REAL Team Building in Gauteng… Bring Out
The BEST In Your People…
Build a
Motivated and United Team Spirit.

Use team building that creates High Performance Teamworking Mindsets. Customise to deliver…best value …biggest impact …sustainable REAL results

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  • Grow Resilient & Happiness@work
  • Clear Blocks & Reduce Team Conflict
  • Increase Trust, Teamwork & Tolerance
  • Improve Communication & Connection
  • Unite Diversity & Division
  • Optimise Performance & Potential
  • Build Growth Oriented Mindsets
  • Build motivation, inspiration & well-being
  • REAL Teambuilding event your entire team will love!


Design Fun Staff Team Building Workshops Sessions with Corporate Soul-Surgery and Appreciative Inquiry.

Build Team Spirit that Improves Relationships, Connection, Communication & Organizational Culture.


Get a GO-Mindset Advantage for SWIFT Success with Life Masters REAL Team Building  in Sandton, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

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High Performance Organisations use Team Development to Improve Service & Results with Go-Mindsets.
They activate Happiness@Work, and increase Psychological Capital, with Tribal & Neuro Leadership insights.

Real Team Building Experiences and GO Mindset development is vital because…
“A Change of HEART & Mindset, Changes EVERYTHING!”

To get best results you must Choose professionally facilitated customised Team Development using Appreciative Inquiry,
Tribal Leadership and Growth Oriented Mindset Mastery to create Your High Performance organisational culture.

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To help your teams succeed more often you need to build GO Mindsets that include High Performance leadership & teamworking principles. The right  MINDSETS must include:

  • Resilience to activate their Inner Success  Gladiator
  • High Performance Mindset – so they can Win BIG at work
  • Real Meaning, Mastery & Success so they can Excel in life

“Everything you do must be designed to Transform, Inspire, Motivate, Enlighten & ReThink …You, Your Team, Your Organisation Culture and Results.”


REAL Office TeamBuildings Process Can Transform Your Organisational Culture into a High Performance Mindset.

These staff Teamspirit building ideas are most valuable for improving team effectiveness and trust.  Use Fun, Strengths-based teamwork and leadership development activities with Positive Psychology to build a Growth Oriented Mindset foundation in your staff.  To succeed today your staff need Peak Performance Mindset Mastery, Mental-Fitness and Mindfulness.

Choose Expert Team Building Facilitators to help you build cohesion, communication, connection, commitment, contribution, trust & reduce conflict.

If you move beyond games and childish “speletjies” –
IF you are SMART and want REAL Results…
then choose REAL VALUE. Improve your Teamwork, Culture,
Leadership, Mindsets & Customer Service…with a shift in your staffs Mindsets.

Professional Corporate Team Building JHB Gauteng Activity Providers and Facilitators

Testimonial “Hi Tony…I would like to say a BIG thank you to you and Debbie for the awesome management organisatioanl culture project weekend retreat in jhb. There was a lot of food-for-thoughts and soul-searching.  It was very valuable on a personal level, and it has helped clear my vision of my future path. A LOT of positive things are coming out of the two days. I thank you. You are a true gentleman, and Debbie a lady to be respected. Your energy and enthusiasm for life is as example to all. It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to planning future get togethers at FPM. From everyone at FPM Family THANK YOU ! Teresa

The Best Approach to High Performance Organisational Culture and Executive/ Staff TeamBuilding Retreat Sessions

As professional organisational culture development facilitators and expert team building consultants, we know whats works. You need to consider an entirely NEW business Optimisation methodology and approach.  You gain max benefit if you run regular staff development seminars and 1 day team building activities, weekends workshops & extended leadership retreats.

They must include powerful & fun staff, management & leadership experiential activities, exercises and events that change trustbuilding and relationship building. Then must shifts people’s mindsets from a FIXED MINDSET to Growth-Oriented Mindsets.

Thrive and Flourish:  Choose highly effective mindset & attitude improvement/ psychological capital & team effectiveness development process.

  • Remove the Mental STATIC & Grow Growth-Oriented MINDSETS
  • Connect HEARTS and MINDS
  • Inspire their SOUL
  • Exhilarate their SPIRIT
  • Positively focus their Growth -oriented MINDSets
  • Edu-tain, Empower and ENERGISE them.

Connect HEARTS through the appreciative inquiry, positive psychology, happiness at work – real world activities. You can enjoy the most powerful corporate culture change MindShift programs in South Africa that transform your staff, teamworking, leadership and organisation culture on multiple levels. For sustainability, impact and REAL Value, choose to do weekend retreats or longer for more effective and deeper self, team and leadership development.

