

“We believe people with the right MINDSETS and Relationships,are your most valuable assets.  So, everything we do, is designed to solve your leading people problems. Our Revolutionary Workplace Peak Performance process is proven, and pretty effective. We just happen to facilitate world’s BEST workplace Team Buildings workshops and retreats? Want to try one?”

corporate Team building johannesburg activities facilitators

WHAT We Do...Remove Blockages, Activate Potential & Align SWIFT Action

“We Solve Team Dysfunctions Through Our PEOPLE FIRST, Consciously Constructive, Mindset Mastery, system. Combines with our expert facilitators and assessment consulting. We design POTENT action-learning, experiential, Appreciative Inquiry, MindShifting Corporate Team building workshops; A personal, and culture change EXPERIENCE that’s LifeShifting? You should try it!”

Team building joburg facilitators

Shift From SLOW to GO Performance

We Create #FutureFit Mindsets, by building your People, Teamwork, Leadership and Culture, from Hope-Performance to HIGH Performance! ReThink and Re-engineer Mindsets, Consciousness, Identity, Perspective, Trust, Teamwork. Reduce; Racism, Learned Helplessness, Limiting Beliefs, Presenteeism and Conflicts

HOW We Facilitate Long Lasting Results...

42+ years of refinement and our Consciously Constructive approach and facilitation experience ENSURES you get to the HEART of the matter. Our REAL High-Performance activities; Team-Flow-Grow (REAL) and Team-Flow-Tainment (More Fun) delivers a 5x to 10x ROI against other similar style group events.


Staff Engagement & REAL Team building experts deliver exceptional VALUE

Tony’s 42+ years of experience and expertise in optimising mindsets, transforming team working, leveraging leadership, and clearing your culture of negativity, means you get world-class results. We custom design EVERYTHING… to be relevant and right for your people, teams, leadership, culture and workplace performance optimisation.

By rewiring CONSCIOUSNESS, mindsets, attitudes and relationships...

…you ensure we can mutually live, learn, love, laugh, listen, lead, and flourish together, with more care, connection & compassion.

Turn your people into a resilient, responsive, agile, trusting,  Turbo-charged, #FutureFit, Winning Workplace…

You get the BEST High Performance People & TeamBuilding Process, Retreats, and effective/proven Frameworks/ Workplace Assessments.

Improve your management team performance with #FutureFit Mindsets, greater connection, collaboration, and compassion. Increase teamwork/ trust, leadership, and create a Consciously Constrictive, coaching culture.

Our proven workplace TeamBuilding agency/consultants, and strategic culture 0ptimisation experts, facilitate you through the new Revolutionary  Workplace proven optimisation process.

Transform your staff events, into a Hi Performance Organization; People, Team, Leadership and Cultures (HPO) optimisation, PROCESS. We facilitate team building events in pPetoria, Jhb, Randburg Sandton, Midrand, Gauteng, and across the entire South Africa, and africa

Bring out the best in your staffs’ mindsets, passion, talents, and potential.  Improve your workplace morale, and psychological safety, with a safe, strengths-focused, Appreciative Inquiry, team-based problem-solving action-learning, experience, that delivers totaly life-shifting results.

Our REVOLUTIONARY Workplace Experts, facilitate executive level leadership team building ideas, retreats, real business development, HPO Mindsets,

Gallup workplace Employee Engagement studies prove that companies with highest staff engagement gain:

  • 17% productivity increase
  • 20% greater sales
  • 21% higher profitability.
  • plus other positive metrics resulting from better energy, increased engagement, and elevated consciousness levels.
6 Steps to Building Effective Teams
  1. Step 1: Establish leadership credibility, competence and trust. …
  2. Step 2: Establish open and honest genuine relationships with each memebr..
  3. Step 3: Build robust relationships between your employees. …
  4. Step 4: Foster communication, collaboration & teamwork. …
  5. Step 5: Set ground rules of engagement for the team.
  6. Step 6: Use the REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE CLEARx High Performance System.

What are benefits of REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE Process?

All workplace optimisation  activities should have a clear purpose, and objectives, underpinning the event planning. Some formal benefits include:

-Improve productivity.
-Increase motivation.
-Reduce Conflicts
-Boost Staff Engagement.
-Reduce Presenteeism.
-Increase collaboration.
-Encourage creativity.
-Increase Trust Levels
-Improve Relationships
-Positive Reinforcement.
-Improve Collaboration.
-Improve Communication.
-Inspire Higher Performance
-Activate Fullest Potentials

Outstanding!! Best in all of my years! , …and in all my executive positions.

