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Our PROVEN REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Organisation (HPO) framework and CLEARx system, helps you create focused, connected, collaborating, engaged, accountable, People, teams and LIMITLESS leadership for thriving in the Fourth Industrial Revolution!

How much is poor performance, and conflict, really costing your business?
Millions!! …Typically about 10% to 12.5% of your MONTHLY salary bill!

Many leaders, business owners, and managers, struggle with staff issues. Motivating them. Developing them properly. Holding them accountable. Having tough conversations. Effective team working and collaboration. And optimising fullest potentials.

This hurts your people, teamwork, trust levels, engagement, culture and business bottom line.

We help leaders, and managers, build motivated, resilient, responsive, agile, high performing, people and teams. That execute consistently on the important actions, that lead to goal achievement.

Clients who use our REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE Consciously Constructive philosophy and CLEARx High Performance framework, quickly see improved Culture, Workplace Climate, Commitment, Trust levels, Collaboration…
and ultimately find this BOOSTS  business, staff are happier, more engaged, and much simpler to manage.


Avoid CONSTANT painful financial, and talent, losses.
Our program helps you thrive & flourish, in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and Tough VUCA times.

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Finally, a System with employee engagement surveys, employee motivation surveys, climate assessments, and company culture questionnaires, that uncovers the REAL people, teams, leadership, and organisational Culture issues.

XRAY into your company SOUL.

ELTV 32c 1 High Performance Teams


With the Survey FACTS of  WHAT WHERE, and WHY… we can now consciously develop your people; Mindsets, meaning, motivation & self-mastery, into magic potential.

High Performance passionate, positive, people, with the energy, engagement, knowledge, tools and excitement to deliver results!

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The foundation of teams are your people; trust, relationships, and real conversations. We optimise these with our proven CLEARx, REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE,  philosophy, framework & system,

Developed over 42 years and more than R10 Million R&D value. delivers exponential value!

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Get the awareness, courage, confidence, coaching, knowledge tools, and respect, to build, and lead a high performance team, in a constructive positive culture,  that delivers outstanding results, in these VUCA and tough times.!

Become a LIMITLESS Leader that empowers Exponential Results!

We Understand..the Challenges and Constraints…

We understand that you can often feel frustrated or overwhelmed, poor performing (or inconsistent) teams hurt your morale, motivations and business performance.

They also consume your valuable time, and distract you from getting the important suff done, it’s just plain soul-beating, and unnecessary, if you have the right mindsets and foundations.

We believe that you deserve to have a thriving team and business. A business that makes your competitors take notice.

We help businesses all around South Africa, and Internationally. Here’s what they say…

Outstanding!! In all my years in senior positions ...

Outstanding!! – In all my years in senior positions – This is the BEST leadership and team development process I have ever participated in, and got such incredible value, and results with my EXCO team – Head (5th Largest Medical Aid Co)

I am so impressed with the power and effectiveness

I am so impressed with the power and effectiveness of your REAL team building process. I have done many team developments , but I never experienced something like this where we get to the real heart of the people. … This was amazing! I want you to come and facilitate the rest of my IDT teams… Mr Ayanda Wakaba (Wakes) Executive Head of DPS Independent Development Trust.

NONE have been as effective, powerful and deeply impactful,

I’ve done MANY workshops in my business life. NONE have been as effective, powerful and deeply impactful, as with Life Masters Revolutionary Workplace experience. Exco Mem (5th Largest Medical Aid)

Tony’s amazing process has given us a new life!

We had so many problems we had no idea where to start… Tony’s amazing process has given us a new life! – Leon CEO Standard Bank Compliance Africa

The Sessions we had with Tony are STILL the BEST

The Staff & Team Development Sessions we had with Tony are STILL the BEST people and Team Building Experiences I have ever had in 20+ Years at OPP. The energy and impact that Tony brought lasted the longest ever. ADV N Vd Merwe. Manager OPP

I’ve never been in a training that is this inspiring before...

I’ve never been in a training that is this inspiring before. – It was VERY Awesome. It was very energizing, very inspirational. I definitely think our organisation can use this type of training. It covers so many different elements, of motivating teams, getting teams to work together better, getting teams to understand each other… the fun, the camaraderie…the whole energetic levels of…the group improved. – Ansa HR Manager Nissan South Africa

...we almost quadrupled our business

After Tony facilitated a HPO team session with us we almost quadrupled our business to around R800 Million! Because our last session was truly amazing. Deon. Financial Manager IDT

Wow! You achieved miracles!

Wow! You achieved miracles! – We never believed it possible for our team and trust levels to be so transformed. You have really helped us to build an amazing team foundation. Sue – COO SAHRC

What an eye opener. Especially the small things I take for granted.

What an eye opener. Especially the small things I take for granted.

