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Are you SMART or CHEAP in choosing your corporate team building packages or team events?

Price vs Value in Team Building Costs

“Cheapest Choice, is never a smart sound solution to an expensive people or business problem”

Do you wear the CHEAPEST clothes? Drive the CHEAPEST car? Eat the CHEAPEST food? Drink the cheapest drinks? Live in the CHEAPEST room? Use the cheapest cellphone? Employ the cheapest staff? NO?
Then why expect to solve your most expensive people problems, with the CHEAPEST solution?

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About Cost Vs Value

Business challenges, conflicts and constraints, are costing tens of thousands, in loss of time, energy, and money. If it’s important, and you need to do a proper, effective, and sustainable job, it’s crazy to choose on price/cost alone!

Research reveals the typical company is losing around 10%-12.5%, and often more, of monthly total staff costs, due to conflicts/ invisible people challenges, and motivational / limiting leadership problems.

Cheaper is actually more expensive in every hard or soft business dimension you can measure.

The “cheapest” mindset approach creates situations where the organizational culture is seen as “cheap”, uncaring, & unfair. Talent, feeling unappreciated, leaves to the detriment of the organisational momentum, capacity, credibility, and cohesion.

A super-saving in costs and a huge loss in value. Seldom smart to go for CHEAPEST.
We help companies solve expensive, “people and performance issues”. We have extensive experience and expertise in People, Teams, Leadership, and Culture, performance optimisation.

Some clients have 2x’d-4x’d their results. Be wise, consider the spend as your INVESTMENT in people, and not simply a cost to be reduced.

Consider these issues, costing companies millions:

• Leadership ineffectiveness and negative impacts
• Negative organizational culture & values misalignments
• Conflicts & politics that reduce engagement and productivity
• Teamwork dysfunctions and service quality Issues
• Distrust, Racism, de motivation, and credibility issues
• Generational and diversity challenges
• Productivity, performance, and accountability, issues
• Talent attraction and retention problems; engagement falling

examples of smart value vs cost:

Over 35+years, we’ve helped many clients resolve their challenges, and dramatically increased their business performance and results…

They all received exceptional VALUE for their investment. Many times 20x to 100x value or ROI.

Some examples of smart value vs cost:

– Client IDT grew revenues from R200 Million to almost R800 Million pa. Invest=R120,000
– Client Oxbow/ Lovell Group grew from R30Million to R120+Million pa. Invest= R95,000
– Client G-Clothing Manufacturer sales doubled in 90 days. Investment= R50,000

Cheapest seldom delivers effective results.

The VALUE they received is immeasurable in all of the areas where they gained outstanding value, far beyond the minimal investment. How do you decide intelligently between good VALUE and cheapest COST?

Cheapest seldom delivers effective results. Our proven High Performance Organisation (HPO) process solves this problem for you.

REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE Mastery & Meaning; More Than Money and Motivation: On top of FINANCIAL gains we create, staff have life-changing experiences, positively transformed trust-levels, resolved long-standing conflicts, optimized teamwork, team spirit, culture, and business, outputs.

Mindsets are transformed from SLOW to GO mindsets

GO mindsets.. that makes staff up to 7 times more valuable, and turbo-charge your people and teams capacity, collaboration and commitment.

When comparing our clients’ results and the exceptional 20x+ value they gained, their COSTS were tiny. They’re actually investments that delivered exceptional VALUE, far beyond cost, BECAUSE it wasn’t the CHEAPEST option.

See www.lifemasters.co.za/teambuildingtestimonials/ for proof that we offer 20x plus VALUE, transforming staff’s Psychological Capital, engagement, happiness@work, resilience, agility, flexibility, commitment & well-being.>/p>

What’s it Worth… The Real VALUE and Benefit, To Resolve People Challenges?

Just for a moment, imagine what your organisation could deliver and achieve, if your constraints, challenges, and issues were reduced. If your staff developed committed, positive, resilient, growth mindsets, that made them 7x more valuable, and delivered 2x to 4x results. What would that be worth to the team? Millions?
The question is simple… if you wanted a new Rolls-Royce, Mercedes, Porche’ or Ferrari, it’s senseless, and unwise, to expect that to get the full benefits and value, of a super high-quality resource for the cheap cost of a UNO.

