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Revolutionary Workplace CLEARx Exponential Results Framework

clearx Tony Dovale High Performance Team building logoThe 6 Greatest Threats To Rapid & Sustained Business Growth

The unCLEAR Challenge in CreatingHigh-Performance Teams and Organisations (HPO)

If we are going to thrive and flourish, in an ever-changing and increasingly complex world, we need to RETHINK our strategies, systems and visions.

It’s clear from our past results that we have managed to create a business world founded on beating the other person into losing, so we can win. Teams compete rather then collaborate…We use and abuse staff as expendable pawns in a game of business-bullying and shows of force, in the name of self-important glory-seeking madness. It’s time to get CLEAR of this insanity. Your Solution is CLEARx high-performance teamworking framework.


Many people give most of their life to serving their executive masters, only to be left with an insignificant pension/savings, upon which they will stake their remaining years of desperate financial struggle. It’s CLEAR that the mechanics of business leaves 80% of participants in dire straits.

Stress and pressure are at an all-time high. Business competition is constantly increasing. Change is the new norm. Conflict and corporate politics negatively contaminate cultures and contexts, to the point where 80% of people would prefer to be somewhere else, other than their workplace!

Meaning is missing. Money is meagre. Valuable visions have vanished behind the corporate drive of purely financial greedership…no matter what the costs to the environment, heads, hearts or Souls.


The CLEARx High-Performance Teamwork Opportunity

If we are to regain our Soul Purpose… if we are to create a new world of work that is sustainable, supportive and sane, we have to RETHINK how we are leading, learning, living and loving. We need to develop a work-force that are resilient, reliable and ready. To achieve this and raise business consciousness we must address the 5 primary challenges facing business today:Tony Dovale leadership team building CLEARx High Performance Teamworking

  1. Culture: Constructive, Context, Transparent & Teamwork
  2. Leadership:Limitless, Conscious, Effectiveness, leverage, learning; Accelerate Development
  3. Engagement:Energy & Happiness, Flourishing, Thriving and Well-being
  4. Appreciative Action: Mindsets, Agile, Collaborative, Sustainable, Positive & Accountable
  5. Readiness: Mindset, Psychological Capital, Results focussed.
  6. Xecution: Exponential Potential to high-performance Results through Execution Excellence & Accountability


CLEARx HPO Process: Corporate Soul Surgery Consciously constructive People and Team Development

These 6 core CLEARx pillars create the solid and sane foundation for the next level of consciousness and High-Performance Team Building and Exponential Organisations and business. By addressing these principle aspects of organisational well-being, leaders are able to begin to create a (HPO)Execution excellence culture, dynamic teamwork, high levels of trust, transparency, and a business foundation that positively supports all stakeholders.

We provide talks, consulting, assessments, interventions, facilitation and ongoing support to activate and elevate your staff, teamwork, trust and organisation mindsets and consciousness, to a higher level of consciousness. This will deliver greater levels of performance, productivity, profits and brand positioning. It also provides an unassailable competitive advantage in the domains of talent retention, happiness@work, engagement, sales, sustainability and customer services.

  • Pre and Post event interviews and profiling / assessments
  • Vast range of Personal Transformation Experience
  • Advanced ADKAR change management technologies
  • Most EFFECTIVE teamDynamics Y Trust transformation approach
  • Totally responsive and customised workplace Culture Development solutions
  • Address the REAL key issues. Not just Symptoms
  • Ongoing staff Support and leadership coaching focused on measurable results
  • Leading-edge Appreciative Inquiry, Killa Co, Profit Prophet and Blue Ocean strategy facilitation
  • Committed to a Win-Win partnership.
  • Best Value for investment and ROI with long-term efficacy.
  • We enhance Psychological Capital and optimise business value on multiple levels.
  • CLEARx Limiltess Leadership Circles


CLEARx High-Performance Teamworking PROCESS Results

  • After Tony facilitated a Mindset & Appreciative team optimization with us we almost quadrupled our business from R200 Million to around R800 Million! That’s why we chose them again for this year’s session, because our last session was truly amazing. Deon – IDT
  • I am so impressed with the power and effectiveness of your REAL team building process. I have done many team buildings, but I never experienced something like this where we get to the real heart of the people. The other eventsare just “feel-good-for-a-moment” and leave you with nothing… This was amazing! I want you to come and facilitate all of my IDT teams…Mr Ayanda Wakaba (Wakes) Executive Head of DPS Independent Development Trust
  • Hi Tony… We are moving on really well and our team has gotten so much closer to each other. The day after you were with us, we made agreements on ways of working. We have come up with new ways for us to interact. The great thing I see now is that people are giving each other compliments and calling each other for help. Trust has massively gone up. My main objective now is to build upon that momentum. Thanks again for your great help …. Regards, Chris …Nutricia… PS even in my private life it has made a big difference, I am now so much more aware of the fact that I have a “choice” on what I choose to focus on, think and feel like, been a major eye opener.
  • What we achieved today in our team building is quite amazing and incredible. Our office just aren’t ready for this new amazing team – they are going to wonder what on earth has happened. Incredible! – Ann – SAMA
  • With Tonys’ work in our team at Oxbow and Lovell Packaging, have grown our revenues from R30 Million to R50 Million in less than 18 months.

If you are ready to get CLEARx and transform your teamworking /organisations’ Destiny, Cause and Calling, give us a call for a free CLEARx HPO Assessment and/ or presentation/talk on 083-447-6300 or email It’s about time we got very CLEAR about the important things in life. Transform your staff and executive team building events forever.

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