This Revolutionary Workplace experience, is by FAR, the BEST leadership, and people, development process, I have ever participated in!

We got such incredible value and results with my EXCO!

Exco Head

Principle Officer, South Africa's 4th largest Medical Aid

Wow! You achieved miracles!

We never believed it possible for our TRUST levels to be so transformed in such a short Process.

You have really helped us to build an amazing foundation, trust & culture. Best experience in my life!

Sue - COO

SAHSRC, South African Human Sciences Research Council

I’m so impressed with the power…

…and effectiveness of your HPO process. I’ve done many events, but never experienced something like this where we get to the real HEART of the people, and the matter. Other group activities are just “feel-good-for-a-moment”, leaving you nothing. Tony’s process was amazing, and so valuable, for all of us!

Mr Ayanda Wakaba (Wakes)

Executive Head, Independent Development Trust

Tough Times Need Tough Mindsets, Strong Teamwork and Motivation. Develop Your People’s #FutureFit higher Consciousness GO Mindsets

By rewiring CONSCIOUSNESS, mindsets, attitudes, and relationships, you ensure we can mutually live, learn, love, laugh, listen, lead, and flourish together, with more care and compassion. Our potent teambonding events develop better relationships, respect, connection, commitment and collaboration.

TURBO-Charge Your Teamworking…

“We’re probably the worlds’ #1 most effective, and valuable, High Performance People, Team Building, Leadership,
System and Process.”

Get Your Free Quote Now

Its almost like FREE Corporate TEAMBUILDING events. A Performance optimization workshop that “pays for itself”, and provides the BEST ROI you will ever get from  High Performance development!

Tony’s 40+ years of research, development, and experience, with hundreds of people and workplace teams, reveals the biggest factors you must optimise to ENSURE greater happiness, engagement, consciousness, compassion, commitment, and REAL Hi-Performance success.

Tony’s extensive experience means you get…Expert Company Team Building in Gauteng, wisdom from his longest study on creating Exponential workplaces. With increased engagement, well-being, performance, and productivity; This all leads to you, WINNING more often, in the new Fourth Industrial Revolution with a Revolutionary Workplace.

Where do your people performance problems happen most often ?”  How much of the breakdowns are caused by people’s interactions, communication, or their inability to
work positively, and collaborate  together, in high performance Teams, to solve complex business challenges?”  
A huge percentage of workplace performance constraints are from relationship break downs and workplace conflicts.

“42+ Years Research and Development, Makes This The #1 MOST Effective, Action-Learning, Trust Building Programs, That Boosts Consciousness, Compassion, Trust, Leadership Performance, and Ensures REAL Success.”

– Tony Dovale – Developer of  Revolutionary Workplace CLEARx Framework and, Global Master Facilitator at Life Masters’ site.


Our High performance Organisation (HPO) optimisation system proves that an appreciative inquiry and strengths-based approach outperforms others in results in all areas:
Profit, customer service, employee engagement, happiness@work, Well-being, Resilience, Trust-building, and Growth Mindsets.

We are an effectivness company that’s affordable, beyond team buildings experiences, covering Pretoria, Midrand, Muldersdrift, Magaliesburg, across South Africa and Africa.

Boost your staff performance with the new Revolutionary Workplace Hi Performance Corporate Activities, Workshops, and Events, that almost Pay For Themselves*
.  So valuable because strategy execution is 90% dependent upon your people, trust levels, leadership effectiveness, and a HPO Culture. 

Get The BEST Office Team Building Organisers' Activities and Group Dynamics Optimisation Process, To Grow Your People and Boost Business Performance.

You get amazing results BECAUSE we create unique, customised workplace activities for motivation and group events; The Consciously Constructive staff and leadership development, action-learning experiences, are LifeShifting, and company culture-clearing.

We offer questionnaires on HPO teambuildings for executives/ managers/ leaders/ staff; assessments for optimising workplace performance; employee engagement, well-being and happiness @Work.

Positive well-being and psychological safety, are crucial components of the employee experience, and an important factor in your attraction, talent retention, staff development and engagement strategies to remove silo mentality, and build improved Trust and  tolerance.

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Frequently Asked HPO Workplace Development Questions


TeamBuilding Damage Research

We boost your business in many ways:

7x Value From Growth Mindsets?

WHY Revolutionary Workplace?

WHy Life Masters Revolutionary Workplace Experiences?