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 The MOST important Mindset Change You Must Make to ENSURE Your Success?

Why Mindset First?  – Your mindset has a total and profound impact on every aspect of your life, and why your mindset shift is vital to ensure a truly successful life.

It determines how we react, interact, behave, perceive and engage with the world around us.

Our mindset is our invisible, all powerful, totally controlling, internal guiding compass of assumptions and beliefs.

It controls whether we use our skills, talents and tools like EQ, AQ, IQ, or leadership.

Mindset directly controls our Action Taking abilities.

A Growth-Optimised (GO) Mindset,  opens the door to developing greater Psychological Capital; Perseverance, ADAPTAGILITY, resilience, self-efficacy and hope.

In the words of the Chinese proverb; “Fall down 7 times, stand up 8”.

The character strengths of persistence and resilience (bouncing back from adversity) have also become increasingly compelling in our challenging times if we are to build agile, flexible, accountable, thriving people and teams.
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People with a GO-Mindset tend to be more successful, effective, flexible, agile and responsive, in life, challenges and relationships.

Fixed mindset people tend to be more arrogant, defensive, evading, inflexible, and don’t have as much success, and are often immobilized by challenges and fear failing or not knowing.

It’s important to know that the GO-Mindset has been receiving scientific confirmation from cognitive psychology and from neuroscience.

MINDSET is now considered more important than skillset and toolset in ENSURING ongoing and sustainable successful achievement.

Your GO-Mindset Ensures Your success.

People with a GO-Mindset are more willing to tackle challenges.

They believe that effort, perseverance and action lead to achievement and success. 

Growth mindset people have the belief is that a person’s qualities and abilities can grow and develop with effort, experience, discipline and engagement.

Their focus is on learning mastery and competence.

Results and outcomes do not determine who they are, nor affect their self-esteem, or what their potential is; rather results are an indication of the amount of effort applied.

People with a fixed-mindset, assume accomplishments or ability to contribute, are limited by their attributes.

This thinking makes them more averse to challenge, less resilient and ultimately less successful. Their goal outcomes require constant validation from others.

They live though a fear-based perspective.

Perceptions of not being able to achieve an outcome, due to lack of capability, translates into not putting in the required effort, as they believe success is uncertain.

This occurs even if they have the EQ, IQ, Sales, Leadership or whatever SKILL SET.

Failure also lowers self-esteem, self-confidence, and creates greater levels of learned-helplessness in fixed mindset people, teams and companies.

This leads to avoidance, aggression, dis-engagement and learned-helplessness.

Mindsets Predict Motivation and Achievement

By fostering a growth-mindset, through positive recognizing and effective praising actions, behaviors, effort or process rather than personal ‘attributes’ (e.g. intelligence, creativity, patience…), helps others develop a growth-oriented vs a fixed-mindset. 

Management style and leadership impact have a strong impact on organisational and team mindsets.

 Mindset clearly affects our ability to achieve goals and performances.

Our mindset type hinders or helps us. This also determines which strategies we will apply to solve problems and challenges.

Mindset controls how we respond to setbacks, the amount of energy, the level of commitment, and effort we use to tackle situations. This all impacts potential for successful goal attainment.

Statistics show that a growth mindset reaches success more often and is able to maintain that level more consistently. GO helps FLOW.

Which MINDSET Do You Have?

 Read the following sentences from Dweck’s Mindset book? Which do you mostly agree or disagree with

  1. Your intelligence is something very basic about you that you can’t change very much
  2. You can learn new things, but you can’t really change how intelligent you are
  3. No matter how much intelligence you have, you can always change it quite a bit.
  4. You can always substantially change how intelligent you are.
  5. You are a certain kind of person, and there is not much that can be done to really change that.
  6. You can always change basic things about the kind of person you are.

If you tended to agree more with questions, 1, 2 & 5, then you have a fixed mindset.

If you tended to agree more with questions 3, 4 & 6 then you have a growth mindset.

There is hope for you!

Research shows Intelligence is Malleable and Mindset Predicts Success.

By adapting thinking styles and activities, an increase in neuronal connections in the brain accompanies an increase in IQ-test performance. 

A decrease in neuronal links, or mental work in the brain accompanies a decrease in IQ-test performance. Intelligence is able to be improved IF we build the right Mindset..

A growth mindset group or team shows an increase in effort and engagement.

And with the right management and leadership / organisational Culture /Mindset this increases even more to create happy productive Teams.

Growth Mindset Training Narrows the Racial Achievement Gap

Through developing people’s growth-oriented mindsets, and giving them tools to continue to advance themselves, they are able to enhance their intellectual capacity.

This helps with challenges that typically appear across organisations and government departments with a wide range of cultures, races & genders.

Growth Mindset Training Boosts Motivation and Achievement

Example: If on a given day you get the results of an exam back and gather that you failed the test. On this same day a friend brushes you off.

Fixed mindset people would take these setbacks personally.

They may decide and create a new belief, that they cannot succeed in that particular subject and that they are “failures”.

They could either withdraw from the friendship or fight back in a nasty way.

Either way – their mindset creates a negative reaction and embeds/ deepens learned-helplessness.

People with growth-oriented mindsets would look at the challenges, and although they could feel unhappy, they would explore the challenges and find a way to overcome them and their impacts.

They wouldn’t take failure personally. They are clear and aware enough to adjust their thinking to…They are not a failure. They merely failed a test. So?

Moving from a fixed to a growth mindset is possible and not always comfortable…but possible.

The most important and helpful realization is that when we encounter a problem, that we needed to ReThink differently.

Eg if you get into an argument or feel threatened by criticism or change, ask yourself: Which mindset am I reacting out of?

Am I taking this too personally and shying away from growth?

Am I stepping up to the fight and overcoming the obstacle in my way instead of just giving up or withdrawing?

You CAN change your MINDSET and your thinking. You can grow in your intelligence, and your view of the world. You can overcome obstacles and can succeed.

But we need the Right Growth-oriented Mindset to help get us there.

To transform individual, team & organisational GO-MINDSETS and ENSURE SWIFT success… call Tony Dovale on 083-447-6300

At the end of the day… MINDSETS matter more than Skill set. So before you develop skillset – Transform Mindsets first!

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