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6 Steps to Building Your AQ – Adversity Intelligence Quotient/Resilience

Learn to turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

As times get tougher in our VUCA, Fourth Industrial Revolution, world, building Psychological Capital is ever more important for your people to be able to perform optimally. 

Specifically the Softer skills are vital, and as a foundation, RESILIENCE or AQ – Adversity Intelligence is critical.

There is a specific and potent process of reversing your internal “victim” voice and re-engaging your inner resilience. It starts with Self Awareness and the power to choose a new attitude.

For each of the 6 levels – ask the questions and act on your answers. Incrementally you will become more aware of the shifts in your approach.

Stay aware of your internal voice and adjust it to a more positive appreciative approach. 

Set the intention to become fully aware of how your past mental programmes and ”mental thought-viruses” may be pointlessly infecting your thinking and feeling, which directly impacts your actions and results.

Step 1 – Energy

What can I do right now to elevate my energy levels?
Where am I leaking that I can stop it now?

What can I do to create, maintain and manage my energies?  Food, sleep, exercise, mindset, focus?

Step 2 – Identity

 What must shift in me, to enable me to handle this better?
How must I see myself different, more powerful, and more response-able?

Step 3 – Listen to your AQ/resilience response

Was my internal voice/chatter a high or low resilience response?
Was it constructive or destructive?
What can I do NOW to enhance this internal voice?

Step 4 – Explore origins & ownership of the result

What are the possible origins of the adversity?  What portion of this adversity is my responsibility?
What, specifically, could I have done better? What aspects of the results should I choose to own?
What can I do NOW to change and improve this?

Step 5 – Analyze

What evidence is there that I have no control here?
What evidence is there that the adversity has to affect other areas of my life?
How can I contain the situation or event?
What evidence is there that the adversity must last any longer than necessary?

Step 6 – Do something NOW- Take Action!

What can I do NOW to gain a little more control over this?
What could I do to limit the reach or duration of this adversity/challenge?

What are my greatest wisdoms I can gain from this experience?

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