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3 Levels of Corporate Team Building Events Jhb

Create #FutureFit High Performance Workplaces & Resilient Growth-Optimised Mindsets.

Choose from 3 intensity levels of corporate team building events workshops and high Performance Teams facilitation.

Level 1. Light Group Fun Team Building Activities:

Cheapest Fun Staff Team Building Events, and facilitated fun group activities. Focus is Fun and games. We have a range of fun team activities to freate a safe, entertaing engaging space to get to know each other better.

Level 2. Medium Fun Focus:

Great ROI & Value.  Happiness@work Appreciative Inquiry and Fun.  A balance between a focus on fun /formal activities, and a focus on creating more productive team relationships, connections and communications.

Level 3. Potent Growth-Optimised Mindsets & High Performance Teams:

Best ROI & outstanding personal and team VALUE.   Develop a REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE with High Performance Growth-optimised Mindsets that thrive in tough times, with the proven CLEARx #ADAPTAGILITY high performance teams process.  This is a POTENT – mindshifting process based upon a proven 35 year researched process, and an invesment in time and money of over R20 Million. 

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Icon 1 And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng

LIGHT FUN/Entertainment:
Fun Staff Team Building Activities/Group Entertainment Events.

Icon 2 And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng

Medium & Fun:
A Blend of fun and formal Team Building facilitation. Better Value & Impacts

Icon 3 And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng

Revolutionary POTENT: High-Performance Mindsets TEAMBUILDING Process with fun!Best ROI, Imacts, results & sustainability

3 Levels of Corporate Team Building Events Impacts from our REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Team Building Sessions and LIMITLESS Leadership Workshops! 

Smart leaders investing, or spending, money on staff and team building events, or morale improvement session, have to make the most important choice.

Either play some silly group games, or be smart and choose to develop Potent High Performance People & improve collaboration, trust, communication and Teamwork?

We support our clients’ performance and staff morale improvement needs by facilitating 3 incrementally potent Corporate Team development potency levels; for optimising people, teams, leadership, and culture-building, interventions.

We also offer High-Performance team building assessment services with data vizualisation for best, and clearest, insights and understanding, of actual workplace challenges and issues.

This stops conjecture and guessing, which seems to ALWAYS be incorrect, or misaligned, in our extensive experience.

Fun Team Building Level #1: Light: Fun Group Games – Lowest ROI

We facilitate a range of games, and interactive team activities, to entertain groups, to have a good laugh, and lots fun with each other, in a safe, entertaining, and fun engaging space.

Games and activities challenge mindsets, teamwork, thinking, and collaboration.

Games are NOT front-loaded for specific workplace relevancy and maximum learning.
VALUE: Fun interactions, sustainability, ROI, and impact is 2 to 3 out of 10. 

Happy Face1 And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng

REAL Team Building Level #2: Medium Focus on Outcomes & Fun Team Activities, to build connection, communication and collaboration. 

We facilitate a range of unique custom designed team appreciative inquiry activities, and interactive processes, to inspire, and engage, teams, to have enjoyable, growing, and teamworking improvement, experiences.

This includes a balance of semi-serious focus and some fun. activities are designed to improve mindsets, teamwork, trust, relationships, thinking, and collaboration.

Activities  are lightly front-loaded for workplace relevancy, and learning, with basic debriefing to relate back to workplace issues. 

VALUE: ROI, and impact is 5 to 6 out of 10.

Team Hands1 And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng

Level #3: Formal HPO Team Building: POTENT, Valuable, Insightful, Effective, and Fun. A Fully Customised PROCESS and Debriefed Activities that delivers BEST impacts, ROI and VALUE.

We facilitate a range of customized interactive High Performance people & teams  activities, to inspire, engage, inform, educate, and optimise your groups and teams.

We have fun, AND the High Performance (HPO) team building activities and process, is designed to be profound, potent, thought-provoking, and deeply impactful, for people, teams, leadership, and organisational culture.

Our REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High-Performance System, and PROCESS, includes a balance of Appreciative inquiry for teams, a FIERCE focus on Mindsets, meaning, motivations, Mastery, AND some fun.

The Appreciative Team Building Activities, leadership coaching and team bonding events, are designed to improve individuals’ Awareness, Consciousness, Capacity, Commitment, trust, teamworking, thinking skills, resilience, growth mindsets, better attitudes, morale, stronger relationships, connection, communication and collaboration.

VALUE: ROI’s of 50x to 500x. Impact and team building VALUE is 9 to 10 out of 10.

Corporate Team Building Experiences and team Bonding events so good, that they essentially pay for themselves with our free gifts, Free Value add, and the long-term impacts and potent results.


Revwork Staff Teambuildng Package 2018.2V25K And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng

We Activate, Expand, Optimize, and Align, Your People, Teams, Leadership, and Culture’s… Fullest Potentials, Passion, and Performance.

Our unique positive appreciative inquiry approach and activities are front-loaded for specific workplace relevancy and learning, with appropriate and insightful debriefing.

This process reduces inter-personal conflicts, racism, trust issues, Them-and-Us, Negative Mindsets/attitudes; Reduces Presenteeism, and increases trust, engagement, energy, compassion, consciousness and team commitment.

We offer a range of engagement / climate / HPO assessments, team development consulting, team coaching, and leadership development training, to provide a fully supported, and proven, High Performance Workplace PROCESS, to create exponential impacts and outstanding results.

We actually do amazing and affordable High Significance, Team Building, interventions, designed EXACTLY to give you the BEST and most valuable results. If you truly care enough for your most valuable assets, your staff, invest in a profound, potent, action-learning appreciative inquiry strengths-based experience.

Give us the chance, and trust us, to be of real service. Let us create the most inspiring and memorable REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Team experience, you can have, that essentially pays for it’s self through the amazing results you gain….

Choose a Professional, Experienced, Passionate Partner that helps you enable greater people performance, and helps you to build a strong High Performance Team and CLEAR Culture, that thrives in tough and uncertain times!




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