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Clearx System2 And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng

Secrets of a High Performance Workplace

Revolutionary Workplace FREE Video & HPO Assessment

Congrats on your SWIFT Action in claiming Your R12,500 value…Gift.

Revolutionaryworkplace400Bigheart And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng

Revolutionary Workplace #FutureFit Process Overview

1. Watch Tony’s Intro Video > Right
2. Get your team to do the assessment. Link Below
3. Check out sample PDF for more insights – Link below
4. Get the audio/MP3 overview by calling Tony
5 Meet Tony for 30 Minutes. Get your consolidated Visualised Data.
6. Make the SMART decision to become a Consciously Constructive REVOLUTIONARY High-Performance WORKPLACE, increasing engagement, well-being, happiness, consciousness, care, and commitment.+++ more.

Revwork Staff Teambuildng Package 2018.2V25K And High Performance Teams Building Events Gauteng

1. Here’s Your 6m:46s Revolutionary Workplace Introduction Video

2. Here is your LINK to the ONLINE Confidential HPO Assessment – Send it to your selected participants. (Max 20 plz -More possible with discussion). Please ask them to use the EXACT SAME COMPANY NAME – So we can group responses when we do the Data Vizualisation. We appreciate your kind assistance.

3. Click Here for PDF sample of the FULL CULTURE Section Questions.

4. BONUS Free Audio Download: If you’d like a 50 minute audio overview please contact Tony Dovale for more information.  Mobile: 083-447-6300 email: HPOAudio@coachfree.com or See 1MinuteWisdom.com

5. Ask Tony to facilitate a 1 or 2 day REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE people Mindsets, team and trust, optimisation experience to fully understand the deep impacts that are created. See our REAL value client testimonials here. 


I’ve never been in a training that is this inspiring before!”.

It was VERY Awesome. It was very energizing, very inspirational. I definitely think our organisation can use this type of training. It covers so many different elements, of motivating teams, getting teams to work together better, getting teams to understand each other.

The fun, the camaraderie, the whole energetic levels of…the team improved.

Because it’s actually thinking out of the box.  It’s getting to different ideas and different ways. Actually getting people to think about… understanding each other…. What makes you tick? What makes you happy?..what makes you sad?  And how do you need to look at this. A good understanding of yourself, where you need to be? Where you are going?

I REALLY enjoyed it. And I definitely feel good.  We definitely need this type of training in our organisation! HR Manager -ANSA –Nissan South Africa


“…a truly enlightening and life changing experience!”

we’ve conducted many team exercises before, but the difference with YOUR one was that over and above breaking down barriers within the team, it also made us focus on key leadership aspects that we as the executive team should be prioritizing in leading our organization

 It enabled us to build up trust within the team which will make us stronger as we go forward into the future.

The onus is now with us to leverage on what we learned from the session and ensure a sustainable improvement in our leadership practices and team work.

Once again thank you for your facilitation of what turned out to be a unique experience for all of us

Andile Mvinjelwa, Managing Director, SA Mint.



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