RAVE: I Respect, Appreciate, Value and Embrace you for the quality of your programme, the manner in which you present it, and the way you call a spade a spade. You called out most of the individuals that were in the training room, myself included. And left me doing a lot of reflecting on my leadership skills. Thanks – Letsholo Ranamane Project Manager (PPM)

I didn’t think it was possible to get all that into one package

When I looked for someone to introduce us to our own sense of SELF, as well as inspiring us within our workplace, I didn’t think it was possible to get all that into one package.

BUT your commitment, talent and passion, for summing up people and giving them the tools to develop and move forward is awesome.
– Alison Lovell Oxbow Conference Estate/ Lovell Packaging

...best training/coaching that Public Protectors office offered to us...

Some of my older “colleagues” and myself still think back to your 2008 teambuilding as the best training/coaching that this Public Protectors office has offered to us over the past 20+ years. Adv.

You’ve no idea of the profound transformation and shifts I achieved...

You’ve no idea of the profound transformation and shifts I achieved here today. It’s been Life Changing for me! Mamelo Makro HR

Your facilitation of what turned out to be a unique experience...

We’ve conducted many team exercises before, but the difference with this one was that over and above breaking down barriers within the team, it also made us focus on key leadership aspects, that we as the executive team should be prioritizing in leading our organization.
It also enabled us to build up trust within the team which should make us stronger.
Your facilitation of what turned out to be a unique experience for all of us. Andile Mvinjelwa, Managing Director, SA Mint.

This team session was LIFE-CHANGING!

This team session was LIFE-CHANGING and went way past our biggest expectations! Onwell Msomi GM Coca Cola SA FIFA World Cup Management team)

Tony delivered way beyond what we were expecting ...

Tony delivered way beyond what we were expecting from a team session – John Barker Assistant GM Coca Cola (USA) FIFA World Cup Management team
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How to partner with us. Getting Your High Performance Team

SOARING: Strong, Optimistic, Agile, Resilient – Sustainable.

Assessments & Surveys

-Organisational Culture
– Company Climate
– Change Readiness
– 360 Leadership
– Consciousness
– Self Mastery
– GO Mindsets
– Resilience
– Conflicts

Analyse, Uncover, Discover

Expert data visualization shows conflicts blocking engagement, happiness, trust & collaboration. team building HPOQ3 High Performance Teams

Intelligent Invest Approach

People, Planet AND Profits
* Results
= GO Exponential

Facilitate Transformations

– Talks
– Workshops
– Training
– Retreats
– Coaching
– Peer Coaching
– Manager to Coach
– Team coaching

GPS & Momentum

– Monitor
– Motivate
– Manage
– Measure
– Engage
– Empower
– Optimise
– Embed


Will it work? Like you, we are frustrated by “business coaches” team games, and culture change consultants, with fluffy content and grand promises. The so called “experts”, who lack deep human, and business understanding, and the contexts for results.

Our 42 years of experience, in the REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE philosophy, framework, and system, has helped hundreds of businesses, just like yours, to create exponential impacts, and people growth Investment ROI’S, in excess of 200% to 500%!

With such deep Experience, Expertise and WISDOM, in creating higher performance People, Teams, Leadership, and Culture. you can trust us to become your most valuable partner for pumping up performance, passion, potentials, and profits.

This PROOF shows that you can trust, us to partner with you, to achieve OUTSTANDING, impacts, and results.

REVWORK CLEARX package DVDs 2018.2.28a High Performance Teams
ELTV 32c High Performance Teams
HPTmaster2 300x207 1 High Performance Teams

Get more info on creating a proven process for developing your REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Team

Boost the value and benefits, of your staff contributions, ensuring optimal, team and organisational results.

Use the power of a proven, practical, potent process, to reduce the performance gaps, in your organisation

So…How much is poor performance and workplace conflicts really costing your business? MILLIONS!!

One study showed that highly engaged teams produce 147% more than disengaged teams.

It’s time to revolutionise your approach to CONSCIOUS control, and best optimisation, of your People, Teams, Leadership and Culture..

To start, just one day with your team will change your Trust, Teamwork, culture, Connection, Commitments, Collaboration, Consciousness and Performance Potentials. 

To Minimise down-time: We deliver the initial REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE Framework Interventions onsite or off site, with you and your team.

Follow up, workshops and & support sessions are conducted as required or agreed.

Available Internationally – Facilitated by High Performance authority, and REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE Developer,
Tony Dovale and approved REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE Coaches and Change-Consultants

Companies must do climate assessments and corporate culture surveys, to understand workplace perceptions. Because of our REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE process ROI, our CLEARx HPO system, essentially pays for itself.

Choose a proven, practical process for pumping Performance.

Take SWIFT action today…
Contact Tony Dovale
Mobile: ++27(0)83-447-6300
e: HPOAssessments@coachfree.com

– 42+ Years Experience
+ R10 Million R&D

4 / 100

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I have a FREE audio on Resilience / Adversity Intelligence to help you, your co-workers, and teams, cope and thrive in these crazy tough times.

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