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High Performance Teams ORO

High Performance Teams Needs A DO-CR-O Structure

a Simple ORO Framework: Outcomes, Reality, Obstructions gives a strait forward system for optimizing and understanding contexts, constraints, commitments and focus

An effective Limitless Leader creates a context, commitment, energy and actions to eliminate constraints and build commitment, momentum and inquiring into 3 specific areas.

1. What are the Desired Outcomes.

  • What are the results that you want to achieve?
  • What is the timeframe and deadlines?
  • How will you know that you’ve achieved success?
  • What will you be doing?
  • What will you be feeling?
  • What will you be seeing?
  • What’s the measure of your result?
  • What do you aspire to?

this is your core FIERCE FOCUS

2.  What the Current Reality?

  • What’s happening right now?
  • Whats the current status?
  • Where is your, Your Teams’ focus?
  • WHERE are you investing your time and energy?
  • What’s the constraints and distractions for you and your team?
  • What exactly has been achieved so far?
  • What aren’t you achieving?
  • What’s still to do on your action plan?
  • How are you Feeling?
  • What are your energy levels like?
  • How well are you performing?
  • How is the team performing?
  • Whats the next best actions?


3. Obstacles to Transform

– What’s in the way between your current reality and your future desired results?
– What are the limitations and constraints for people, teams, leadership, culture?
– What specifically is required by whom, to move through the blockages?
– What must be moved through or over, or around?
– What are the Personal, Team, Leadership, Culture, or Project risks?
– Who has what we need to break though the blockages
– What is the downside of not moving through the blockages?