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With our Laugh, Learn & Mind-Grow-Tainment – your team transforms. The amazing results basically pays for itself with the impacts, long term benefits, and outcomes/results.

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Appreciative Team building workshop facilitators
for truly transforming your teams, teamworking and trust levels.
REAL Team Building – High Voltage Leadership – Trust Acceleration – Team Healing,
1 Day Fun-da-mental Team Building Activities facilitated in Sandton jhb Gauteng

Fun Staff Team Building Activities – 1 Day Team Events and Activities


Company 1 Day Team Building FUN-damentals – TEAM-FLOW-TAINMENT and Mind-Grow-Tainment


Gain the benefits of extensive experience in 1 Day team building events; then blend that with a little Fun, Energy, Appreciation, Self-Discovery and customised thought-provoking and insightful challenges, to make your whole day a valuable and more-than-just-fun team adventure!


Considering 1 day day company team building program with corporate team building activities in joburg, sandton, Magaliesburg, Gauteng area?

Smart leaders choose engaging, meaningful, fun – Laugh & Learn team building activities and trust building action-learning experiences to address most aspects of building positive mindsets, relationships, and teamwork in a relaxed, safe and fun atmosphere.The key to effective fun 1 day team building activities

The staff team building activities can be run indoors AND outdoors, depending upon the weather.. Our group activities games are designed to be flexible and multi-functional in their facilitation and impacts.

That is they can be fun, light games, or they can be facilitated into really powerful and insightful REAL team building activities with deep experiential action learning and debriefing.

Our Teambuilding games are designed to test and challenge your people on many levels, mental, physical, teamwork, innovation, team problem solving, group creativity, leadership, organisation, collaboration, communication etc…

We customise the 1 Day Team Events and Activities to Suite Your Team Challenges and Outcomes

We avoid “Take it or leave it “Off the shelf” packages We custom design the full day sessions to suite your specific needs, to be most effective, Fun Team building activities need to focus on TEAM FUN-da-mentals, positive Relationships, stronger connections, open communication, effective teamworking teamwork and a safe, supportive, results-oriented culture.

  • 1. Fun, laughter, excitement
  • 2. Unconditionally safe from obligation, humiliation or pressure.
  • 3. New ideas for playing, learning, growing and discovery.

Our 1 day team building activities focus on bringing a greater awareness of how we show up at the workplace.

How we can bring more humour, tolerance, fun, learning, connection, compassion, commitment and friendship to our workplace for greater staff engagement, higher performance and increases personal satisfaction.

PART 1 of 1 Day Team Building FUN-da-mentals:

  • Who and How to elicit passion / enthusiasm
  • Passion & Purpose starts with Who?
  • WOW workplace – what’s engaging at work?
  • Roles & Goals of your roles in office

PART 2: of 1 Day Team Building FUN-da-mentals:

  • Attitude controls Altitude
  • Handling Reality 10%: 90% Rule and how to Respond
  • Lighten your Load
  • He who Laughs – Lasts! – Resilience & Laughter

PART 3: of 1 day Team Building FUN-da-mentals:

  • Care Bear – a change of heart changes EVERYTHING
  • Posi Pals
  • All Aboard – Together
  • Pay It Forward


List of Fun 1 day Team Building Activities the a high performance teams workshops session can include

– R U A REAL Leader
– Back Stabbing Delight
– Remote Da Vinci Drawing – Vision Keepers
– Formula Won – Mini Version
– Balloon Platoon
– Memory Max
– Trust me brother
– Giant Blox
– Puzzle Panic
– Tower Challenge
– Pass the Parcel Please
– Plate Pounce
– Tangram Tantrums
– Culinary Castle
– Wall Of Wonder

Talk to us to explore the possible team building activities and trust building events for your group specials staff Team Building deals.


1 Day Fun Teambuilding Events in jhb Gauteng

Appreciative Inquiry facilitators can change your 1 day corporate indoor team building

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