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3 Levels of Strengths-Based High Performance Staff & Team Building Workshops or Retreats

1. Light Impact: Least ROI, and Cheap  Fun Staff Team Building ideas and Activities
2. Medium Impact: Medium ROI & good Value  Fun/Happines@work Appreciative Focus
3. Potent Impact: Best ROI, and best VALUE  REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance People & Teams

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Strengths-Based Team Coaching & People Performance Enablement Training

​Find talent, investment of time and training to turn their talents in to STRENGTHS, is how you start to develop High Performance People.
Gallup research reveals a dismal workplace performance picture presently…

  • 13%-15% of employees are engaged.
  • 55%-63% are NOTengaged
  • 15″>20%-30% are ACTIVELY disengaged.


4 Levels of People & Team Performance Optimisation

A large part of the the REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE high performance teams HPO process is improving all 4 levels of the proven Higher Performance framework.

  • Culture: Clear, Context, Climate, Conscious
  • Leadership: Limitless Loving Leadership
  • Teamwork: Turbo-charged Teamwork, Clear connections, Trust and Collaboration
  • People: Resilient, Conscious, Connected, Creative, Committed. High AdaptAgility

Consciously Constructive Workplace

A fundamental part of creating a Consciously Constructive workplace includes leveraging talents and strengths.  By understanding team members strengths, passions, talents, skillsets and Mindsets, allows the team and leadership to put the right Growth-Optimised mindsets and skills into the right positions.

Companies who us Strengths-based approaches report: 

  • Greater profitability: 8.9%

  • Greater productivity: 7.8%

  • Engagement: 6x more engagement at work

  • Quality of life​: 3x as likely to have an excellent quality of life​

Be Smart – Use Your Staff’s Strengths to Develop a High-Performance Workplace that Delivers Best impacts, ROI and VALUE. 


3 Levels of Workplace HPO Team Building Process 


  • 1. Light Impact, Least ROI, & Cheap:  Fun Staff Team Building ideas and Activities
  • 2. Medium Impact, Medium ROI & good Value:  Fun/Happines@work Appreciative Focus
  • 3. Potent Impact, Best ROI, and best VALUE:  REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance People & Teams

In tough times its important for you, to inspire, engage, inform, educate, align and optimise, and energise your people and teams on a regular basis.

By choosing a fun, AND the High Performance (HPO) process, designed to be profound, potent, thought-provoking, and deeply impactful. your people, teams, leadership, and culture get a total make-over

The proven REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High-Performance System, and PROCESS, includes a balance of FIERCE focus on

  • People: Mindsets, Meaning, Motivations, Mastery, AND some fun.
  • Teams: Trust, collaboration, communication, Clarity, Control, Conflict management.
  • Leadership : Limitless Leadership Approach.

High Performance Teams building workshops and retreats activities are designed to improve individuals Awareness, Consciousness, Capacity, Commitment, Trust, Teamworking, Thinking Skills, Resilience, Mindsets, Attitudes, Morale, Relationships, Connection, Communication and Collaboration.  

You get the best value for money experiences that deliver outstanding results.


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