Transform Mindsets, Relationships, Trust and Connection

To improve teamwork dynamics, motivate& inspire staff and build strong teamspirit…Use professional corporate organisers /consultants from johannesburg, custom design your group sessions or , week-end retreats. Develop business leadership coaching services and seminars that transform trust, mindsets, attitudes, relationships, bonding. Use the following to shift your results.

  • BEing on PURPOSE…Having a clear destiny…Living in the NOW present. Work deliberately to BE @CAUSE for yourself mindset attitude & your team – Conscious Action and conscious leadership will build Positive Business.


  • BE-DO-HAVE…to be conscious leaders in business…we must first BE, then DO… to create the HAVE – “Ghandi said it… You must first BE who you want to see. As leaders in formal corporate teambuilding sessions, your goal is to build and enhance personal mindsets, attitudes, energetic foundation and psychological capital.


  • Conscious LEADERSHIP with HEART balances People & Profit…building organisational cultures energised by Conscious Leadership, care, connection, appreciation and love…as opposed to fear and dictatorship/greedership or bleederShip! Supporting each person’s STATE. Support, Trust, Appreciative Accountability, Truth and Energy to empower and energise greater individual and team/organisational performance and results in Gauteng.


  • A Culture for WINNING WAYS…Creating a positive workplace and organisational culture where employees connect, collaborate and play-to-win… as opposed to being driven by fear-of-losing or fear-based leadership. An effective strategy for conscious leadership of TRIBES, greater employee engagement and more happiness @work delivers productivity and profits.


  • Happiness at Work  staff TeamBuilding workshops for adults will transform your corporate events with powerful interactive Science of Happiness paradigm shifts, insights and perspectives… Hold fun company challenges.  Help people to developing a stronger, more aware and conscious, mental attitude with positive Psychology and grow Psychological Assets and Resilience.


  • Ideas for Indoor Team building activities & suggestions in jhb Gauteng.  Chose to transform your organisational culture, performance, leadership effectiveness with fun Ice breakers, energising sessions, coaching and neuro leadership that deeply impact individual and organisational Mindsets.


  • CSI Staff /office Team Events – blend your CSI and office staff break-aways sessions and events onto amazing team building outing days in Johannesburg, Sandton, Pretoria and surrounds.

Overview : Experiential Action Learning & Immersion Technologies for Optimum Impact in REAL Team Buildings

Methodologies and Approaches to gain optimum Benefits:

Utilise a unique blend of leading-edge results shifting tools, technologies, approaches and methodologies to enable powerful and profound shifts in behaviours and mindsets. Use external experts and service providers to transform and create High Performance Organisational Productivity and Results. Make sure they bring a range of expertise, tools, skills and frameworks to help you with developing a sustainable, positive and potent solution.  Consider some of the best tools and strategies to use to deliver exceptional value and sustainable impact include the following for optimal organisational transformation :

  •  Appreciative Inquiry – Ai
  • Blue Ocean Innovation – BOI
  • Higher Ground Leadership – HGL
  •  Positive Psychology – PP
  •  RACI Decision Making
  •  Self Mastery & Midnfulness
  •  Science of Happiness@work – Sohaw
  •  Neuro Linguistic Programing – NLP
  •  Fun-Da-Mental Approach – FUN
  •  Theory Of Constraints – TOC
  •  Resilience Adversity Intelligence – AQ
  •  Behavioural Ontological Coaching
  •  Change Management – ADKAR
  •  Emotionetics: Self Mastery & Mindfulness
  •  Awareness Immersion Tools -AIT
  •  Creative Conflict Management –CCM
  •  Persuasion & Influence P&I (Cialdini)
  •  Accelerated Created Trust – ACT
  •  Human Performance Technologies process – HPT
  •  Action Advantage Achievement system – AAAS
  •  High Performance Organisations – HPO

 Edu-tainment based Holistic Fun-Da-Mental MindShifting Positive Workplace Team Development Experiences

High impact Experiential Team Building in johannesburg Gauteng encounters usually go through a precise action-learning cycle…to provide optimum impact and effectiveness in transforming MINDSETS: perspectives, perceptions, thinking, feeling and actions on a sustainable basis. With these new mindset your new teamwork will deliver the results.



– Speaker, Expert Author (SWIFT SUCCESS), Catalyst for Transformation, Coach and Facilitator of MindShifting, Life-changing experience that transform Mindsets, Meaning Magic, Money and momentum. We are involved with a special Non-Profit organisation …Daily Bread : Supporting abused people and children.

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