“The Common Law of Energy Exchange”

There is hardly anything in the world that someone cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price alone are that person’s lawful prey.

It’s unwise to pay too much, but it’s worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money — that is all.
When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do.

The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot — it can’t be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that you will have enough to pay for something better.” – Wisdom of John Ruskin.

Savvy People Choose on VALUE… They Know Cheap is an Irresponsible Choice.

People who unwisely decide on the cheapest PRICE alone miss out on gaining the full value and benefits, and even risk damaging their existing culture and context.
I often see people spending more on the food, drinks, gifts, branding, clothes, and accommodation, than the highly experienced professional expert facilitator, who is tasked with transforming their valuable organisational mindsets, culture, relationships, and results.
So when you think you can’t afford the experienced expert … Maybe the reality is you CANNOT AFFORD NOT TO… because the VALUE proposition is just so good.
So the next time you are making an important decision like: stop the talent leak, enhance engagement and happiness at work, or improve your organization well-being, resilience, relationships, staff GO mindsets, teamwork, organisational culture or results, be astute with your decision.

Choosing cheapest, defies a common-sense law… of fairness, value balance, integrity. and the Common Law of Energy Exchange.

Consider the value and benefits that everyone will gain alongside the cost/investment in people development, well-being, growth, collaboration, and the greater success of your team, organization, and financial performance.

Choosing on cost, signals a complete lack of understanding, or commitment to real VALUE, sustainability & a true understanding of ROI’s.
If your CULTURE is important and valuable;
If your STAFF are important and valuable;
If your CLIENTS are important …

There are many occasions where the “cheapest” cost deal has not delivered the promised results.

In fact it’s even been the cause of greater heart-ache, harm, and disengagement… that’s created irreparable damage to company culture, credibility, team spirit, service quality, talent retention, collaboration, and trust levels.

So be savvy and choose on VALUE…not just on Price or cost.

GO beyond just fun and kiddies games team building.

Get serious about REAL success and become a REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Team and High Performance Organisation (HPO). You’ll gain optimally, in the short and long run.

The Value that you get, with our REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance team building is far beyond your normal style team games and fun activities. We deliver truly LifeShifting experiences…by design and intention.

So, Are you CLEVER or CHEAP? Do You buy VALUE or only on PRICE?

Savvy People Choose on VALUE… They Know Cheap is an Irresponsible Choice.
When it comes to choosing a professional team building service for your organization, it’s important to consider value rather than just price. While it’s understandable to want to save money or have a constrained “Budget”, buying based on value has numerous benefits for your team, and your company.

10 reasons why choosing an expert team building service based on value is the better approach:

Quality: When you choose a team building service based on value, you can expect a higher-quality experience that will have a more positive and more sustainable impact on your individual and the team.
Effectiveness: Our services are designed to be more effective in achieving your desired outcomes, whether that’s improved communication, increased collaboration, or enhanced solution design.

Engagement: We design to be more engaging, meaningful and relevant for your team, which leads to higher levels of participation, enthusiasm and adoption.

Customization: We customise, enabling us to tailor your experience to meet your specific team needs and goals.

Reputation: As we focus on delivering REAL value in our team buildings, we have a strong reputation for quality, competence, & customer satisfaction, which is a comforting & valuable asset when choosing service providers.

Return on investment: While value-based team building may be a larger investment upfront, we provide a WAY better return on investment by improving: mindsets, team performance, productivity & harnessing potential.

Expertise: Our process offers a higher level of expertise, experience, and wisdom, ensuring that you receive the best possible Mind-Grow-Tainment experience & Team-Flow-Grow guidance and support.

Alignment: Our Process ensures we are closely aligned with your company’s values and culture, helping to reinforce your organizational mission, vision, and values

Sustainability: Our services have a deeper, and more sustainable impact, on your people, team, and organization, providing lasting benefits that extend far beyond the initial experience.

Trust: When you choose us, you’re trusting in a team that is passionate and committed to delivering high-quality experiences that exceed your team’s needs and expectations, and offer optimal CERTAINTY.

In summary, while price is certainly a factor to consider when choosing your team building, it’s important to prioritize value in order to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your investment.

A value-based buying decision provides numerous benefits for your team as a whole, from improved performance and productivity, to greater engagement, energy, and enjoyment. It’s a transformative action-learning experience.




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