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For Immediate Release – Johannesburg South Africa – 

The Life Masters Revolutionary Workplace High Performance Team Building Has Begun With R 1Million Services Donation By Local Team Performance Optimization Teams Expert, Tony Dovale

Gauteng businessman and Business Speaker donates R1 Million value in Expert  Motivational / Facilitator Speaker services to Positively Change Individual, Team, Leadership and Company Culture Mindsets

Why? …in order to keep Mandela’s Rainbow Nation Dream Alive, and to help corprorate clients to build REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACES where all people flourish and thrive together and support People, Planet & Profit

A local Business man in Johannesburg South Africa, Tony Dovale, of Life Masters, is aiming to bring greater benefits, balance and real team transformation to the business workplace through his latest deevelopment: The REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE; PEOPLE, PLANET & PROFIT Campaign.

He aims to shift the business mindsets from a solely PROFIT focus to a more conscious PEOPLE, PLANET & PROFIT focus, through the development of The Revolutionary Workplace System, which creates high performance impacts and results through revolutionary Team building called TEAM-FLOW-GROW.

With elevated levels of racism, conflict, dysfunction, greed, and mistrust, in the workplace, a new approach and different mindsets, are required to ensure the Rainbow Nation that Nelson Mandela envisioned and birthed, survives.

A workplace where people can learn, flourish and thrive is desperately required.

A simple framework is needed to help entrepreneurs and leaders to build resilient and tolerant people and high performance teams, that can deliver exponential impacts and sustainable results.

Tony Dovale is offering R1 Million worth of Business Speaking Engagements* and high impact Team Building sessions to local business across South Africa to share his research, insights, and The Revolutionary Workplace CLEARx Results Optimisation wisdom, on how people, teams, leaders and companies can benefit from a new, more conscious, more connected, and strategically oriented, SWIFT Mindset system.


Tony Dovale’s 35+ years of Revolutionary Workplace CLEARx Research work helps: revolutionaryworkplace master text sqr290v1

  • People to build Resilient & Growth Oriented Mindsets
  • REAL Team Buildings: Groups to become high-performance cohesive, connected & trusting teams
  • Leadership: Entrepreneurs, Executives and managers to become Limitless Likeable, LEAN Leaders
  • Company Cultures to become Conscious, CLEAR and Circular: Constructive, Connected, Committed, Collaborative, Creative and Considerate… joining the Circular Economy

Tony is also offering a FREE High Performance Business Diagnostic to help entrepreneurs and leaders focus and fast-track their success.

For more information see or call (+27) 083-447-6300 to book one of Tony’s thought-provoking  Revolutionary Workplace; CLEARx Result Optimisation Mind-Grow-Tainment Presentations: The 6 Biggest Threats To Your Business in 2016, and how to ENSURE Success…SWIFTLY.


Tony Dovale is founder and CEO of  / – Mobile 083-447-6300 Johannesburg, South Africa
*Excludes materials, S&T    Ver 2024.3.09a