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Team Tune-up Team Building Activities Specials Gauteng

Appreciative Team Building Tune-up 1 Day Workshop Breakaway

Appreciative Teamworking development  session to transform your teamwork, trust, culture, communications and connections 

We have created a special deal to enable you to experience the power of Appreciative Inquiry based staff team building workshops ideas in sandton gauteng.

Appreciative Inquiry Team Building Events Framework:

Our specialised  Appreciative team building and LeaderShift CultureShift process is designed and incorporates a framework of

  • Inspiring Engagement
  • Higher Ground Leadership
  • Appreciative Enquiry (Ai)
  • Happiness@work
  • Neuro/Tribal Leadership
  • High Performance Organisational Framework

as  the foundation & approach to incrementally building……a better team, …a more cohesive workplace context  based upon positivity and strengths; …relationships  that foster engagement, tolerance and trust; …plans and actionable commitments to meaningful  results  …  a simple way  of learning to be better leaders.

R.E.A.L. Ai Team Approach

  • Resilience
  • Engagement
  • Appreciative Approach, Action to Accountability
  • Leadership with Heart

We also take  into consideration to be cautious, aware and balanced in our facilitation  approach. With that in mind, here is a primary  framework for us to work with as we move towards empower your people and  building a strong and energetic team.

Pre Team Building Workshop Interviews may be conducted by each person ( At least 1-2 interviews each is ideal)

Session  – HPO Team Foundation

  1. Introductions, confidentiality & commitments.
  2. Introduction to HPO CLEEARx & Appreciative Inquiry
  3. Where do we want to be as a team? What has been in the way?
  4. Perception, Beliefs, Energy  – BOB
  5. Gap – Whats our GAP?

Session  – Relationship potential–  Ai Discovery

  1. What brings life to your team?
  2. Build better trust
  3. Relationships, courage, honesty, openness,  accountability
  4. Fun Team & collaboration building game

Session  – Relationship & Release

  1. Values & Leadership
  2. Tolerances & Trust
  3. Fun Experiential Trust & Confidence Building game

Session   – Team Communication & Focus.

  1. Fun Experiential Clarity in Communication – Vision  Keepers Game
  • Session   – Appreciative Inquiry DREAM
  1. Ai Dream Phase  & Themes
  2. Dream  Consolidation
  3. Fun Experiential Relationship building activity

Session  – Focus – Team Vision & Focus.

  1. Team – Destiny, Cause & Calling
  2. Roles, goals, choices and dreams
  3. Ai Design  Phase
  4. Fun Experiential Team & Confidence building  activity

Session   – Areas of focus – Appreciative Inquiry

  1. Ai Destiny  Phase / Do it – Action Planning
  2. Rules of Engagement
  3. Stop, Start, Continue…

Session – Areas of focus – Team  Commitments

  1. Final Commitments
  2. Fuzzy Heart story (Experience Anchoring)
  3. Wrap-up

The staff development process is designed with light physical activities that are fun, insightful and  provide a multi-layered potential for debriefing and Action Learning within a positive and appreciative environment…

Start : 8am/8:30am       Tea: 10:30am     Lunch 12:45pm      Tea:15:15pm     End:  16:30-17h00pm

Two facilitators will transform your teamwork in 1 day.

For bookings and more information on real staff team building workshop events contact Tony Dovale Mobile  083-447-6300.




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